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  1. Yours is the second account I have seen of someone getting a test supposedly for COVID that yields results in hours to a day. Both involved govt hospitals The actual tests available specific to this virus take much longer and would at this point require sending specimen to Bangkok. I am not sure what they (the hospitals) are doing. Possibly testing for influenza A+B or even full respiratory oanel and considering the person negative for COVID if another culprit is found and suspect otherwise. Can I ask if what you had was a nose swab or blood test?
  2. You might want to consider a CT calcium scan. Stress Test will detect 85% of coronary artery disease but 15% will not show up. Since you have history of smoking and are symptomatic I think this would be wise. Phyathai Sr Racha is offering a promtional price 2,550 on this in February.
  3. https://www.bumrungrad.com/en/doctors/Visuit-Vivekaphirat It is a very expensive hospital. Hope he is well insured.
  4. Nobody at this point can say how widespread it will become. "Could" is not "will". It could become a global pandemic. It could also peter out. Flu pandemics happen every so many years. Even in worse case scenario this would be nowhere near as lethal as the Spanish Flu was.
  5. You can get medical gloves and face mask at any large pharmacy.
  6. There are pharmacies selling medications all over the city. There are also numerous pharmaceutical distributors who sell to the retailers. Can you be more specific as to what you are looking for? Medical equipment like wheelchairs, walkers, etc are often =sold in pharmacies especially those located near large government hospitals. Again, need to eb more specific as to what exactly you are looking for.
  7. Where are you trying to send the money to? Dee money will send to some western countries, I just used it to send a little over 300k baht to the USA. They have maximum amounts, not sure how much per transaction but would likely have to split this into several. Check their website. But first try a regular SWIFT transfer at your bank, using proof on condo sale, as suggested by poster above.
  8. In my experience hospitals only look at the face page, they request passport as form of identification. They do not wade through all the stamps and visa pages and would not know what they were looking at if they did. Apparently someone informed on him. Or perhaps someone spotted him and was worried for his welfare since he seemed weak and unwell, and called the police for that reason. On arrival police would routinely check passport. The article is demeaning and racist and the idea that "nabbing" an elderly invalid in some way represents making the country safer is completely absurd. But one does wonder, with such overstayers, what their long term plan was ? One way or another, only a matter of time until they are apprehended by the police. How can they not know this?
  9. The exact same thing (mometasone) is available at pharmacies here under these brand names: Elomet Momate Cream Mometasone GPO Novasone
  10. The train is excrutiatingly sliw and unreluable. Also might nit go beyond Battambang. A taxi or van or bus is best if you can find a way to stow your bike.
  11. Same same. A signed note from a doctor. Thailand does not have prescription pads of the type on the west. Here a "prescription" is just proof that a doctor advised you to take the drug.
  12. There has never been prrof that SARs was released by the government, this is a a fringe conspiracy theory with no basis in fact whatsoever. There is clear proof that both SARs and the new coronavirus are zoonotic diseases which crossed into the human population, as often happens. As it appears the true agenda behind this thread is to spread misiniormation and conspiracy theories it is hereby closed.
  13. Agree. All that could possibly have been determined in a test which gave results the next day would be viral group. Presumably they would then send on the sample to Bangkok for further testing if the type was coronavirus.
  14. Disregard everything not from a valid scientific source. Determining whether a viral infection leads to immunity and for how long etc takes years of research.
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