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  1. Like hell any of them will move... the boys the top need the support of those below them.. all hot air and will blow over soon.
  2. He did, he said the prisoner was found healthy and had no fever, and they also X rayed him for TB. What is unclear about that?
  3. According to Sky News which i watched the headlines at 6am about 1 hour ago, tests of this guy and the other suspected of having Chrono came back negative.... people can put their pick axes away for now... Will apologies be forthcoming from all those spitting venom at Thailand?... i wont hold my breath. I suspect this will be a short thread. Lets see the Daily Mail and the Sun apologize to Thailand for their false accusations...
  4. So many will be disapointed that they lose this opportunity to slate Thailand...... Seems many on here take pleasure in others misfortune of it gives them an opportunity to have a pop at Thailand.
  5. Well they should have no problem docking in their original leaving port or where they planned to go then.... why have Japan turned them away, presumably Hong Kong to.....Philipines.... Guam.... Literally this Government could never make a correcr decision according to some on here...
  6. Yes the one in Japan said similar or they had 2 people ill. Now 130 odd and counting.
  7. I bet if anyone scrolled back through tvf they would find a thread absolutely slatng the Government for letting cruise ships land in Samui. Here we have the Thai Government stopping a cruise ship, like a number of other countries have and the 1st 4 replies are slating the Government for not letting them into port. What can the Government do? They have offered food, medicine and supplirs. Sinple fact is that Thailand needs its medics, resources and doctors focused on those in Thailand. Not on a ship, who obviously will claim no infections. Its easy to see the time, momey and resources the Japanese are spending on their cruise ship with patients, why dont the cruise go back to HK their port of origin.
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