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  1. Just asking a quick clarification question. I have a 1 year Non O Visa (marriage) issued at Savannakhet Laos on 2nd July 2018. I have been doing an exit from Thailand every 90 days and re-entering to get a new "Admitted until" (entry plus 90 days) stamp. I recently entered on 2nd June and received an "Admitted until 30 Aug 2019" which I believe is correct. Before 30 Aug I can go to Chaeng Wattana and extend a further 2 months before deciding if I want to get a new visa or extension going forwards. I'm now concerned because 2 of my friends said that because my 1 year visa was issued on 2 July 2018 I only have permission to stay until 1 July 2019 irrespective of the "Admitted until 30 Aug 2019" stamp in my passport. So my question is am I OK to stay until 30 Aug 2019 or do I have to exit before 1 July 2019? I've included pictures of visa and stamp in my passport for reference.
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