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  1. What's pornhub? Never mind, I'll google it. If it's to do with movies, I always download my movies from Pirate Bay.
  2. Yes, but I am getting fed up with posters using initials much of the time, they are either poor typists, or just plain lazy, I don't mind the obvious ones, or anyone using initials where the words were already used in that topic.
  3. What does POV mean? Come on now Jingthing, Is this you getting to be like these posters who think they are texting?
  4. I am sure you have a point, but on a rain soaked, unlit road at night??
  5. Just a thought, I bet no one knows how many underage riders are part of the 60 odd fatalities on Thai roads every day, it never seems to get reported, I wonder why?
  6. Thailand has a government in name only, all they really have is a bunch of tinpot soldiers giving out orders like they do on the parade ground.
  7. Not as bad as the UK, at any time of the year, you can have storm Jimmy, followed by storm Peter, then storm Margaret, then whatever other name gets chosen.
  8. Yes, back to their barracks and parade grounds where they can carry out the only things they are fit for. "ATTENTION! QUICK MARCH! LEFT! RIGHT! LEFT RIGHT! ABOUT TURN!"
  9. I bet you could pass any maths test at a military academy. They probably only teach limited maths, if any. Why is it called a "Military" academy? How can anything taught there be of much help to anyone trying to run a country?
  10. He doesn't even have a politicians qualification never mind a medical one.
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