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  1. For Connda, I'll put aside my previous recommendation to just have a stamp made and in its stead recommend commissioning a signet ring fashioned with your info. Go classy.
  2. Note: I don't live in the area, but just tried Google Maps (link) to see what it suggested for "Garden Centre" in nakhon rachasima. Granted some locations may no longer exist, or not carry barrier cloth.
  3. Did you read the link I supplied on AerisGuard, a product sold in Thailand and used/recommended by TRANE Thailand
  4. No nearby plant nursery or garden supply shops?
  5. I am SO glad you followed that comment up!!
  6. Topic: Acrylic / headlamp polish "OK, it's not for my headlamps but I need some acrylic polish for a job I'm doing." I was worried seeing the above, but now partially reassured that Crossy's project has nothing to do with him going bald from ongoing BKK project issues.
  7. Similar experience. Never again. Now I'm more willing pay the guy with the portable pressure washer kit to do it every six months.
  8. Are you saying a thorough pressure washing didn't remove the bulk of the material? [EDIT, adding] for some lite reading http://www.aess.solutions/products/aerisguard
  9. You'll want to Air-con foaming cleaner with a biocide. If you were thinking of doing the cleaning yourself on a regular basis then you might want to acquire a lipped pan to slip underneath the unit and wet-vac to use when pressure washing and foaming cleaning. Oh, and some PPE to wear so you don't contaminate yourself during the process.
  10. I keep forgetting about the paypal per-country restrictions. When I had my paypal accounts i just used my VoIP number. So, that might be another option. Just get a Thailand VoIP number that has a compatible smartphone app.
  11. He can cut a hole in the tarp. No problem.
  12. When I first arrived in Chiang Rai I contacted several Real Estate agents looking for a 10k rental. Apparently non were available anywhere within the province! My guess is the amount was too low for them to even look at managing. Interestingly enough, after deciding that Chiang Khong (Chiang Rai / Huay Xai Laos border town) suited me a bit better and making a few Thai friends there they helped me find several 'empty house' rentals for 4k-5k price range that worked out just fine, while I looked for more permanent housing. (I say "whole house" because the Thai friends also showed me row-house and abandoned hotel accommodations that made me question the friendship).
  13. How do you have it hooked up? The specs say it's: 23", (Full HD) 1920 x 1080@60 Hz, VGA / DVI-in If running VGA (analog) that could be your problem. DVI-in is an older digital format but should give a clear image if paired with a compatible video card.
  14. People may be suggesting you use the 2-part epoxy to secure all the loose tiles (and those you might coax off before they too fall off), then coat the whole feature with the clear guard covering. We've had outdoor granite tabletops split and flake along mineral seam lines after just a few years left weathered. It certainly lasts longer as purchased when it's coated against water intrusion.
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