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  1. Thank you for opening this thread. I have a similar problem. The facts: - at now in Hua Hin - on Sunday, 18/4, a family member takes us by pick-up to Chachoensao, ~20/25km away of the BBK-Airport - we have a flight ticket from BKK to CNX (Chiang Mai) for Monday, 19/4 in the morning - we planed to go on by minibus from Arcade bus station to our home in the Mae Hong Son Province, at the same day. Now my question (I'm aware that the quarantine conditions may change until next Monday) : - must we stay in quarantine in CNX or can we just go on to the
  2. I never go to the immi for this reason, it would take at least 1+1/2 hours by car or bus, one way! I send a letter by post, it's the most comfortable kind for me. Once the officer told me he likes it more than by internet.
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