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  1. Drove back and forth from Bangkok to Hua Hin this week on the main road (35 / Rama III, and then 4 south). There was one check-point just after the airport in Hua Hin, but no cars were stopped. Hua Hin looks a like a ghost town.
  2. You can check the latest provincial measures here: https://www.tatnews.org/2021/01/tat-update-summary-of-provincial-covid-19-control-measures-as-of-6-january-2021/ I found this for Krabi: + Arrivals from the highly controlled areas are required to register their entry online or report to the local administration and enter a 14-day local quarantine. Not sure though whether the policy is really implemented, and what it looks like on the ground . Some of my Thai family members take these announcements really serious. But I wonder what the enforcement/implem
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