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  1. Dear Mr. Lt-Gen., please give order that all farangs must report about (the illegal) corruption, especially in your own Immigration area. And please let us report by a form TCxxx, drafted by your office. And last not least, please give every "reporter" a reward of 2.000 Baht - within 30 days.
  2. You are right. The origin of all these troubles in the Str. o. Hormuz originate from Trump, the beloved "friend" of murderer Mohammad bin Salman, not a "friend" of the Iran. Don't forget, even earlier George Walker Bush fabricated the Iraq War with all the horrible consequences working until today in the gig Gulf area.
  3. Every day, I repeat every day, when Trump opens his mouth he shows his real character and intelligence. Just as here in this case. It is far below of the character of a pig or snake. It's hard to find an animal which has the same low and ugly standard. I can trust our dog by 100%. She barks at unknown people, but not at friends. And wags her tail when good people come to us. Trump likes/loves the criminals like those topleaders in Saudi Arabia and N.-Korea; i.e. . He berates honest politicians - here this 4 ladies - and people all over the word; i.e. May, Merkel, plus everybody in his own country who disagree with him, Obama, Bloomberg, Eliz.Warren, Ted Cruz, Clinto, Goldberg, Baldween, … the list goes on endlessly. Once a friend of our dog, every time a friend for our dog. But Trump? Today he calls them (by his poor language) „tremendous, fantastic“ etc. The next day he insults them in an very ordinary way. Examples: Trump has been using nicknames and insults to taunt his political enemies since the early days of his 2016 presidential run. He tagged former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) as “low energy” and mocked Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) as “Little Marco.” The president still uses the moniker of “Crooked Hillary” to attack his former Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton. Here's a look at some of Trump's most memorable insults from 2018. (from) https://thehill.com/homenews/administration/421948-18-nicknames-trump-invented-in-2018 He extremely abuses his president-job with the grantee of going free for insults. Instead of doing his job he lollygags his time in office for insulting people. Shame on all people and especially on all Reps who support such a blockhead with a disgusting character. This „animal“, full of hate and lies, belongs into prison and not on the chair of a POTUS
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