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  1. I said this because so many times proof of pension was required and I do not get so more relevant than your brain can handle.
  2. I use the "income" method and I have had to provide copies of each page of bankbook, the 1 year statement, which has to come from head office in Bangkok, and a letter to state I have had the minimum of 65k of international transfers each month So 3 forms of proof. That has been last 2 years in Chiang Mai. The year before last renewal I also had to show proof of where money came from in Australia. They did not want that this year. I don't get a pension and have been living off investments sales, gold, silver, shares, crypto.
  3. Actually it was 68 million Baht or about 2.8 million dollars. However still far 2 much considering both governments don't care about Aussies here in Thailand.
  4. If you are Australian don't waste your time. They have said they are NOT assisting Australians here to get their jabs. But they are donating something like 38 million baht for Thais to get theirs. Ashamed to be Australian.
  5. A new one on a back road opened near me in Chiang Mai and its fairly big.
  6. Have been told by a "crypto expert" more caution is required with the X because of its Bluetooth capabilities. I personally use the S.
  7. I did a Wise (Transferwise) transfer from Australia yesterday hoping I would get today not realising today and tomorrow holidays. Now it looks as though I have to wait until Wednesday for my money. Now I wait for the comments like "if you don't have enough money to live 2 days you should not be here".
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