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  1. That would be the usual reason for getting it. Most Thais do not bother.
  2. I don't know of any Health insurance policies that are monthly. However, some allow you to pay the premium monthly and you can usually cancel at any time with say a month's written notice. There is usually no waiting period - but any policy will exclude pre-exisiting conditions, and any claim submitted right after getting a policy will invite close scrutiny. A number of companies are offering COVID only policies at very low rates. But they do exclude pre-existing. All Thais get free health care, including for COVID, through the government health system.
  3. Presumably he had a spinal anesthetic. Possible to do.
  4. in Thailand anyone who tests positive is hospitalized, no choice about it. Even if completely asymptomatic. And will not be released until test turns negative. And everyone entering Thailand must show proof of COVID insurance What is not clear is what happens to the other guests in an "area quarantine" if one person tests positive.
  5. "they will be able to utilize the grounds and effectively go ANYWHERE they please so long as they don't go outside. ' Presumably by outside they mean outside the resort area, not out of doors A critical issue that is very unclear here is whether at beach resorts people would be able to go to the beach & in the ocean. If not, rather removes the attraction
  6. No one can board a flight to Thailand without a COE. the obtaining of which requires special insurance and rpe-bookibg for the mandatory 2 week supervised quarantine Your title deeds/company documents are irrelevant
  7. People are getting COEs with re-entry permits based on extension of stay. You will probably be asked to show proof of OA compliant health insurance.
  8. I too have had extensive contact with migrant workers and employed them for a decade. Spend a lot of time in labor office and immigration dealing with it. Many DO in fact have passports and visas. Not all of course, but certainly very many. I just got back from going through the process now necessary to extend work permit and visa for those here under LA visa arrangement whose LA visa's have expired. Mobbed with migrants with passports and LA visas.
  9. I don't know what you mean by "open visa". Nobody, ourselves included, has an "open visa". There are workers here with no passport and visa who have undergone a registration process which results in a special pink card. There are also many workers here with passports and valid L-A visas. The latter can freely travel.
  10. that may be the case for workers here without visa (undocumented workers who perodically gain a type of registration) Those on valid visas have the same freedom of movement as anyone else
  11. Please see https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/285198-hiv-testing-and-treatment-in-los-doctors-meds-costs/ last 2 posts for ART costs when obtained at TRC. And read the whole thread to get an understanding of how it all works - indeed cannot buy these meds at a pharmacy and anyway an HIV+ person needs more than just meds, also needs oversight by a physician trained in HIV, periodic blood tests etc Prices at government hospitals would be similar but not easy to attend a government hospital for HIV. Most people come to Bangkok for it. Better still, live in Bkk area.
  12. What do you consider to be a "reasonable fee" ? And how much trouble do you want to go to to spend a little less? Government hospitals in Chonburi town and Sri Racha are the least expensive choice but require a Thai speaker to navigate and no guarantee the psychiatrist will speak much English, Also extremely long waits, lots of red tape and they are not going to pay any attention to what you say you need but rather treat according to their own protocols. This may also be an issue at private hospitals but to a lesser extent. The easiest source in Pattaya is Bangkok Pa
  13. Well I finally got my US bank mobile app deposit function to work. Turns out the instructions were misleading as made it sound like the check pix should fill the frame whereas it needed to be much, much smaller than the frame so that all sides were visible. So problem solved and no need to trigger a trace. i do wish there was some way one could log on and provide bank details for this but it seems nto if one is a tax filer. So next stimulus payment will be the same long wait. (Or even, ideally, to specify that one wants it applied to one's taxes, since I have to make es
  14. There is no requirement that a family member come in person to claim a body. Body will not be released until the relevant Embassy gives the OK, and Embassies will do this only after they have informed next of kin and received next of kin's authorization for arrangements. This could involve having a person in Thailand handle matters, or hiring a company (there are some specializing in this and not expensive) to do it. in some cases I think an Embassy make make the arrangements with funds sent from the family though of course they prefer not to have to do that. I have fir
  15. Of course they can. Some choose to, some don't. But it is not at all true that federal law requires them to.
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