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  1. In any event, using a laser, your cut is never any more accurate than your mark. We’re I going to spend that much I would go a little more and get a radial arm saw, which is much more versatile
  2. When I traveled with the carnival back in the ‘80’s, an independent’s son had a 3-wheel HD golf cart powered by a KZ-1100. When I saw him the next year he had it in a 4-wheel cart...
  3. Bought a new saw a couple months ago and I have been very pleased with it, so I thought I would provide a review. First, be advised that ฿5,999 for a 10” new in box double miter saw means this is a CHEAP saw, and as such, it is not intended for production work, but is is IMO a great saw for the money. The bad: Mat’l hold-downs: While usable, theses are not great. Mat’l supports: Similar to the hold-downs in that they are helpful, but not robust enough for anything heavy. Dust collector: This feature might work well with a vacuum attached, but the bag is all but useless. The good: Price: ฿6K is pretty though to beat Motor: Runs and sounds good, cut a 3” X 3” without slowing down Accuracy: Nice square cuts out of the box Track: glides smooth and tight. Stuck a little at first when all the way forward, but wore in nicely Blade: Surprisingly decent carbide tipped 10” X 80 tooth blade Miter-gages: easy to read, and accurate out of the box Capacity: the will cut a 12” board (know) or (I assume) 24” if flipped. It looks like it will cut a thickness up to ~90mm, but I only tried it to 3” Laser pointer: this is handy, but not a substitute for eyeballing. Portability: not too heavy, and the way the handle is configured on the top, it surprisingly easy to tote up and down stairs with one hand by a fat old man. All in all I am very pleased with it. At some point I would build a stand for it with better supports and gaging, but it’s been great for what I’ve been doing. I’ve used both miters, but I have not cut a double-miter.
  4. Watched “Boogie Nights” and was surprised I hadn’t seen it before. It was a pleasant surprise...
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