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  1. “On the Table” at Central Festival. Probably been reviewed here before, but I like this place. Last night I had a beef-cheese/curry dish (฿260?) that was pretty good. Nice, good tasting beef patty on rice with curry and cheese. Boy had a combo with soup, wings and a personal pizza, wife had pork on rice dish. Menu is interesting and meals are typically hearty. We’ve eaten here probably 20 times and have never really been disappointed, but for perhaps the Caesar Salad (฿200?) which was okay, the dressing comes on the side and I would prefer it tossed. The w
  2. Carryboy are okay (I had one) but I like Sammitr better (I had three). Carryboy is fiberglass, Sammitr is steel.
  3. The only person that matters would see them ever time I got in. I ordered a Bosch set, mounted one and sent them back. You would really have to see the difference to understand. That said, we’re it twenty years old I’d of gone with them...
  4. I think I’ll try that with some caramelized apple slices to go with the raisins, although we don’t seem to keep bread around long enough to get stale...
  5. Lasagna & garlic bread. The lasagna freezes great and will feed the three of us four times. The garlic butter lasts months in the fridge...
  6. Nice! I’m cooking a Lasagna tonight, I’ll try to remember to take some pics.
  7. Hello, anyone using Microsoft/Office 365 on a MacBook? Also, I have older account/versions of ACADlt and Acrobat. Does anyone know if they will download and work on a MacBook? Originally purchased for Windows and still in use.
  8. Thanks, looks to be lot cheaper than in the US...
  9. I concur. I bet dude goes through a few tires....
  10. Yeah, the link was to a facebook page that did not seem to have any prices, but thanks.
  11. I think that coffee is available in the US as well, although it might be pricey. What does it cost here?
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