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  1. You should have asked to see the person in charge, and not moved until you got it sorted out. I got done out of something at AIS a few years ago, asked to see the boss, some more senior person came to see me, still no satisfaction, I then said I will not move until this is sorted out, I waited about 5 mins, and was then taken behind the counter and get it sorted out immediately, then offered a cup of coffee. Always stand your ground if you know you are 100% right.
  2. I am not so sure there will be pandemoium when they finally open up again, there is 7 days before and 10 days after, or something like that. Regards. Poss.
  3. I went to a Kasikorn ATM not long ago, and their rate was 37 Baht to the British Pound, the rate that morning on the XE currency converter was about 40. 10 to the British Pound. Obviously I went to Transferwise.
  4. This topic and many other posts just show how much expats trust the Thai government, we all know there is an amnesty until the 31st this month, but still many still do their 90 day reporting. No one distrusts the Thai government more than me, but I am not frightened of any of their IOs, I will not make any 90 day reports until the amnesty is over, and if any IOs tell me I should have reported last June, they will hear me loud and clear.
  5. Yes, next time crush the bikes, now let them get out on the roads and do something to drastically cut road fatalities. It should not be hard, Oh! wait, the ordinary policeman need the Generals to stop posing in their fancy uniforms. Let them sit round a table, and get a plan of action on the roads, not a 24hr or weekly crackdown, a permanent one, but again I doubt if they have the brains to do anything and get their police force organised.
  6. I used to not believe you but I do now, you would need to be very drunk going by your opinion of the unelected PM.
  7. Come on now, how long have you been here? Surely you know about Thais and their strong affliction to uniforms.
  8. What about the rest of the incompetents that go on regular unnecessary power trips?
  9. Yes, instead of getting out on the roads and busting the many bad drivers.
  10. Actually a crackdown that lasted more than 24 hours, well done the Thai authorities, but next time crush the bikes, not just the exhausts.
  11. That's true, my regular guesthouse owner in Pattaya had four wanting to share the one room, he hunted them.
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