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  1. Genius idea. Absolutely brilliant. That should woo the tourists back no danger.. Maybe they were inspired by the genius of others. “Tone-Deaf Heathrow Airport ‘Pandemic Tax’ Will Further Stifle Travel” https://www.forbes.com/sites/benbaldanza/2021/03/02/tone-deaf-heathrow-airport-pandemic-tax-will-further-stifle-travel/?sh=784048a87d3c
  2. It’s amazing how many foreign criminal types, often those already convicted and supposedly incarcerated, slip through the fingers of their home nation’s justice and immigration systems. The Thai police must have a permanent division assigned to the task of apprehending and extradited foreigners on behalf of western nations unable to control the flow of their less desirable citizens through their porous borders. Typically here at the Thai Visa kangaroo court, even when foreigners demonstrably and undeniably behave deplorably, there is a rush to deflect and to blame Thais
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