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  1. If its land rental, out of town then being realistic it is probably not something any agent is going to spend much time on. Unless a broker is located in the immediate vicinity (or its large), i am sure many of them have easier bucks to chase than driving out to the sticks, showing someone around a load of 1 rai pieces of land and after spending countless hours sitting in the car, chasing down local landowners etc possibly maybe 1/30 cases get a 20,000 THB commission. Its simply not worth the time and effort when they can chase down more transactions for less time, travel in more urban areas. For remote areas you are best of trying to deal directly with the landlord, although this obviously has its issues to.
  2. If i was returning with my family and young children and had to quarantine for 14 days, and money was not a concern, i would take 14 nights in a luxury villa with private pool thank you very much. Thought the Thai Army are wasteful, 137,000 THB per person for the pampered US Soldiers at the Conrad lol Nearly 300,000 USD, those hardened soldiers dont like to slum it. Sure bet a lot of the US tax payers would like the chance to stay in the Conrad.
  3. There are some coincidences which truly are to large to just be coincidences... If it was not a coincidences, surely the testimony of a witness who whilst all this is going on is out getting legless and killing himself in a drink driving incident does not exactly solid. The other strange thing was his family said they never even knew he was there, or involved.
  4. Spicy Zabb wings are the only thing really worth eating, other than the occasional Zinger burger. Spicy Zabb wings, extra spicy- really difficult to get the spicy ones other than when you order in shop so you can literally point to which pieces you want.
  5. I will never understand why Thailand puts so much focus on university academics. In my country at least, generally university professors are mostly seen as those who could not hack it in private practice, with some obviously extremely intelligent exemptions. Here they are forever referring this amd that academic.
  6. Thailand have done a fantastic job thus far. I have no idea how given the proximity and links with Wuhan tourism but one way or another they have been successful.
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