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  1. and just who is a "guest" in this country?? I have been here 15 years, and nothing has happened to make me think I was ever a "guest".
  2. They are trying to copy the real politicians, but the big problem there is that the real politicians have the brains to cover up their lies, where this lot of incompetents do not.
  3. That's true, because no one can say that the ordinary Thai's elected this self elected "PM".
  4. Imagine asking an unelected soldier "PM" who said there will be no coup to tell the truth. What a joke. .
  5. Neither have I, just as long as they haven't tried to cheat me. People can cheat you without breaking any laws, so the only thing open to you is to cheat them back, even if you are breaking laws. Always keep in mind just because something is law, it does not always mean it is right.
  6. How can Thailand possibly ever be a first world country when it is ruled by third world people who's boss elected himself? Even the majority of Thai people only have a third world mentality, which is a shame as the vast majority of them are honest and decent.
  7. Well they are giving overseas aid paid for my British taxpayers to countries abroad, and in one particular case, funding their space programmes while lots of their own people are sleeping on the streets, and old people dying every winter from cold related illnesses because they cannot afford their electric bills.
  8. Whatever causes what, it will be whatever makes the most money for the unelected, self elected or whatever "PM" and the medical profession.
  9. In most cases I had respect for the police too, but I didn't take any cr-p from them either.
  10. So you think it is joy for these motorbike riders to race through the streets risking innocent peoples lives as well as their own?
  11. "Did you ever do anything unlawful in your life?" Lots of times, but never to the detriment of ordinary people. These motorbike riders are very much to the detriment of ordinary people, so don't compare that to people who ie, work their way round paying too much for certain services that you can't do without, which make too many people far too rich while too many of the ordinary people struggle to live from week to week. May I make it plain that I am only referring to my home country.
  12. But the big problem is will the four things you mention do anything for the self elected "PM""s offshore accounts? If his income would rise depending on ie, sex work being legalised, it would happen almost immediately.
  13. When I look at myself in the mirror, I see myself as looking years younger, but when I look at myself in my smartphone camera, I see myself as looking years older.
  14. I keep my mask on my chin when I'm riding my bike, and no one will tell me different.
  15. So these nightclubs are not closed then? Are there any clubs or bars, "what's the difference"? open in Nana Plaza? What about Soi Cowboy?
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