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  1. Is this a joke? If not its one of the stupidest serious posts i have ever read on this forum.
  2. I have never had to show my ID. I top up every other month or so, so probably 3 times since 15th Feb. Maybe i have just been lucky and the staff lazy and one of these next times i will need to show.
  3. I believe most normal people have higher aspirations than living in what impoverished Thai people find acceptable. I am sure those Thai people think any Farang living there by choice, unless its an absolute matter of necessity are stark raving mad. Most people aim up in life, on Thai Visa it often seems to be that everyone aspires to reach the bottom. I a sure 99% of Thai people would give a lot to have the opportunities of education that most Westerns take for granted, and i am sure should they have had that they would aspire to a hell of a lot more than living in a 2,000 baht room.
  4. Well the OP signaled that he was asked for passport just for topping up, something he has been doing for years..... Incidentally i dont think i have ever been asked or been required to provide my passport here other than by immigration when doing visas or with work.
  5. I have topped up my card a couple of times in the past month, never been asked for ID or passport. Simply hand over card with 1,000 THB note and ask them to top it up... No problem. Both at Thonglor BTS. This is an orange Rabbit card if people are talking about different cards. Out of interest why would you top up with just 100 THB? Thats what 3.5 trips? Also someone talking about linking this with TM30 is a complete retard.
  6. If the online system worked efficiently i would have absolutely no problem registering my guests etc when they come to stay, or registering my return. The problems parts are when visiting friends in other provinces and having to spend/waste time trying to register the stay there. I even thought you may need to the title deed of the house owner which of course creates more and more problems if they themselves rented. In essence i dont mind doing the TM30, but they need to create and efficient system to allow people to do it easily online, with an effective application. They also need to make document requirements realistic and not to burdensome on owners.
  7. Will be interesting to hear the real reason for him beinf pulled up. Call me cynical if you will be there is ni chance he has been fingered because of undisclosed wealth. He must be suspected of or done something wrong. Perhaps links found to anti Government side.. will be good knowing the full story if ever.
  8. Oh absolutely, and of course everyone has different lifestyles and different hobbies and things they enjoy. Could i live on that a month, sure, but i would not be able to do many of my hobbies such as golf, badminton club, eating out in nice restaurants etc. So yes i could live on it and yes i may find other things i suddenly enjoy like cycling, but on the face of it cycling, running and eating at home everyday on a budget does not sound a particularly enjoyable month to me personally.
  9. The new Embassy will be at AIA Sathorn office building. On the BTS line between Surasak and Chong Nonsi. A new station is being built directly outside the building.
  10. Or standing gawking into the British Embassy garden which other than a party nearly a decade ago neither you, I or anyone else other than the Ambassador or staff can enjoy?
  11. Maybe just give all contracts to Sino Thai construction? How many years behind and over budget are they with the new parliament building Anutin?
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