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  1. I I think most people on this forum find that Ubonjoe is a consistently reliable source of information regarding all things related to visas and immigrations. Of course in Thailand many things are given multiple interpretations even by those tasked to apply/enforce them, and what may be true on Monday could very well be false on Tuesday. No one can be right 100% of the time, but I would feel confident in believing that UJ is right far more often than you, despite your congratulatory self-praise and laudatory self-promotion.
  2. It's sort of hilarious because in many threads where this sort of confusion arises, someone will insist that " everyone knows what he means," even though it's obviously impossible to be certain what he means or what some responders mean.
  3. If you mean a re - entry permit, it's tied to your current permission/extension of stay. As UJ said, if you apply for a new annual extension based on marriage, you'll be given an under consideration stamp and report back date. If you want a re-entry permit while under consideration, it will only be valid up to the report back date for your annual extension.
  4. Sorry, but what are you talking about? Where are you allowed only 15 days before expiry to renew an annual extension? And if he's actually talking about a visa, which seems unlikely, they can't be renewed at all.
  5. The O-A and O are both visas. An extension of stay is not a visa. If you have a valid O or an OA (an OA is a type of O visa) you can use it to enter Thailand and Immigrations will give you a permission to stay. If you have an unexpired permission to stay or an extension of that permission to stay you can stay in Thailand, but since it is not a visa, you need a re-entry permit if you want to leave Thailand and return while preserving your current extension of stay. if you have a permission to stay that ends 30 Oct 2020, which is after your OA visa expires, you'll need a re-entry permit. And you should apply for an extension of stay before 30 Oct, which will require, among other things, 800k seasoned at least two months or acceptable proof of 65k a month .
  6. I think you meant that a couple of rogue offices wanted three months?
  7. And following the US embassy's decision, their response to questions and complaints about the impact of that decision demonstrated how clueless they were about the consequences of their decision as well as their sometimes arrogant indifference. At least one response suggested that the issue could be easily resolved by quickly dumping baht 800,000 into your Thai bank account. Let them eat cake, indeed.
  8. Don't blame immigrations for comments made by unhinged Thai Visa posters.
  9. You mean the roughly 175 people who bothered to respond to the poll at this point, less than 100 of whom voted "no?" Definitely. Those folks in government need a good laugh.
  10. Yes, there are plenty of other threads. It's now becoming a form of public onanism and not much else.
  11. What's the connection between the insurance issue and someone eligible for extensions based on marriage or non Imm O visas?
  12. I doubt his investigative skills are nearly as honed as he thinks they are and I can't imagine spending that much of his time sticking his nose into other people's business. Anyway, whenever there's a mass roundup of people being arrested and deported for illegally working here, the vast majority are Asian. So obviously numbers of those who are breaking the law are targeted. I'have also heard rumors that some farang hire women for sex. Maybe he should devote some of his time to asking them each if he's married to the woman he's taking to his hotel room and how old she is. I'm sure they'll be pleased to cooperate with his investigation and appreciate the interest he's showing in them.
  13. Yes, but even in this thread some people can't separate a visa and an extension of stay in their minds and get their knickers in a knot if anyone points out that there is a difference . . . in this case there's a difference in the requirements for the two. So the O/P refers to "the fact" that you'll need 800k or 65k per month as well as insurance, conflating the requirements.
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