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  1. A GFR of 76 in someone your age is not cause for concern. Your serum creatnine is normal and I assume your BUN was as well. GFR naturally decreases with age.
  2. It is worth making the trip to Pattaya to see Dt. Anna.
  3. There is an excellent skin cancer specialist in Pattaya as follows+ https://www.bangkokpattayahospital.com/en/doctor-profile?v_id=7&depid=2 Trained and worked in the US for years
  4. E What he said...or possibly a billing error at the hospital. Suggest you go back to the hospital and request a detailed bill as a starting point. With cost for each drug. The 500 baht price cannot possibly be correct for 5 day supply of 3 imported medications. Imported meds just aren't that cheap. But neither are they usually anywhere near 10,000 baht for just 5 day supply even at a government hospital.
  5. I wouldn't call it extreme reliance. Tourism is significant but not the main engine of the economy, that is exports (which may also take a hit). Averaging about 20% of the GDP is certainly enough to make its absence felt but I would not extreme. Its is around a third of the GDP in Cambodia... and two thirds the GDP in the Maldives.
  6. I think they test everyone who is quarantined. So all.
  7. That could be years from now or even never in very large countries like the US.
  8. The people who sell their goods at them. They have to first go to wholesaler then bring the goods to the market and set up their stalls. Not that I can see any point to the curfew at all, COVID wise. But ending it at 3 if there is one makes some sense.
  9. Sheryl


    Yes, it might or at minium require clise observation. But perhaps get some blood work to see if you are T deficient. If you are then consult urologist. Your diet sounds fine. Do take my advice re electrolyte powder. When you have lost fluid through sweat, replacing only with plain water may worsen depletion of electrolytes.
  10. He has already tried SSRIs without result, which is probably why they presecribed something else. SSRIs do not work for everyone. The cost of medication at a government hospital depends entirely on what the medication is. If an imported drug can easily be several thousand baht for a month:s supply ir even more. I don:t think his depression is really that mild as he seems to feel compelled to drink heavily to cope with it. I also don:t think depression is all it is, based on this report of becoming enraged and storming out of the hospital over as bill.
  11. There are now several locally made brands of Atorvastatin that will cost much less. Brand names+ Atorsan Lipostat Atorvin Chlovas He does not need a prescription for either drug and both are easy to find here. Should take care to get a travel insurance policy that covers "acute exacerbations" of chronic conditions though in case anything happens while here causing him to need hospital care. Yes, the rule is 30 day supply for bringing meds in with you.. Of course in most cases they do not check. When they do, they don:t usually count out the nu,mer of tablets and you:d probably be fine with a couple of months worth as long as it looks consistent with personal use, and nto controlled substances, though no guarantee.
  12. Sheryl


    GPs in Thailand do nto have anything like the skill set or function that GPs in many Western countries have, and I don:t know of any in Pattaya to recommend. Often the best approach is just to get a complete check up package at a hospital, the doctor who will review the results will be a GP. From what you report, you do not have diabetes. The frequent urination is likely due to high water intake. Have you been sweating much? It has been extremely hot and humid. If so and then replacing with just plain water, may have worsened electrolyte imbalances and this can cause fatigue and lethargy. I suggest that when you have been sweating a lot and feel very thirsty you add electrolyte solution to your water, 7-11s carry it, check the packaging but usually the 7-11 ones are 1 pack to 250 ml, more dilute is OK but don:t under dilute. Some of the brands in pharmacies may be for larger water volumes, so ask first. Fresh coconut watre is also an option, it is a balanced electrolyte solution. And a complete physical check up may be wise especially if it has been a while. For that I would suggest Phyathai Sri Racha hospital. What is your diet like? Are you on any medications? Much alcohol intake?
  13. I have been to every provincial hospital in the country, the majority of District Referral Hospitals, hundreds of Health Centers and all the National Hospitals. And many of the private hospitals . I also have detailed knowledge of their budgets, and of construction costs. Below provincial level capacities are minimal, no one with an illness requiring inpatient hospitalization wants to be in these and frankly one does not want to be in a provincial hospital either if it can be avoided. But that does nto mean they are cheap or can be bought for 50K.
  14. Hardly. And it will nto go very far in covering cost of a major accident or catastrophic illness. Need at least $250,000 cover plus provision for med-evac
  15. Again, this in no way explains a fat abdomen.
  16. Many spouses and parents of Thais do not have WPs and very very few are permanent tesidents. So this is not going to help many families. Including not the case mentioned in the article.
  17. Quite a few. Including a damily member originally misdiagnosed as BPD but actuallt schizi affective. Affective disorders are not psychoses. If actual pyschosis is present then by definition it is not BPD.
  18. Cigna US and Cigna International are quite different. Cigna Intetnational, which is a UK baded compsny offering expatriate policies, has a solid reputation. Many membets of this forum have had huge hospital bills paid in full by them. But neither they nor any other company will pay for an illness that began before the policy was purchased.
  19. No they are not. But it appears from later reports that he has meliodosis not TB.
  20. As above. Nothing in this report explains a fat abdomen.
  21. A misleading, scare-mongering and thoroughly unhelpful post has been removed
  22. I've never seen a crowded swimming pool at a Thai Condo. In fact all I have seen were largely empty. And certainly no "congregating" around them. Thais hate the sun and aten't in general fobd of swimming pools.
  23. Schizo affective disorder is a consideration and is indeed sometimes misdiagnosed as BPD. The key difference is that in BPD the mood states are abnormal and extreme, but there are no outright delusions and certainly no hallucinations. Of course the mood states can distort thinking to an extent -- any depressed person will have an overly pessimistic view of themselves and the world, and in manic phase people with BPD greatly overestimate their own abilities and what is possible, but these are different from the frank delusions that feature in schizo-affective disorder.
  24. All I can tell you is that I also had bad experience with filler under the eyes, and from a very experienced doctor I have used and continue to use for filler elsewhere on the face. In my case problem different than yours, it did not slip but rather puffed up just enough post injection to make it look worse than before; this can happen as the HA absorbs moisture. I also had to resort to hyaluronidase injections to dissolve . Filler injections in the tear trough are very, very tricky and basically I gave it up. If I were going to try it again (unlikely) I would insist on going light i.e. injection less than the doctor thinks needed as you can always inject more later but if they over inject your are stuck as there is no way to fine tune the enzyme dissolution. And I'd try to find a doctor with a lot if experience specific to that part of the face.
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