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  1. Yeah, thats the one. Was for sale not that long ago.
  2. How long is a piece of string? The answer to your question depends on so many variable. What is the outside temp, what is room temp, what temp do you want room, how big is the room, what aspects is room (which way facing), how many windows and aspects, how many people in room, what is room used for and more? However going by Crossy's rough estimate its 0.54kwh x 4.7 baht unit which equals roughly 2.5 baht an hour.
  3. I really don't see the need for a PERSONAL attack on CC because he said "seems to be closed". I mentioned Lucky Bar was closed the other night but as a regular patron I will be going back to check a few times to find out. I am sure patrons of Downunder would be the same. Your post of a personal attack and saying owner not happy has made me cross that bar off my list, and yes I have been there a few times. So you have possibly done more damage. Have a great night.
  4. Last time I got one in Chiang Mai no charge but given a date one month later to come and collect. No offer of fast service. I heard agent across the road charges 1000 to get it fast. A few years back at CM when they announced free CORs i applied for one and was told 500. I mentioned i thought for free now and IO said money for typist. Lol.
  5. I go Low Kroh every few days. The western end (moat end) is very dead and a lot of shops, not just bars, closed. Amazingly a couple new bars have opened. Two nights ago I went to Lucky bar food area (upstairs behind bar) at 7pm and was closed first time ever at that time. Not sure if just one night or permanent. Rock Me Burger Closed but apparently just for renovations. B52 Pizza closed. My regular Welcome Inn is open, has good meals. Massage shop across the road from WI was always busy and open until late. The other night shutters came down around 9.30.
  6. The standard induction motor, which are the majority of motors takes 6 times full load current at the instant of starting. This is just the nature of the beast. However this is for a very short time. Most devices around the house are not stopped started that many times in an hour, even water pump. My first house I rented in Thailand the water pump was obviously too big for the size of the piping. When the kitchen tap was used the pump would stop/start every couple of seconds. Very annoying as it also sent a "bang" through the stainless tank. I played around with throttling the wate
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