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  1. I also have a Honda Forza 300, three and a half years old 31000 Ks on clock. Still on original tyres and plenty of tread.
  2. Is that not what a forum is for? You agree with them, that is fine, but they are not wasting large portions of their one and only life, as you said they have a right to be angry, let them express it.
  3. Get a taxi driver on his own with no backup, and see if he wants to fight.
  4. Jailtime and then deportation required for these scumbags, out there putting innocent peoples life at stake.
  5. That last sentence is a load of nonsense, there are plenty of people living here quite comfortably with a lot less than the required level of funding, and NO, I am not one of them, but unlike some posters, I am not a snob who looks down on them.
  6. When I download music videos and songs from Youtube it goes to my "files". Then I play it on Poweramp, I also have it on 321 Media so I can also watch live performances and videos. Poweramp only has the music. My question is this. Having about 300 songs which I don't need on my "files" which is taking up a lot of space, is it OK to delete them without it affecting the songs I have in Poweranp and 321Media? Which of course are the same songs I have on Poweramp and 321 Media.
  7. What about drawing funds from a bank, or booking a train ticket? I always have to hand my passport over so they can record the details.
  8. I have always said that 99% of smokers are the most selfish people ever born, just suppose there were no bans on smoking in planes, restaurants and other public places, they would just light up with no regard for anyone else.
  9. My local Kasikorn bank accepts my pink ID card when I withdraw funds.
  10. No, I just give them my motorbike licence which I think they copy, traveling over most of Thailand only one hotel has ever asked me for my passport, and that is the Nana Hotel in Soi4. I would like to think all the hotels I have stayed in are decent. Oh! wait! The Nana Hotel??
  11. Yes I'm used to that as well Colin.
  12. Well, am I? Why do I keep getting told I do not have permission to view certain things like trying to get replies to my post?
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