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  1. 100% agreed. Whinging people on TVF always comment how Thai have so many holidays blah blah blah. If you actually look at what staff are actually given + public holidays (which of course you cannot choose when to take) then the overall holiday allowance fits fairly comfortably with what most other countries get. Most Thai staff get around 8-10 days annual leave and 14 public holidays chosen by their employers. This is the private office staff; menial workers, informal sector, construction probably get considerably less than this. Personally i like to see Thais get an extra day here or there to go home to see their families.
  2. Its Thai New Year you, as it stands the only holidays were the Monday and Tuesday. That barely gives people to get home before they need to come back.
  3. As per my post directly below my original one: Thailand Immigration Bureau Statistics. I have also broken it down by main countries of origin.
  4. They bye laws are registered with the relevant authorities as a condition precedent to being approved as a Juristic Condominium and for transfer of units to commence. So if the developer has registered it as a condo then there are bye laws already in affect. If you have transferred your unit then you are duty bound to pay the condo maintenance fees even if there are many problems surrounding them. As much as it may stick in the throat it is never a good position to argue from if you yourself are breaching the regulations as a means of trying to prove a point. You should pay the fees as per the condo regulations and fight your corner from a position of strength rather than not.
  5. The only people who exaggerate it are retirees on TVF with an overinflated self importance. 20-50K per month here and there is a irrelevant pin prick in the ocean. As an aside of those retiree Visa's the Brits accounted for 15% (and have always been the most prominent) 12% Americans, 9% Germans, 7% Chinese, 6% Swiss and Japanese. Whereas the Thailand retirement Visa is still dominated by Europeans and Americans the Malaysian My Second Home Programme (MM2H) is dominated by retirees from other Asian companies.
  6. Thailand Immigration Bureau Statistics. I am sure their data compilation is not great, but i doubt counting the number of Retirement Visas issued is that much beyond them.
  7. Retirement Visa Numbers for the past 5 years: 2012- 39,941 2013-42,258 2014- 58,285 2015- 64,989 2016-, 68,333 2017- 72,844 I would be interested to see your statistics on the number of expats dropping and the number moving here also dropping? Can you provide?
  8. And make sure you come on here after to start a thread on how shit/corrupt/(insert any other derogatory term) Thai Landlords are.
  9. No they removed that requirement, presumably for the PM or someone else.
  10. If only such economic luminaries were working at the IMF or World Bank rather than wasting their talents in north east Thailand.....
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