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  1. It would have been better for Bloomberg to simply donate the the Democratic National Committee to support the other candidates and seriously outspend Trump. We don't need another billionaire in the WH. We need ballsy candidates to push the truth at Trump, his supporters, and remove this turd from the punchbowl.
  2. Another media stunt by the Apprentice POTUS. No news here. Move along.
  3. Competent medical facilities really do not exist in Cambodia. I'm afraid that they allowed the ship to dock there simply for the money it would bring in thru docking fees and expected tourism related income. They have zero ability to monitor those people, or to help them. Sad.
  4. I think it is admirable for Thailand to want to improve the English skills of the students here. But adding only another 3,000 teachers to bring the total to 10,000 is woefully inadequate. It will be too little, and I fear too late, if more is not done soon. As for using 'native speakers', I would note that the country with more first language English speakers in world is India, and frankly I have a very difficult time understanding them. I'm an American. I think that utilizing teachers from Western Countries such as Canada, USA, England, Australia, and others, makes most sense. And this will cost more, but the benefits that come from being able to be well understood worldwide should be worth the additional expense. Provide decent housing with A/C, transportation and food allowance, PLUS a salary AND other perks to attract younger teachers with good teaching skills.
  5. Expect a tough battle over this budget, with the Dems standing firm and there will be a government shutdown which Trump and R's will blame on each other. Deficits DO matter.
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