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  1. I don't think that is correct. WHO released advisory panel findings which noted insufficient data on adverse effects in people over 60 and people with certain chronic diseases . As far as I know they have not yet issued a decision on whether or not to approve it for emergency use. It is possible they still will (though likely only for those under 60). Or they may hold off on a decision until more data is available. I attach the actual WHO Advisory Group briefing for those interested. Sinovac WHO.pdf
  2. My understanding is that ti is not taxable and does not need to be declared as income.
  3. All Thais can get free health care at the government hospital where they are registered OR other hospital that it refers then to. Quite likely you are just being lied to, happens a lot. But other possibility is that she is registered in another province and so has to pay for using the government hospital where she now is. The registration is based on listing in a tabian ban (house registration) and it is not unusual for people to live in a different province while still listed i another one. These lisitings can be changed, but people often don't want to bo
  4. I don't know anyone like that. And I think even they have to use computer application, there are things like measuring distance between eyes etc, it is nto easily done manually. Anyone else? Surely on this forum someone must have software that can do this?
  5. Work best if you are a mouth breather and the apnea not very severe.
  6. And unfortunately, not just lives in Europe. Meanwhile UK is successfully opening up on the strength of an AZ vaccination campaign. I'm going to the US on 5 July and can easily get Pfizer or Moderna on arrival, for free. However, rather than undertake the flight unvaccinated, I will get the AZ vaccine prior if I can manage to do so.
  7. The private hospitals are not issuing appointments yet. What people are doing is getting in waiting lists (and only some private hospitals have these). For that, no limit. But I think when it comes to an actual appointments, there will be an online system that prevents having more than one. That is already true for appointments made via Mor Prom app and my guess is that this is why it is taking a while to release a version specifically for foreigners, they need to figure out how they will cross-check individuals who don't have a Thai ID number and, in some cases (i,e
  8. i haven't heard of any appointments made via Mor Prom app being revoked and people continue to make them. What will happen when they show up for their appointments, if MoPH does nto give specific instructions that it is allowed to vaccinate foreigners, is another matter.
  9. If you have a Thai ID number (for example, from filing for tax refund, or on a SS card) then even without a pink card, you can register in the current app (needs a Thai speaker's help and lots of patience and repeat tries, though) If you do not have have a Thai ID number you cannot register on the Thai language app. An English language version specifically designed for foreigners is supposed to be released next month., However, it is not yet clear what time period this will let people get appointments for and in any case pretty safe bet that June and even much of July will already
  10. There is an article in the New England Journal of Medicine which I think is quite persuasive https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa2104882 Note however this discussion is solely with regard to the vaccines that use an Adenovirus platform (AZ and J&J). And that all studies confirm that the incidence is (1) very, very low and (2) disproportionately occurs in younger women. It has taken a while to determine if the occurrence of this rare clotting disorder was greater than average in people who got these vaccines precisely because the incidence was so low among
  11. From his posts he had serious hypertension and is also in atrial fibrillation with a rapid ventricular response. Diet is nto going to fix that. And additional salt could be dangerous.
  12. Most private vets in Bangkok can do it and so can University pet hospitals though I am not sure the latter will do it on demand. You could try contacting these folks https://www.petrelocationthailand.com/service/ตรวจเลือดสัตว์เลี้ยง/ They mostly deal with people who need the test done at an EU approved lab which is very costly (need to mail the specimen to Europe etc) so explain that it is not for relocation purposes and ask about local testing. or https://thonglorpet.com/en/service/13 As above, specify you need a quote for local testing not EU lab
  13. i can't answer the question re machines, but if you could nto adjust to one, not sure you'll do any better in a different machine. Have you tried an oral appliance?
  14. I that case it would be well worth getting their titers checked. Even if you don't get the results in time to shorten your daughter's vaccination series by much, it will help for the next time. Highly unlikely theywill nto have protective antibody titers...but good to be sure.
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