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  1. How miserable must one be if they’re dreaming of Taco Bell?
  2. I’m with Fidelity and have had no issues, but apparently others have had trouble.
  3. Just shared a “Baby Two-Tone Kakigori” at After You, MBK. Nice!
  4. Was the bar high? It’s gotten where winning “Best Picture” it a good reason to pass...
  5. Have you looked at a 10 year chart? There is no “Baht Bubble”. You are correct, no one knows.
  6. Barbecue double bacon cheeseburger at Burger King MBK. Stopped for an Oreo McFlurry at McDonald’s National Stadium on the walk home...
  7. Yes, most tourists are much too smart to be able point at an item on a menu card...
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