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  1. BobTH

    Renewing 5 year driver's licence in BKK

    I don't think it matters which office you go to. According to the website I am supposed to go to the Main Office Chatuchak and have always went to Area 3 on Sukhumivt like you. They have never said a word.
  2. True Value has them them in bigger sizes I believe. They did have a store in the same little mall is the Villa Market just off Rama 4 back behind the Big C and near the big Lotus store. I think that store is called something else now but I believe they still have about the same stock as the True Value had. The other True Value store is out by Nonthaburi they have a nice selection but they are kind of pricey. You can see them on the photo page of their facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/True-Value-Thailand-Company-263128640473637/?tn-str=k*F
  3. I assume that your wife at one time had a US license that expired and also that your US license was still valid. Is that correct? Thanks.
  4. This may be a long shot but my USA driving license is long expired, maybe 5 years or so and I have been in Bangkok now for 7 years. I have a valid Thai permanent driving license and also a valid Thai International driving permit. My question is: Are either of these of any benefit when trying to acquire a new USA driving license when I move back there the first of March, 2019. My expired USA license is Tennessee, I am buying a home and moving to Alabama and will need to get a new one there. I just thought maybe I would get lucky and someone in the group had done this previously. Thanks in advance to any helpful remarks.
  5. BobTH

    Hemingway’s to reopen

    Sukhumvit Soi 11 in January 2019. https://coconuts.co/bangkok/food-drink/exclusive-hemingways-reopen-soi-11-january-weve-got-details/?fbclid=IwAR3Tdfu3v4l2yislWB09opEWjQWCqPJugJT7Wv5kA_jf-mxE7azDtARKy90