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  1. Yes I order a small pack and got it in 3 weeks normally 5 days on May 4
  2. Free for us nasty white people also if they think your a good guy with a pool
  3. So let me read this so a country that didn't even have fridges 50 years ago and still half the population only use it as a messy <deleted> hole to store rotten pork. Is now telling the people they open the fridge to much. Yes i guess it cool off the house in 43c
  4. The vaccine is free at the local village clinics
  5. Anamai the local village clinics everywhere have the vaccine it the jabs and its free.
  6. They annouced 8 days ago they were not allowing peolpe to leave the province.
  7. Phuket and their police looking for foreigners with no helmets. They stopped two of us a few months ago he insisted us to follow him back to his booth. After yelling that he cannot take my Thai licence with him he took picture of it instead... to this date I never received a ticket. But he was like a dog in heat thinking 1000 baht cash. But he was wring. 555 the intersection my makro and the plaza.
  8. Well in my province yellow book is accepted everywhere should be accepted
  9. Did they request your embassy in bkk to send them your parents names to enter into the yellow book
  10. He plays nurse and patient on weekends.. My god this site has made me drop my standards to the others on here.
  11. Up Country they are not wearing mask buying their food at crowded markets at 7:30am and then entering into the factories. KHON Khaen
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