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  1. I could not really care less about their economy or their demography- although i presume its not easy to get going when their is war blazing.... As far as I am concerned we (Europe) should stay out of their affairs- and then we would be better positioned morally to turn away illegal immigrants.
  2. That is true, although we could say it with more conviction if we stopped bombing their country and displacing people.
  3. 17, some combatants some accessories but the investigation covered a period of 7 years.
  4. What was not noticed? That some soldiers had gone rogue? It deals with that in the report. It has references to the culture of the SAS, filing false reports on incidents etc.
  5. I am not sure, and to be honest i am not sure what level some of those who could be charged and prosecuted are- perhaps there are some higher ups being dismissed for oversights. I generally trust the Aussies to give everyone a fair go- and this report has been 4 years in the studying so you would like to expect its been done properly.
  6. Read the report- there are definitely cases like you describe and i fully support the troops when they do kill innocents in error, or through mistaken identity or even perhaps better safe than sorry situations. However if you read the report which you clearly have not, this was not like that at all.
  7. To be fair- there is no doubt that these people are trained to be killers, its what makes them Special Forces and why they are feared. Its also widely acknowledged that they operate in very grey areas of law and also extreme and dangerous conditions- and they need to have protection from prosecution to be able to operate as they are meant to. However IF what these eye witnesses say is true, and what the report details is factual- and some of it is from eye witnesses from within their own ranks- some of these killings were not grey areas at all, they were acts of torture and sadisti
  8. I thought most of the damning testimony came from their fellow soldiers who were there on the ground with them.... I thought you were a nurse?
  9. Lol the <deleted> would you know about Australian Employment law, or indeed law surrounding Australian armed forces.... I am sure the Australian Defense ministry have advisors versed in this type of thing, and i presume employment law issues is the least of the implicated soldiers current concerns....
  10. I believe nearly every condo/business does this in Bangkok already, if you look closely there is normally a 'police box' somewhere they come and collect on a monthly basis. I am sure the management company of your block know how to do this if they are not already doing it. I presume you dont want them to personally come to your individual unit.
  11. Let me guess they will be constructed by Sino Thai and operated by Gulf Energy?
  12. I work for a very large Thai company and we have been informed already that 7th will remain the holiday as will 10th. 11th we will need to take as leave, not transfer from 7th. We tend to follow the SET, so i suspect much like no private companies were given last Thursday and Friday that move of dates will probably be limited to Government.
  13. Do you know the rates of appreciation of land in Thailand????? The very fact that you would write "There is very very seldom a capital appreciation on real estate in Thailand" shows you have limited knowledge on Thailand real estate. 40 years ago Thonglor used to be practically rice fields, last year Shangri La Group bought a plot there for 2.1 million THB per sq wah. I sure would like to be the owner of that land that showed capital appreciation, the same with nearly every other piece of land in BKK. There are loads of Condos all over BKK which show appreciation- nearly any condo
  14. I presume you mean the Langsuan/Lumpini area. A large amount are leased from the CPB (or affiliated/subsidiaries/foundations) so any apartments/residential on this area by definition cannot be condominium buildings, despite what they call themselves. There are a few anomalies on the west side of Langsuan road and a few others scattered around like Nimit Langsuan, although not complete, 185 Rajdamri (Raimon Land) Lumpini Ville etc which are Condominiums. Your 2nd paragraph is correct which is why personally i would never take a leasehold unit in Thailand. Renewal clauses seem to no
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