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  1. 2 options to explore: ThaiLanna Home, buy your own (TEAK-wooden) house in Thailand! and: Home - Container Kings Thailand both would give you a 1 stop/1 price option from start to finish
  2. ok, I'll get right back on that. Dork Especially since the brit vaccine is working so well on variants.
  3. as an added extra to my previous post, the wife messaged me that 7-11 in our condo plex has been closed due to an infected person shopping there last night. Said she saw the notice on her way out to work this morning. We're in the Nothaburi-Bang Son area.
  4. Because, according to our leader, all healthcare workers have been vaccinated making her immune and unable to transmit the virus. On a side note, my wife has been informed that she must have an updated covid test to travel home from BKK for Song Kran. This comes from our home and not from BKK. Seems there are/will be check points and you will be turned back w/o it. (home is Nakhon Nayok Province)
  5. I think they need to start tracking down and deporting all these infected brits because surely spreading this new variant is a job thais can do. Brits! Conquering countries is NOT allowed any more. The empire is dead.
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