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  1. A question along the retirement lines of this conversation: Once I file for and start receiving SS, do I also need to start filing tax returns again? If so, are there any possible benefits for being in the "Extremely Poor" (Poverty Level, even if I was living in the states) that I could claim? A little background before anyone wants to swear I should have been filing or was required by law to file the whole time I've been living here; Mt sister worked for H&R Block before I moved here and 2 yrs after I moved here she told me I didn't need to file anymore because I didn't make enough money and couldn't claim tax credits since I didn't live in the states. That was back in 2004/2005 iirc. Had some concerns after reading a few topics and asked the Manila office and had their answer verified by a tax consultant that I indeed did not need to file for the last 15/16 yrs. So back to the original question; Does receiving SS Retirement benefit mean I have to start filing again every yr?
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