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  1. How stupid to say that just after he bought 1.5billion dollars worth. Then again maybe not. Probably buying heaps more on the dip. Personally Cardano/ADA is doing better for me. Bought 100,000 at $0.15aud. Now at $1.64aud and had hit $2aud just before dip and has fared much better than BTC. It has jumped up to 3rd spot on the market capitalisation list. The day ETH dropped 20+% ADA rose around 25%. Many things to happen with ADA starting today so price predicted higher.
  2. Been driving one here for 7 1/2 years. Hit plenty bumps, spoiler still firmly attached.
  3. No my wife but girlfriend of 6 months. All the bloody time. I am getting so bored.
  4. I was getting shifting pains first in the heal of one foot then to another then to side of foot then toes. At times I literally had to crawl around the house. Then it hit me bad in one knee. Had been to doctor before but not much help. So time for another visit and went to a different doctor. First thing he did was an X-ray and a blood test. A couple hours later he had the results. First was fluid on the knee which he said he could fix that day and second was I had high uric acid causing gout in my feet. He said he had one great medication for the uric acid but you can
  5. Not really floundering in the dark. Had to declare CGT last financial year so have a pretty good idea. Don't know about Thai Tax laws and don't want to. Good if you can afford to hodl. Due to unforeseen circumstances my crypto is my only saviour and it needs to save me this year. If crypto crashes early this year I am back to Oz living on the streets. Ok, if I borrow against crypto how do I pay loan back with no income? Again good luck to you if you can.
  6. I like ADA, I have just under 107,000. I stake them on the Daedalus Mainnet.
  7. The BTC were bought in Australia with Australian cash. The amount I want to sell here and spend cash here. So I really don't know what taxation laws would apply. I know for sure the Australian Taxation office would tax me if they found out. Not sure if the Thai taxation office would try to as well. May save hassles and money in the long term if I just stick to my exchange in Australia.
  8. The US is not the only country in the world.
  9. I have normally traded with an Australian Crypto exchange as that is where most of my investments are located. I intend to sell some of my BTC when it reaches a certain level. Currently it is stored on my hardware wallet. My plan was to transfer the BTC I want to sell back to the Australia exchange and then cash to bank. I plan to make a largish purchase in Thailand of around just under 1 million THB. So obviously cost fees to sell in Oz then fees to transfer back to Thailand. So my next thought was to transfer and sell the amount of BTC to cover purchase here in Thaila
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