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  1. That is not what this is about ...... but hey, just put your own spin on it and take over the thread ......
  2. On older cars without Apple car play and so without the need to connect your phone and mount it in an accessible safe and easily viewed place maybe ? Or maybe just because they want to ?
  3. Thailand city Navigator Maps have been getting Harder and harder to Find and Download Found this on Lazada https://www.lazada.co.th/products/i327412195-s625866414.html?urlFlag=true&mp=1 Got it working Plug and Play straight into my 2015 (last of old Shape) Fortuner Just unlocked all map images by dragging onto gimgun unlock (Google it) and added the PANA10SIG.PSI File outside the Garmin Folder Working perfectly You could also unlock the main gmappsupp image and replace your on your existing SD Card Full Update for 750 Baht Well worthwhile
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