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  1. Moved to the Travel forum since the question does nto appear to be visa related
  2. It is quite common to test negative in the early stages of COVID infection.
  3. You can easily buy the COVID insurance online, I would wait until you are sure of your dates of return. Note that you only need it for the period of time you will be stamped in for i.e. until the date on your re-entry permit (make sure you have one!) I would also first verify with your current insurance that COVID is not covered as it usually is. Don't rely on what your wife says, call the insurer yourself. There would have to be a specific exemption listed for it not to cover COVID. What is more likely if this is a Thai policy, is that the level of cover mi
  4. There are many possible approaches to prostate cancer and a variety of individual factors need to be taken into consideration, including the patient's age, overall health, how aggressive the tumor is etc. ADT is not usually indicated as a stand alone treatment in men with non metastatic prostate cancer. A combination of ADT and radiation therapy would be more usual. I suggest you come to Bangkok for a second opinion. These are 2 very experienced western-trained urologists who are conservative in approach: https://www.samitivejhospitals.com/doctor/detail/than
  5. It sounds higher than it is because they report only the positive cases and not the 99% of people who test negative. As of Nov 14, 908 confirmed cases among 81,676 people. And bear in mind that most of these are Thais, who are not tested prior to travel. Larger issue is whether any people are being infected during travel here or while in quarantine. At least one case recently of an expat who was infected while in ASQ.
  6. Yes but note that 1000,000 is not the price of the insurance. It is how much the insurance must cover. And you will need it only for the period of time remaining under your re-entry permit.
  7. The COVID insurance is required only for the period of time that you will initially be stamped in for. I assume you are referring rather to the O_a mandatory insurance which is a spearate matter. There rae a number of options for that: - If already holding a re-entry permit based ion a non-O, can come back in on that. - If in need of a new visa can either: get a tourist visa and convert it to non-O in country -get a non-O if the country you are in offers it for retirement OR you are married to a Thai -get a new O-A visa using international in
  8. You do not need $100,000. You need an insurance policy that covers up to $100,000 medical expenses for COVID. If coming in on a tourist visa you would need only 60 days cover (maybe get 90 to be sure in case your departure date slips). Coming from Canada this will cost only 4-6,000 baht. https://www.tipinsure.com/CovidRegional/product_detail For the visa, the only financial requirement is "A copy of Bank statement with an equivalent of no less than 20,000 Baht. (Approx. 1,000 CAD)" see https://ottawa.thaiembassy.org/en/content/119628-thailand-visa-and-coe?cate=5f069ee272a783584
  9. It is not remotely £1000 per year . More like half that, and that only if for some reason he requires a full year which most people do not. Cost wise it is not the COVID insurance that makes return expensive, it is the quarantine. And this has nothing to do with age.
  10. Indeed you probably jumped an age band but even so, this is a large increase. US based insurance is always much, much more expensive than international expat policies issued from other western countries and there is seldom any advantage to having a policy from a US based company. I would suggest you consider a change of insurer unless you are locked in due to pre-existing conditions. If you need cover in the US (for more than short visits) then Cigna Global (not Cigna US!!!) Close Care policy would be the most affordable option, it will provide cover in both
  11. ???? Deaths are up 57% in the US compared to 2 weeks ago. First cases shot way up and then, a few weeks later, deaths did likewise. As expected. Now over 2,000 deaths a day and it is expected to top the record level of last April within a matter of days. UK deaths up 24% now compared to 2 weeks ago.
  12. Basically yes but a bit more complex, because they had not intended to test 2 different dosing schedules and the trial was not set up for that. What they need to do at this point is exclude the cases that got the partial dose from the analysis and analyze the data for the planned dosage without those cases. Then -- since it looks like the partial dose did work and might possibly be better than the planned dose -- do a separate trial designed to test that. With subjects of all ages. It will delay things a bit but necessary.
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