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  1. I thought you could just pick up a departure card at the airport before you fly out.
  2. You can use it to register in hotels? If so, won't be for much longer, hotels are clamping down on registering with your DL, your pink ID card will be next, all because of this TM30 nonsense.
  3. It won't make any difference, no one is going to be able to give any advice for sure, the IOs and officers all have their own interpretations of things anyway.
  4. The best ten so far apart from no 9, and I have never heard of Albert Hammond.
  5. When I was young, at home, and goodlooking, playing in a band, I didn't have any problems getting girls, I always made sure that I treated them with respect.
  6. It is a big deal, as far as Thai immigration are concerned, after I get home, I should travel about 60 Ks to give them a TM39 form. I am not doing this, I am not interested in these dilusional posters who say send the report in a taxi, or do it online, or by post, causing people a lot of hassle. i will find a way around this.
  7. You have got it right. I have just booked in to a hotel I used regularly, and they refused my driving licence, and insisted on seeing my passport. Apart from the Nana Hotel, that is the first time in 14 years this has happened.
  8. If you do not show your passport at your hotel and show your driving licence instead, you don't need to bother about TM30.
  9. It wouldn't be the one opposite the Big C shopping centre would it?
  10. !5K for an ED visa?? That's how much some people pay an agent for retirement exts.
  11. Yes, but visa run companies do border runs with vans because it is far simpler and much less expensive than flying, and in most cases, they are driven to the border and back in the same day,
  12. What choice have the expats got apart to go on overstay which is obviously not recommended.
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