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  1. So now the CCSA has come out and admitted their will be no deliveries this week, i am presuming the Fake News Center will be after Anutin....
  2. I doubt i would be around in 30 years either. One other concern would be that i presume the 30 year lease is registered in the Land Department. If you croaked it say after 20 years then conceivably your wife or kids might want to sell. I would question how much interest you would get in the house if it was say only 10 years left on the lease. Anyway not trying to be clever or anything just got me thinking. If you are comfortable with it then its no problem.
  3. The problem with recurring 30 year leases is that the one time it has been tested in court, (all the way tp Supreme court) I believe something to do with a retail unit at Bumrumgrad Hospital the court ruled in favour of the LL and the second term was not enforceable of the Landlord did not want it. Couple that with more practical problem that the LL could just propose to put up the rental to a level which you cannot accept.
  4. My vaccine was postponed by the SSO yesterday. Luckily i received confirmation of an appointment on the 9th July at Med Park Hospital. Not sure why people are trying to wait for Moderna, chances are tje Moderna will all be booked up by the politicians, army and assorted Hi So's who have already been double jabbed. They of course will be front of the Moderna queue as well.
  5. No <deleted>..... its only taken 6 years for the NACC to establish something a kinderdarten child could do in 5 mins. No doubt it will take another 10 years to get evidence..... the fact it has even got this far would suggest there is some discontent somewhere around the top
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