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  1. They even make the fires in the slopes behind our house. Mushrooms there ?? Negative report. As I said before: it's in their genes .... since x-hundreds of years..
  2. NancyL, you are completely right. But there is only one problem: it's in their genes to burn Do we remember Prayut's hypocritical words? Result as usual: nothing will happen to stop the fires. Thai generals are known for talking a lot, but not for acting seriously. One idea to change their minds and actions would be: education (already in the schools). It would take some time, but it would work. This year we probably are kept like prisoners in our province, because of Covid, not allowed to flee the fires. That means: breathing this "healthy" air.
  3. I would like to see Prayut leaving his office in the same way.... hmmmm
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