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  1. Just saw a non-traditional house interior for rent. Not in my area, but quite a nice modern pad by the looks of it, and BIG curtains. It also has a modern kitchen area and bathroom. It's a strange ad, though, as they don't give the size of the property. Nor do they mention the number of beds, and no pics of the outside. I’m guessing its two-bedroom seeing as it’s a house. At only ฿13,500 / Month, it gives hope as a lot of stuff that shows up on FB ads is 18K+. Perhaps I should start to follow a few more local agents. Stubby
  2. I'm still not convinced about houses, but I have become more open minded than when I first started the topic. I have no idea where I'll end up, but there's certainly more optimism in the air
  3. Thanks, Lacessit. Yes, that sounds about right. Ideally, I've love 2 bedrooms, but then prices jump up considerably. Where I am, there are 2 bed condos, but the price is more than double for an extra 9 SQM. The actual living area remains the same.
  4. I already have, Sanenax. But I'm so glad I started this topic. I had it totally wrong, and the responses have been super helpful and eye-opening. It looks like I could end up with a smashing little pad withing budget after all. I often stay in a place I like for a few years at a time, so I must have gotten out of touch with reality. I just saw a 1 bed advertised on my FB page for 18,000 THB/Mo, and that's the sort of things I've been seeing. Mind you, I don't know how big that last condo was because I ignored the add. Stubby
  5. I pay government electricity charges, HCCM, and no condo (maintenance) fees. It's been like that the last 5 places.
  6. Thanks, Rumak. My budget is 10K+ so hopefully I can find another Rumak with some nice properties in my neck of the woods I've got about 14 weeks to get sorted, but the search is on.
  7. That's good to know, Richard. Seems like it might be a renter's market after all
  8. Good advice, Canthai55. I have time on my side.
  9. I like newness, DogBarker, lots of glass, and elevated views. The tiny windows and bland interiors of Thai houses don’t cut it for me. They just seem so characterless (on the inside), compared to a modern condo. I sooner have small and beautiful than big and bland, but it’s a personal preference, of course. Also, if there’s a problem in a condo, you go to the office and report it. Five minutes later, a bloke’s standing at the door with his box of tools. There are fewer issues with pests crawling all over the joint too. But hey, never say never. If I came across a little two-bed detached that checked enough boxes, I might sign a 2-year contract on the spot. But thus far, I'm not convinced. Nor do I fancy rattling around a big ol house on my own. Stubby
  10. I think you'll find he's joking, Lacessit
  11. Fair enough, Bkk6060, I stand corrected. Perhaps I should stop searching on agent sites. Got a few new ideas now I'm thinking around the 12K+ mark, so perhaps there's hope after all. It's the area that might pose a few challenges, but lets see what crops up
  12. Thanks, ChipButty. I never thought to look on airbnb. I thought, in my ignorance, that it for short stay holiday makers.
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