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  1. A multi-meter is great, but something like this might be better. I will test the ground, check that the hot and neutral aren’t switched, the voltage and test that your breaker will actually trip in the event of you getting shocked.
  2. the installation “earth” being the earth in the distribution panel? So installed correctly, one would use the line & neutral from the panel, and a dedicated ground rod? Assuming you had three phase (or were in the US) would it not also be safe to use L1 & L2 & a dedicated ground rod? Or I guess a three-phase charger?
  3. So as long as there is a good ground, there is no real danger? As I understand it, a charger/transformer creates it’s own neural, so assuming the unit is fused, and there is a decent ground/earth, why is whether or not the service has the neural and earth tied together significant?
  4. I did watch about 10 minutes of it, but I could not understand what he was saying. I’ve worked around industrial electric vehicles for 40-50 years and plug in charging has never seemed to be much of an issue.
  5. I assumed I would be okay as long as I went with a radius greater than 10 X the OD and it seems to be working okay. So far so good.,..
  6. Anyone using one of these in Thailand successfully? Thinking of installing one on the roof and using the cold air it generates to help cool the top floor.
  7. It surprises me that a plug-in electric car does not include on on-board charger such that you can just plug the car into a typical 220 receptacle. Would the size or weight of the charger be prohibitive? It could be that the UL/CE listing requirements could take too long or (less likely) cost too much.
  8. We have AIS fiber and I was wondering how tight I can make the radii when re-routing the cable? I understand the old rule-of-thumb is ten-times the OD, but not sure if that is still current.
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