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  1. I say Thailand treats expats who have to report every 90 days like criminals OK? Would you care to say how far you live from your immigration office?
  2. Yes, I know, but I say things as I see them, I will always bash the Thai government and Immigration, But apart from their road behaviour and low mentality, the Thai people are very decent and non confrontational, not like the British, and I have always felt safe in the likes of Bangkok and Pattaya, and have always stated this.
  3. Another poster who probably lives near an immigration office, and doesn't think about the people who live over 60Ks from one, or his IO does not accept postal reports.
  4. I think there are plenty. Twice in the past two weeks, I have asked if anyone knows any country that treats it's expats like criminals by making them do a 90 day report. No one has answered, so I take it that Thailand is the only country that does this.
  5. If you cannot afford to have AC or use it in your house through the day, then you should not be living in Thailand.
  6. Would they be interested? All they are interested in is fleecing it's people.
  7. Excellent post Captain Jack, everything you have said is true and I wish you all the best. There is a certain element among the Thaivisa members who need to read your post and try and understand it, yes, believe it or not, there are members who actually believe the Thai government is fair to us.
  8. I live in Thailand, what make you think I don't? So you would be wise to always wear your shirt.
  9. You go into a restaurant without wearing a shirt? Any Farang who comes into a restaurant when I'm eating without wearing a shirt will soon know all about it.
  10. It's just like in the UK, the police stop you and ask for your drivers licence, you have not broken any rules, you tell them you have left it in the house, they tell you to hand it in to the police station within seven days, you say to them "No, if you want to see it you come to my house, you want it, you come and get it".
  11. I never carried a gun when I was driving, I carried a hammer.
  12. I would never have given them gas money in the first place. They told you they were coming, they pay the money.
  13. You will get answers all right, but what you won't get is a definite one.
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