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  1. A friend from the USA will be arriving this Saturday and stay at my home for 1 week. During his stay we will make at least one trip overnight (Phayao and Chiang Rai). I am the housemaster (my adult Thai son owns the land, I built a house and have an Usufruct). I have some questions about the TM30. 1. How can I report him to immigration within 24 hours if he arrives on Saturday morning? Monday is not a good option because we already have a fully booked day. 2. If we leave CM for one night do I have to go back to immigration and do a tm30 again within 24 hours of hour return? 3. What are the potential consequences if I do nothing? Will he be questioned when he leaves Thailand? I asked at immigration about doing a tm30 online and was told that online is only for hotels. :-(
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