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  1. Whatever my achievements might be, they were obtained without the threat of violence, bullying, corruption, nor a complete disregard for the rule of law (and the rewriting of it to serve my own needs). His title is self appointed, and not a result of the will of the people. One reason why we are seeing increasingly desperate attempts at manipulating the upcoming election is so that the Junta can get what they so desperately want, a sense of legitimacy.
  2. Understandable really. Debating does require at least a modicum of intelligence.
  3. It just looks and sounds like someone painted the Fresh Prince of Bel Air blue. Got to give him credit though. It takes some balls (or ego) to put yourself up for the inevitable comparisons with the legendary Robin Williams.
  4. There'd be a 7/11 at every station. So CP has got that going for then I suppose.
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