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  1. Ridiculous the sentence handed out. No one can serve 374 years, why not just say life imprisonment and never to be pardoned. Yet Mr Hiso in Mercedes Benz kills innocent people gets a small fraction of jail time.
  2. The world has reached a stage of " who cares" what he says.
  3. She said he was a man who had many illnesses and lived alone. That describes millions of people. Let the autopsy reveal what happened. RIP
  4. A nice list if you were talking about UK, USA etc , remember where you are living most of those criterion dont exist here.
  5. He has been charged with attempted murder, having a weapon in the city, firing in the city and having an illegal weapon. He denied everything saying he sold the gun used in the attack to a friend a long time ago. !. I thought all guns had to be registered to an owner ( normally a Thai)? That's what this farang was told when I tried to buy a Glock. He had an illegal gun and onsold to someone no evidence of that. There is enough to open charges just on gun ownership.
  6. D9 bulldozer for Monday will fix that problem, no good in having discussions.
  7. Yes all overpriced and then they give the farang a 20% discount so you feel better but you are still paying above normal price!
  8. Maybe they are the misplaced 19 luxury watches I borrowed from a dead friend?
  9. Great news soon we will have another nice place to visit that plans tourism not throwing 100 baht notes at people on arrival.
  10. Thai workers and burnout ; are you serious? Maybe finger soreness from using FB on smart phones.
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