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  1. Yes, just another money grab like the ฿800k in the bank rip-off
  2. you have a lot of friends. Why do they all want to move out to the country?
  3. So in those thirty years how many to limes have you had to pick up and run?
  4. Pretty quick for a property we were buying to own forever and pass to our kids, yes? in any event, why would you not be able to sell it after five years?
  5. Why does Thailand need to attract investment? And how will that investment help working class Thais?
  6. The people with Thai wives or husbands can already own property. Quit making stuff up.
  7. It seems all along the moaning has been that we can’t actually own the property forever and pass it on to our kids, and then once we are allowed to own the property forever and pass it to our kids, the new moaning is that we can’t easily flip the property for a quick profit...
  8. I am not familiar with any changes, beyond some consulates refusing to issue income statements. I am on a marriage visa so i am not familiar with the insurance requirement, but I imagine it stems from the irresponsibility of a few making things difficult for everyone. That the website is down and you either have to mail it in or go down to register in person is something of a pain, but it’s not that big a deal. That they are not able to direct competent IT staff does not surprise me. I still can’t get my Thai address to register on my home country’s IRS site, and we
  9. I’m not saying if you don’t like it go home.You are just making that up because you are not able to formulate a substantive response to what I said. I’m saying that if you believe the government is going to take your property you should go home. Why would anyone stay that believes that? I certainly would not. I have no reason to not trust the government to do what they say they will do, do you? Again, what I find amusing are the people that moan on endlessly about something the government does, and then when the government tries to do something different
  10. I am always amused when the same people that moan endlessly about a government regulation seem to moan louder and longer when the government attempts to change it. The maximum lease term is currently 30 years. People that stupidly leased property thinking they were getting a 30/30/30 will have no claim if the law changes. If you buy property under the new law and then want to sell it after the law charges, you could still sell it to a Thai, or lease it to a foreigner. If you're going to worry the the government is going to change the law and take your pro
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