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  1. A few weeks ago checked into hotel in Pattaya. I gave my Thai drivers licence as always as IDF. Then she asked for passport and, first time ever asked for my gf's ID. I asked her why so much required. She said man from immigration tell me I must do or fine 7000baht
  2. Firstly I would like to say that this is not about the Bangkok Hospital but a popular cosmetic surgery hospital in Bangkok. I know there is dual pricing and farangs often pay more for things but this is about different levels of charging and very blatant. Before the story just a little about my girlfriends IDs. She is from Myanmar and has been in Thailand some time and had basically lost all of her limited IDs. A few years ago I helped her get her pink Non-Thai ID which lists her as from Myanmar. A little while later she obtained her Thai motor bike license using the pink ID as the primary ID for her license. Apparently on that is lists her as Thai Yai. Ok, we decided to drive from Chiang May to Pattaya for a holiday. She had been wanting to do a cosmetic eye procedure for some time. She had been looking at videos on Youtube on the procedure and about the hospital. She asked me could she get it done so I said for her to contact them. So we decided to goto the hospital on the way to Pattaya and talk to the doctor. On arriving she showed her Thai driving license. She got to see doctor, she was given a quote and an appointment made for a day on our return trip from Pattaya. On procedure day we arrived and on booking in she gave her pink ID. I saw her too late or I would have said use license the same as before. After sitting awhile a lady came and talked to her in Thai then left. I noticed she was holding the pink ID and a copy of my gf license from first visit. I asked my gf what was that about. She said license showed Thai Yai where pink ID showed Myanmar and why didn't she tell them first time. I said what's the difference. Then we were called to a desk with 2 ladies. We were advised it would cost 20% more because she was from Myanmar. I kept asking why as they are still the same eyes. An older lady was called to the desk, I assumed a supervisor. She spoke a little english but talking was mostly in Thai. She did make a comment to me that my gf had to pay more, like us farang, as she was not Thai. She told my gf it was 50% extra for farang. My gf asked me what I though and I said it was wrong and I wasn't going to pay. She told them to give her deposit back and she would get it done here in CM. They relented and did the procedure for the original quoted price even though one of the ladies kept insisting she pay the extra. Personally I did not want to use that hospital at all after that but my gf had her heart set on the procedure and it would have been a fairly icy trip back to CM.
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