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  1. Not really, hence the question. I never remember which 1 is the UK subservient and which is the independent. Also, isn't the reliant 1 ditching them after brexit?
  2. OP - Some things to consider; Do you have property here that can be liquidated for moving funds? (most property here is "family owned" so would/could present issues to sell) Do you have property back in Canada? (if not then you'd be citizen refugees) Are you both too old to live off the grid or do you need a city? (buying land and building your own homestead is not that expensive if done correctly) If your current occupation is reliant on covid being fixed then you have another 6 months to a year to wait for that.
  3. I completely agree. They should be writing about the positive affects of covid. Instead of 27,000-30,000 sex workers out of work they should write, "30,000 families, moms and children reunited" or "Ladyboy Gang Crime Down 98%" or "Bag Snatches and Gold Snatches Down 97%" or even "Tourist Complaints of Crime Down To An All-time Low".
  4. If it's uncontested see if she can mail the papers to him and he sends them back with 2 signed copies of his passport and then video chat him at the amphere's office for extra proof.
  5. Pretty straight forward - they said "Naw Byatch. We didn't cause a problem and we won't pay for it." and neither would I expect ANY country to help or pay for ANY person who is not their citizen during the pandemic. I really don't understand the feeling of entitlement to travel, especially now when travel is what caused the spread in the 1st place. If this were the Zombie Apocalypse would you guys still be trying to travel?
  6. You could always contact the Chinese government-they're tracking it anyway. Couldn't resist. The only way to track a smartphone that doesn't have a tracking app preinstalled is by the phone number and cell tower when it's active.
  7. it's also very difficult or impossible if it was never earned.
  8. I based the date guess on what you posted "just got here last week...". Even so, that is it for this visa unless the borders open by then and allow you to go out and return.
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