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  1. Sorry, I have nothing to suggest except a second bank account. Strange indeed.
  2. I do it the first way using IRS site. But it does not save bank details, says so when you do it. And each time I have to re-enter the bank details. What I fail to understand is why they did not enable provision of direct deposit info online for everyone.
  3. I would be fine with claiming it on my 2020 tax teturn, in fact had I been given a choice that would have been my preference and it in fact would give me money now as I have to make estimated tax payments each quarter abd coyld just reduce what I send -- same difference and a lot simpler than they s4nd me money and I turn around and send it back to them in the form of an estimated tax payment. But this option was not offered and I also could not arrange direct deposit because the non filers tool can't be used if you filed taxes in 2018 or 2019. So now I am stuck with having had a check lailed that has not arrived and might never. I teally can't understand why they could not arrange to let filers provide direct deposit info. Not everyone gets a tax refund and even those who do may apply it to the following year's taxes. I file ever year but never get a refund. Usually have to pay a little, occasionally there is a slight overpayment in which case I apply it to the following years tax and adjust my estimated payments accordingly.
  4. Although the article says people will be allowed to self-quarantine at home if they test negative on arrival my understanding is that if even one person on a flight tests positive all the passengers on that flight must go into state supervised quarantine. So far every flight I've read about has had at least one case...though maybe they only report on those.
  5. Available in Thailand under these brand names: Ebixa (import) Mexma (locally made brand) Neumantine (local) Remem 10 (lical) It is prescription only which usually means won't be found outside a hospital. Possible that large pharmacies located near a major hospital would carry it.
  6. Nothing to do with COVID. Also unlikely to be due to water you drink but could be a reaction to the water you bath in. Or soap or laundry detergent. Or just heat rash from the heat and humidity. Or stress. All of these can cause eczema. Suggest you see a dermatologist for the rash. But I would avoid water from those machines. You could fit a filter into your tap or else buy bottled water or those large plastic jugs and fill smaller containers from it (can get dispensing cap at places like Home Pro). RO water is indeed lacking in minerals but if you have a healthy diet should not matter as you'd get enough in your food
  7. You could try hydroxyzine which can be bought over the counter in a variety of brand names. Also something called Sominar. Both are antihistamines/mild tranquillizers. Usual dose for sleep is 2 tabs. With the hydroxyzine make sure 25mg dose not 10mg the lowrr dose is for allergies. Non-addictive. May leave you with dry mouth and some people feel groggy in the morning, others not.
  8. Prof. Varocha Mahachai. Bangkok Hospital and can also be seen once or twice a week at RSU Health Digestive clinic
  9. US office can't help you anyhow. They do not handle these policies. All Cigna Hlibal policies allow use of the online service but you have to register for it. Also no guarantee you can cancel a policy online so migjt not be worth the hassle to do. I suggest you send a letter if cancellation by courier with signature of receipt required.
  10. If you are capable of leaving on your own you have absolute right to do so any any time even against medical advice. The problem comes when you are unable to leave on your own. It then falls on your wife to be very assertive and if she is Thai, that will be difficult. Her chances of getting you discharged home against medical advice are slim if you are setiously ill. Transferred to a government hospital is more feasible but will still take a lot of assertiveness from her side. Thete is also the problem of knowing day to day how much bill has accumulated. Leaving against medical advice will usuallt make it impissible tohave medical insurance pay for the costs. Your best bet is to not use private hospitals in the first place and make surw you have sufficient finds to cover care at a government hospital.
  11. If you wait until the medical system is already buckling it is way, way, way too late. Remember that lockdowns and other measures take at least 2 weeks to take effect and during those 2 weeks cases continue to rise. And it is an exponential; rise. This was New York City's great mistake. It has been estimated that had measures started just 10 days sooner more than half the deaths would have been averted. As it was, the health care system did nto just buckle, it was completely overwhelmed. People died in corridors, hallways, and (in very large numbers) at home for lack of medical attention. And not just from COVID, from everything, Of course, if measures are initiated in time to avert a scenario like this, one can never tell if things stayed minor because of the measures or if it was not going to have been that bad in that particular place anyhow. A public health success is something that does not happen. Which makes it hard to distinguish from simpel good luck. Public health fauilures, on the other hand, are glaringly obvious.
  12. Same here. My concern re this "fourth quarter' business is that by then the US will quite likely be having its second wave. So I would not bank on being able to travel then. If things do open up, go as quickly as possible is my plan in hopes of getting back before second wave is noticeable
  13. Yes. Tested and if positive hospitalized, if nef^gative quarantined for 14 days and re-tested an day 13 befor edischarge from quarantine Obvioulsy more cases, mosrt of the asymptomatioc will be found if there is more testing. That is true anywhere. But the yield would likely not be very high at this point
  14. They are subsidiaries of the same umbrella parent company but completely independent of each other. Cigna Thailand only issues local policies to Thai citizens. Cigna Global issues expatriate policies worldwide. Cigna USA issues policies to US residents for care in the USA. So very different products and one cannot do anything regarding a policy issued by the other. They also differ geratly in their overall quality and payment history. And, they come under completely different legal jurisdictions, which also affects what they can and cannot do.
  15. Oh I see. You should have specified Cigna USA as I had assumed you meant Cigna Global. I have no idea re Cigna US.
  16. In Bangkok, several locations. The one in Bang Na is the most convenient if driving up from Pattaya http://www.mrithailand.com/en/ I do not however recommend getting MRI or Ct with contrast outside of a hospital, the stancd alone diagnostic centers are nto adequately equipped to handle serious adverse reactions and would nto be able to get you to a hospital quickly enough For non-contrast scans, fine Prices are nowehere near $50-100 though, not anywhere in Thailand. Depending on poart of the body, MRI runs about 6 - 12,000 without contrast
  17. Cigna Thailand is nto Cigna Global They are probably all working from home these days Have you logged onto the website Customer Care area? Sales team number is + 44 (0)1475 492119 (Mon-Fri 8am-8pm GMT) The customer care number is +44 1475 788 182 You are probably required to inform them in writing. Suggest you send a letter by express mail or courier. Address should be indicated in your policy along with relevant terms regarding cancellation
  18. They have several times reported confirmed cases from among returnees so obviously not none. But also not all. As one would expect some people with fever have it for reasons unrelated to COVID. Note that it takes 14 days to have a full accounting on each group as those who test negative initially ate kept in quatantine 14 days and retested before release. BTW I think this "high fever" bit is a mistranslation from what is actuallty"elevated temperature" i.e. temperature above the cut off point. They confuse the words "fever" and "temperature", understandable since the 2 are used interchangeably in some contexts in English.
  19. Sheryl


    That is the imported brand. He asked for less expensive locally made of which there isn't one
  20. Post with a YouTube link from a non authoritative source has been removed Posts with nonsense conspiracy theories have been removed, along woth replies to them Those who think that the various measures taken to reduce spread of the pandemic are unprecedented need to read a lot more history
  21. Where in Thailand For what type of problem (they have sub-specialties)
  22. actually your fasting glucose is in (barely) pre-diabetic range The hi carb breakfast probably not the best idea. Especially after a 16 hour fast.
  23. Yes, that was a typo www.aainsure.net
  24. 250K medical cover will not go far at all. For older people that is the best you can get but for someone OP:s age can do better Ask broker about this also. And check with whatever bank you use, some offer PA policies to their customers It is nto absolutely necessary to have PA policy as main health insurance will cover hospitalization due to accident. However they are inexpensive and have the advantage of also including outpatient care. While you can get a main health policy that includes outpatient the premiums are so high as to not be worth it so most people get hospitalization only.
  25. Yes, certainly you need insurance if yo uwill be living here. At your age there is abundant choice. You do not need to get a health insurance "from Thailand" i.e. a Thai compnay to be insured in Thailand and it is usually better not to. There are many solid international companies that issue policies specifically for expatriates. It is best to work through a broker as they can provide comparison charts and also help afterwards wioth any claims. You:ll want to make sure motorcycle accidents are covered I use AA Brokers, www.aainure.net and have been very happy with the, they specializer in expat policies.
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