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  1. Amazes me how many people on these forums think they are so much better than others.
  2. Unfortunately she doesn't want to go home and she thinks she is immune from immigration problems here.
  3. My girlfriend is on overstay from Myanmar and has been for awhile. We have been trying to get her ID for a long time now. Have been scammed a little or just get the big "run around". It does not help I don't understand the language and she just doesn't understand much she is told and forgets and tells me wrong stuff. On a recent visit to her consulate here in Chiang Mai they told her to go home. She said she didn't want to so they told her to stay out of trouble or she could be arrested and deported. She also has the belief that immigration can't go to her room and arrest her and she also said they will just let me go. She is very naive. She doesn't work as I have been supporting her.
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