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  1. I do not think what you describe -- a visibly fat midsection - is due to your IBS. Nor is your bowel "fat", bowels cannot get fat. From time to time the abdomen can become distended from excess intestinal gas but if that were your issue it would come and go, not be constant. What you likely have is an excess of subcutaneous fat around your middle. The distribution of fat cells is genetic and some people just have more in certain locations. If your overall weight is OK then all you can do is to have some of the fat cells removed. This can be done either by liposuction or by a newer less invasive treatment called Cool Sculpt.
  2. That part is almost certainly not true. We now know from studies in Western countries, as well as in China, that the virus was present and circulating in the population well before anyone noticed. Based on known travel patterns between Wuhan and Thailand -- and what we now know was the actual start of the infection in Wuhan i.e.November, there is virtually no way it could not have been well established in at least the areas receiving Chinese travellers by early to mid December. I frankly think it may already have been past its peak when the Thai measures began. The same applies to Cambodia. In fact I think I may have had COVID in Phnom Penh in January. For reasons not known for sure, there have been very few serious cases and deaths from COVID in mainland SE Asia and it is unlikely this is due to few infections. The extent to which this is so will become more apparent if and when there are statstically representative population based studies of antibody levels. Many possible factors: Heat and humidity may have slowed the rate of spread (fewer cases at any one time= easy not to motice anything was happening) Ditto comparatively low population density outside of Banngok Younger population age structure Cross immunity from the SARs outbreak And quite possibly other factors not yet identified This is not to belittle the efforts made, but at least the travel bans were later than they should have been. Other countries which took measures at around the same time were hit quite hard. Public health measures are important but in any pandemic there are also elements of good and bad luck
  3. For all those complaining of "no follow up" https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1165972-thailand reports-nine-new-coronavirus-cases-no-new-deaths/
  4. Don:' knock it if you haven:t tried it. And do not listen to people who claim you have to believe in God or be a Christian to avail of AA, neither is the case.
  5. If the reports are correct that the illness began in January and he took out the policy in February he was nto mistreated by the insurance company. He has been in Camb for a while, could and should have taken out insurance from the very start in which case there would be no problem.
  6. Contact your bank and see if you can get *credit advice* for the BTN transfers, this may show overseas origin. What Imm Office is this?
  7. Khon Kaen University Hospital (Srinagarind) will have psychiatrists, use their after hour clinic. See if Prof. Suwanna Arunpongpaisal is available. Bring then ames of all meds you have already tried . AA has meetings in Udon Thani and Korat, some of these now being held online https://aathailand.org/all-meetings?field_region_value=Northeast+Thailand-Isaan&title=&field_meeting_day_value=All&field_language_value=All&field_open_meeting_value=All&field_meeting_type_value=All
  8. Absolutely stop drinking. It has depressive effects in the long run. Thete are a wide range of drugs that can treat depression so that some you tried did not work doesn't mean none will but this is not a do-it-yourself affair. You need supervision by a good psychiatrist specializing in mood disorders. Where do you live? It is best if medication is coupled with short term therapy. Ben Wiebstein at PSI is good suggestion if you are in or can travel to Bangkok. In fact best IMO to start with therapy and let therapist refer you to a doctor for medication if indicated, they all have doctors they work with for this. The advantage is that the therapist will spend more time and get to know you far better than doctor can and Dr. will be guided by their insights/recommendations.
  9. Definitely means much higher cost. Does not mean better quality. But will be more convenient (quicker appointment, no wait, more comfortable facilitied) if they have a urologist.
  10. I assure you they cannot do lung transplants in Cambodia or anything else remotely that complex. Very low quality of medical care. Those Cambodians who can mamage it go to Thailand or VN for medical care. In addition to low quality medical care in Cambodia is extremely expensive, much more so than Thailand even the public hospitals. It is not a good place to be stuck in with a medical problem.
  11. It is not exactly a branch. It is a "sister hospital", joint venture between some Cambodian tycoons and Bangkok Hospital. Unfortunately due to COVID restrictions travel to either Thailand or Viet Nam is not possible. Otherwise would be a good idea and could be done by land ambulance. However if he requires expensive medication even Thailand or VN would be costly. We don't know the nature of the lung infection but if it is TB, a full course of TB treatment is expensive and even more so if it is a drug resistant variant. The talk of otherwise removing part or all of a lung is suggestive of TB.
  12. Actually not the case that risks are the same whatever it is used for. Use by healthy young soldiers as malaria prophylaxis (in the past) and use in people who already have a viral disease known to affect the cardiopulmonary system are very, very different things. I think the case against using it to treat COVID is closed. No benefit and in many cases harm. Use as a preventative (i.e. taken by people not yet infected with COVID and presumably with no known cardiac or redpiratory diseases) needs further study.
  13. Since no tourist visas are being issued the foreigners coming now will be people who live work etc in Cambodia so have pressing reasons to return. The big stickler is being placed in quarantine in a government facility for 14 days. While self-isolation is an option if all passengers on a flight test befative all rhe flughts reported on to date have contained at least one positive case.
  14. According to the article he became ill in January hut took out the insurance in February.
  15. Yes, that is the name. ALso referred to as Khon Kaen University Hospital. The after hours clinic usually starts around 4 PM on weekdays and also open on Saturdays from morning. An acharn as Lopburi says is a senior physioian/professor. See if Assoc. Prof Surachai Sae-Jung is available. He can also be seen at Khon Kaen Ram Hospital on Tuesdays from 5 - 8 PM and since I gather you will have al ong trip might be worth the extra cost to see him there since you can make an appointment in advance. Also, private hospitals are much less crowded. http://www.khonkaenram.com/en/doctors/23 Besides the MRI scan on CD, bring also the results of the ABI
  16. Mentally unstable people such as OP describes should NOT take a meditation retreat and to do so may both harm them and any fellow meditators. Bipolar disorder is due to a neurochemical imbalance , not "lack of self confidence".
  17. The symptoms you describe require urgent assessment by a spinal specialist. If there is nerve root compression and you delay treatment any nerve damage will nto be reversible. If it were me, I would certainly make the trip. Take reasonabeleprecautions of course and if possible don:t use mass transport. Is there anyone who can drive you, or can you hire a car with driver?
  18. Not really. There is in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap internatiopnal hospitals (joint venture with Thailand's Bangkok Hospital group) but since theo nset of the pandemic virtually all the non-Khmer doctors have left.
  19. A flaming post and reply to it have been removed
  20. That is what a cystoscopy involves
  21. Moved top Visa forum. To my understanding, with a WP you can return to Thailand BUT (1) May be hard to find a flight - most incoming international flights are cancelled through June at least (2) You will be put i mandatory 14 days quarantine on return. So cannot go straight to work. Note this is state quarantine not self-isolation at home. As for certificate I think only a "fit to fly" one but see what UbonJoe says.
  22. You need to gp either to Khon Kaen Univ Hospital or Bangkok, whichever is easier for you. If KK, use the after hours clinic and ask for an acharn in orthopedics specializing in spine problems. Bring the MRI CD with you. If you prefer Bangkok let me know and I will advise who to see there. The cause of the pain and the numbness needs to be identified, that is the first priority not masking the pain with pills. Pain on the top of the foot is usually extensor tendonitis but should resolve in a few weeks. Do you still have numbness in the legs as well?
  23. Above is official English translation. As I read this+ 1 - IF you already hold a valid visa and IF you can find a flight, you can come provided you get a COVID free certification and have proof of health insurance. You will have to undergo testing at the airport along with everyone else on your flight. No info on how long you will have to wait for results but I would certainly avoid a late afternoon or night entry. Provided all people on the flight test negative you can then self-isolate at home assuming you have one. If anyone on the flight tests positive, the whole lot of you will be in state quarantine for 14 days. 2 - If you do not already have a visa and can somehow persuade a Cambodian Embassy abroad to issue you one, same as above, otherwise cannot enter (no reports that I have seen on anyone managing this) Still no evisas or visas on arrival. Basically it helps only overseas Cambodiansd and expats with long term visas who were caught out of country. Still a better situation than for their equivalents in Thailand.
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