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  1. The Feds? You do realize this isn't the US? Thailand doesn't have a federal police force distinct from state or provincial police.
  2. OK. I don't use Transferwise so I'm basing my comments only on posts I've read on TV. My Swift transfers go initially via Bangkok Bank NY ( I do mean Swift transfers, not the old ACH method) as correspondent bank used by my US broker and always show up here with the FTT notation.
  3. I think the reference you're thinking of has to do specifically twith Transferwise which sends all transfer to Bangkok Bank who then transfer locally if your account is in other banks. If you make a Swift transfer that goes directly to your Thai bank there shouldn't be a problem.
  4. On Thai Visa it's: Thai accused of anything, he must be guilty. Farang accused of anything, there must be more to the story and most likely a Thai is guilty, or possibly all Thais are guilty. Bar stool crime scene investigators (BS-CSI) can always be depended upon to reach a verdict based on skimming a dubious news report. As someone said with unintended irony about a news report posted on TV:
  5. why you would want to do this? That indeed is a mystery. Can't see anyway that immigrations would agree to it and it would be an unending hassle anyway. The attempts to come up with ways to avoid compliance are laughable and the people who concoct them seem to make the erroneous assumption that they are so very clever ... which is one of the reasons that immigrations seems to be intent on making the rules more onerous for everyone.
  6. If you used 800,000 in the bank for your current extension (after March 1st or whenever), when you go in to renew they would have a record of the account you used and be looking for proof that you maintained at least that amount for 3 months and kept at least 400,000 for the rest of the year. If you destroy any record of that account and only have a record for the new account for a few months, you'd be unable to provide the evidence they require for the renewal. Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see how the plan you put forward could meet the requirements for your next renewal.
  7. Never asked for passport in 20 years aside from things like counter cash withdrawal at bank or P.O. when collecting parcels and of course during immigrations visits. After paying for True and 3BB bills at a local Krung Thai Bank for years, a couple of months ago the teller wanted to see my passport. I just said no and paid at 7/Eleven. Pretty sure she had no idea what she was doing and that it had not been a bank policy. Obviously no reason to show ID to pay a bill. Who cares who's paying your bills.
  8. Yes, that occupation is reserved for Thai Visa posters.
  9. " We at the US embassy and US consulate are committed to serving your community." ... despite recent evidence to the contrary.
  10. Just to confirm, you do realize that the standard ACH transfer to Bangkok Bank NY method is ending ?? Wasn't sure if you were speaking in the past tense or maybe you found a way to use the uncommon IAT ACH transfers.
  11. Well if none of the bank staff have no idea, then there should be no problem.
  12. Unlike posters on Thai Visa who never get their knickers in a knot when they lose face and always admit when they make a mistake while readily accepting the consequences. Always amazing how people see certain behavior in those labelled "they" and are totally blind to it in "we."
  13. How were they, at least the US Embassy, being dishonest? The form they used made no claim that they did verify income. It was clearly a sworn affidavit that relied on information provided by the applicant. If Thai immigrations refused to accept that, then that would be on them, not the embassy. If some applicants were being dishonest, immigrations could have, at their discretion, asked for some backup evidence. I always had documentary proof for what I claimed. So I benefited from the service and I was not making false claims, but I, along with a lot of other honest people, are being punished. Some people lie when giving testimony in court. The courts know this but don't stop accepting sworn testimony. They punish those who lie.
  14. The same could be said about some people who make decisions at the embassies/State Dept/FCO (?) who probably "qualified" for their positions because of family political connections. Thinking things through or considering the consequences of what they're doing is obviously beyond many of them and damage control usually consists of shifting the blame or some version of "let them eat cake."
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