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  1. Yes, I agree with you. I've used Jomtien for 13 or 14 annual extensions and have never had the need to complete the process " with assistance " since I've always met the requirements. Going forward I'll be using Baht 800,000 in the bank to avoid having to comply with income or combination methods since they seem open to interpretation ( to put it charitably). I'd rather use some variation of the old income method, but prefer some degree of certainty and an absence of surprises ... so will use the least uncertain approach for the time being.
  2. And there have been reports in the past of people, innocently or fully understanding what they were doing, being arrested and presumably deported, for having fake stamps in their passports. once you become dependent on an agent ( and his accomplices) you put yourself at risk of being "discovered" with some irregularity in future.
  3. You were, apparently, being granted visa exempt entries, not visas on arrival. What's silly is that if any farang complains, even though it's clear he's confused about even the most basic details and selective in what he reports, the Corps of Chronic Whiners immediately believe him completely.
  4. Does that apply the other way 'round? If someone lived in Thailand "for quite a long time," should s/he be assumed to be moderately proficient in the Thai language ?
  5. Benign absolute monarchy. Why should there be some alternative? People have managed to screw up every form of government. My favorite type was in the UAE, but the absence of " popular" public political noise would probably bother many of the unwashed masses. I found that to be one its most attractive design feature. Party politics are a waste of resources and just diminish any value government might produce.
  6. By voting for one of the two or three people who got on the ballot through a dubious process and choosing one about whom one knows nothing aside from what their PR people manufacture and feed you?
  7. So the cheaper it is the more welcome you are? And that's the sole criteria for choosing a place to live? Because you think everyone in Vietnam, or wherever, is just thrilled at the prospect getting you all to themselves? Were you not welcome in your own country or is there some other reason you're searching for a place you'll be tolerated?
  8. Especially hysterical is the inability of many Farang to fathom that you cannot extend a visa ... ever. No it's not just semantics. Permissions to stay and visas are different things in the Thai context. But that has been hysterical for ages., especially among farang "experts."
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