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  1. Oh no!!. Terrorist. "Neighbour Binloading"
  2. Dazinoz

    Australian Lottery Website

    When my wife and I came to Thailand we still put our lotto for 10 weeks at a time using my account. We did not know this was not allowed. There was no problems until not so long ago I could not login anymore. Doing research I found that we we not supposed to do that and we were now blocked from OS IP. So I used a VPN and log in via that. After reading this I am concerned. I am still in Thailand and commitments are keeping me here for a few more years but my wife has had to return to Australia to care for her aging parents. My online account has an Australian address, games paid for by an Australian credit card and wins paid into an Australian bank account. I am wondering if I get her to log in from her iPad in Australia into my account and put the lotto on for me would that be ok as bought in Australia plus my account details as above.?
  3. Wind turbines can be too noisy if too close to house.
  4. Another thing to remember when calculating size for panel output is that solar cells produce power from light and not heat. The rating on a solar cell is done at 25 degrees C. As the temp of the panel goes above 25 its rating drops. In the specs you will see a negative figure of watts and temp, that is how much the panel will drop in maximum output per increase above 25 C. I have proven that with my system I had in Queensland, Australia. Go wife to watch inverter out put on a hot sunny day while I got onto roof and hosed the panels to cool them. Output significantly increased. I only say this because so many people think the hotter the climate the better for solar. Also panels do deteriorate and drop output as do the batteries over time.
  5. Don't forget import taxes, can hit you hard, I got caught importing some medical equipment from China.
  6. Hi, anyone been lagging into thelott website In Australia and if yes can you still do so? I have been doing so for nearly 5 years but can no longer do.