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  1. Pinched sciatic nerve can be resolved by using trigger point therapy done by an experience chiropractor. I have a close friend who uses this therapy with very good result.
  2. If the Thai family is not middle class, then they would expect their more prosperous ‘son in law’ to pitch in to help out. The yoke over their daughter’s neck is now moved onto yours. Classic Thai family expections. Instead of their daughter putting food on the table, the task was passed on to you because you , by association, now assumed the responsibility.
  3. That philosophy is also part of the Buddhist teachings. As you cultivate more and more, you learn to accept the changes you made to adapt the the situation. Adaptation of the mind comes from inside you. When you adapted, problems that used to irk you disappears. Karma is a good philosophy. It acts as a safety valve attributing all wrongs done to you resulting from your past deeds and with the promise of a better future rebirth for your present good deeds.
  4. Most Thais are Buddhist by name not by practice. They just go to temple to pray for benefits for themselves not for the sentient beings. Lottery vendors are aplenty outside such wats taking advantage of the pilgrims. Real Buddhist practitioners do no harm in their three actions. No unclean thoughts, no wanton talk and no harmful deeds.
  5. Part of the reason is that Thais believed in karma . So the family and place you were borne was also your own choosing so there must be strong karmic bonds between her and her siblings...even the fact that you are in a faraway realationship with her is deemed fated.
  6. If the public wants to draw blood, then they just find some fall guy to take the fall. Meanwhile the real culprits post bail and stay out of jail. You don’t get ‘real justice’ if you are rich and connected in Thailand. We have seen anecdotal evidence of these all the time here. Having being in the negative limelight such as this trial was deemed punishment enough for his loss of face.
  7. Black leopard should thank somchai for early release into reincarnation. Maybe as the future boss of the construction company? And the fat somchai into a leopard in the scheme of life?
  8. In Thailand, you pay for your crime with either money or jail time or both. If you have heaps of either one, guess you can forfeit some of that. This is thailand. Poor people or people without means go to jail for offenses lesser than that .
  9. A man married three times is sure to go down the pauper’s road. Once is enough to teach you a lesson which you commit in your youth but later years...? You have only yourself to blame for going down the same route again. Now I only have a long term partner not wife. No more legal wife.
  10. Taking care of her means ? Free house keeping, free sex, free cook and free live-in maid. All these for 3 meals a day? I think she can do better.
  11. Maybe so for some people living on the edge. I have about 10 million $ gave 5 million to first wife now still ok. It don’t have to be an extreme case. Us$5 mil is enough for a good life here in Thailand. Maybe not in the west or states.
  12. My myanmar Chinese girlfriend stayed with me in Bangkok for past 15 years. Sin sot culture is also heavy in Chinese culture. Face thing as well as security for the parents old age. I told her no sin sot as we are not married in the traditional Chinese way. Her parent’s security, I will plan for. So we give them a monthly stipend. Also renovated their old house fully paid by my wife. So you pay one way or another.
  13. Sin sot is heavy in Thai culture. I pity the poor Thai lass who met you. She was doing her best to pacify the family .even pitting in someof her money to make it work. I guess money is more important to you than your love to her. Maybe it is not true love? Many posters here make fun and disdainful replies about sin sot which shows their lack of understanding of Thai culture and their ‘female buffalo’ concept. Once you take away their money making buffalo, who is going to take her place but the sin sot. If you value the western female culture of no sin sot, then marry one of them. Why are you looking for eastern female? A liberated self independent Thai ladies that I had met with also came with their western feminist ideas. No different from western females.
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