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  1. In my experience Thai anesthesiologists base their dosing on Thai norms, and do not seem to understand the higher sedation threshold of Westerners (which is not just a matter of size or weight -- Thais are extraordinarily susceptible to sedation). I have had this experience repeatedly here and seen it with innumerable others. It is an issue for both pain medication and for sedation.
  2. Actually at usual Thai doses, if only low dose of a benzo used, he might not. But he can discuss ahead of time with them what sort of sedation will be used.
  3. Many TV members have has hernia repairs here, try googling " hernia site:thaivisa.com"
  4. Indeed, solely a Pattaya thing. Nationwide vast majority of sellers are Thai
  5. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/eclinm/article/PIIS2589-5370(20)30228-5/fulltext
  6. Indeed they are not. Not at all. Stem cell technology and vaccien technologies are altogether different things.
  7. There is no use of aborted or other fetal tissue in vaccine development and no reason to ever use it, this is absurd in the extreme.
  8. Yes, thrombosis is very common in severe COVID disease. It has become apparent that severe COVID disease is not just a severe viral pneumonia as originally thought but rather a multi-organ disease . Not only does it have significant mortlaity rate but severe COVID is turning out to have long term health effects even on those who recover. We are just starting to find out the extent of this. A recently published study found more than half recorvered patients had long term neurological damage.
  9. The issue with children is not deaths in them (I have seen numbers for that, it is still under 1,000). It is their role in community transmission. Children neither live nor attend school in a vacuum inhabited only by the young. They have parents, teachers, grandparents, neighbors etc they can infect. The true number of infected children is likely many fold the reported number since such a high proportion of their cases are asymptomatic.
  10. They are making arrangements to enable migrant workers in country whose visas/permission to stay have expired to obtain new visas without leaving the country. This should go into effect shortly and certainly by 26 September everyone in that category - many hundreds of thousands of people, far larger group than Western expats - - should be sorted out. That removes a big reason for the amnesties. 2 months notice has been given which perhaps not coincidentally is the length of time one would need to season money to meet requirements for extension of stay on an O or O-A visa. And people here as tourists can certainly go home. So while no one can say, I would nto bet on further extensions. Especiallly not blanket amnesties for all visa types. But that's just my opinion.
  11. Bump! Common, someone out there must want a loving, loyal companion!
  12. Minimum wage now is 336 baht a day. Out where I am, going rate is 500 baht a day for unskilled manual labor and they can't find enough workers. Nit that 500 baht a day is very much, it isn't.
  13. i think it means tested and approved and starting to be available on a prioritized basis. There obviously will not be enough quantity to provide to everyone on demand for quite some time. Priority groups would be: health care workers, other essential workers/first responders (police, fire dept, etc), people with serious chronic diseases that put them at high risk, nursing home residents, and the at-home elderly. This last group is large and they will likely have to phase it in by age group, starting with just the over 80's and gradually going down until the over 65s. I doubt there will be enough available for the non-elderly general population of the US within 2021. Maybe by 2022. Or maybe available for non-priority groups but on an out of pocket basis and high cost (i,.e. for those who want tio be able to travel internationally). All this assuming Phase III trails have a positive results. Hoped for but cannot be assumed.
  14. This is the only one I know of that has a websitr http://www.bangkokdrugstore.com/ In addition, Medconsult Asia does med refills with delivery by courier. They can get pretty much anything that is nto a controlled substance and is available in Thailand. https://www.medconsultasia.com/ Some individual pharmacies will accept faxed or telephoned orders and ship but do not have websites and you'd need a Thai speaker to help.
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