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  1. Greed is a very powerful motivator. Add in stupidity and the combination is lethal.
  2. Village headman is equivalent to mayor in western world. He deals with the communal problems and act as a liaison officer between the villagers and the authorities. He plays an important role in the machination of the social order . In some Asian countries, in the cities, it is the secret societies or guild of commerce that took over the job of looking after the welfare of various ethnic people.
  3. Maybe indirectly thai authority is culling the herd of criminals using bail. No need to provide food and accommodation for a long long time. Sending them overseas to other countries forever seems similar to disposing your garbage over the fence to the neighbors. out of sight out of mind mindset. Let others deal with the problem.
  4. In Singapore , the police assumed you committed the same crime at least 10 times before being caught and fine you accordingly. The same for customs.
  5. The level of integrity is found wanting . Maybe due to low pay or greed.? Giving Buddhism a bad name.
  6. This I noticed too. It is really eye opening to see people behaving like that in a Buddhist country. Compassion and being humble figure little in those hiso lives. Don’t place your bets that this place will change for the better . They are spiritually ugly.
  7. Most probably just paying lip service to be politically correct. That’s all. Disabled people shopping probably exerted little influence in their business plan. More like an irritating bug that needs attention. Doesn’t see many ultruistic actions in the corporate world here. Buddhist believed in karma so maybe the handicapped person is viewed as being a flawed person from previous life which translates into ‘you reap what you sow’ concept. This attitude differs from the western concept of being ultruistic towards physically challenged people.
  8. In Thailand, It is what it is. Management place the blame on the lower staff wink,, wink,, The mustang couple should be really ashamed of themselves. May karma bite them on the arse. It all comes down to parenting. All my years of visiting malls, I never park at the handicapped space. It is just proper etiquette .though I did see lots being taken up by other motorists.
  9. If you wallow in certain types of female company long enough , some of their mindsets and behaviors will rub off on you.
  10. That is why I have to be aware where I am at all times. Same application to hitting the brakes at the sight of green changing to yellow light. Some country, you brake and slow down upon the traffic changes from green to yellow. In Thailand and Malaysia, you beat the light unless you want to be rear arsed by the vehicle behind you.
  11. I don’t think so. Last night on the way from don Muang airport to Suvarnabhumi Airport, the grid lock on the motorway extended for miles and miles. What normally takes 20 minutes resulted into 90 minutes along that stetch of motorway. Guess everybody is going towards pattaya and further down. .
  12. Lack of traffic education. Moreover the helmetless motorcyclists will go on unless real enforcement done by traffic authorities. Been in Myanmar recently upcountry and even there, most motorcyclists wore helmets on the bitumen and concrete roads though not on village mud roads. Road traffic policemen here are really enforcing the law so I heard from the guide.
  13. Seems the calling to cultivate spiritually is rather a whimper in Thai Buddhist culture. Low entry standard sully the Buddhist tradition. As I understand Buddhism, a layman must have the practice of purifying self in thought, speech and action before even contemplating entering monkhood. In Thai Buddhist culture, it seems the castaways, ex-cons, criminal fugitives ,misfits and the layabouts can all find refuge in the temples being ordained into monkhood. Having news of these defrocked ex-monks regularly in the news, involved in various criminal activities ,also reflect badly upon the management board of the Buddhist authorities. Just look at all the tattoos in this guy’s body. He ain’t belong to some elite forces, that I am certain. Certainly not at the order of the temple abbot.
  14. Graffitis in any form , other than the artistic ones, are an eyesore. It is a form of pollution to your eyes and a disrespect for other people's properties. It tell much about the character of the purveyor of the irresponsible wanton act .
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