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  1. Mrs Possum is 5ft 9ins, and with a figure to match, her three brothers are almost as tall as me.
  2. I'm 6ft tall, and the biggest problem is my size 11 feet, sometimes, particularly in guesthouses, I have to walk up and down with my feet sideways. I do hit my head sometimes in markets with things holding up canopies.
  3. Nothing wrong with any businesses making money, that's what it is all about, but there is such a thing as fairness, and there is not much of that.
  4. The unelected "PM" and his soldiers will give them permission alright as long as the brown envelopes keep coming.
  5. Sorry Rob, but I have a big problem with this capitalist attitude, making huge profits out of a world wide pandemic which has caused misery and death throughout the world is the lowest of the low, and I hope karma catches up with these money mad sucm.
  6. Why is it that every time there is a topic about anything negative there are always Chinese people involved at some point?
  7. The first thing I always did was put my hand down in a sort of karate chop at the end of my seat and tell him he does not cross over it, then told him to get another seat, or turn around and put his (it was always males) feet on the passageway.
  8. They are not the only ones Colin, what about the bank staffer who allegedly conned millions from bank customers? We haven't heard any more about that either.
  9. Commentator?? You mean another general with a Military Academy education playing at being a politician.
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