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  1. Years ago, there was a Nana Soi-4 agency who would take guys passports and return them in 2 days with new entry stamps, relieving them of the need to do a "visa run". They claimed that a messenger took them to the border where they were stamped by "friendly" officials. Turned out they were pocketing the fees and using forged stamps and stamp inks. (apparently, Immigration uses special inks) Suddenly a lot of guys going thru immigration exiting the country found their passports stamped "INVALID" Caused a lot of big problems. They couldn't board their flights, they were now in the Kingdom illegally (Counterfeit stamps) and their Embassies were in no hurry to replace their passports, often threatening them with punitive action for illegally altering their passports. People should be very skeptical of any agency that claims it will get you a visa without the normal documentation.
  2. Indeed, for those who live in homes with a driveway or nearby parking area within charging cable distance; easy-peesy. For those who live in apartments or condos, not so easy, impractically far from where the vehicle is parked, Someday, electrical hook-ups will be standard in parking facilities but that will take 20 years to catch-up to existing structures.
  3. Several years ago, Thai DLT offices in many provinces, especially Chang Mai and Chang Rai were swamped with Chinese doing exactly what you want to do for the same reason. The Thai DLT instituted a number of restrictions to address the problem, making it more difficult for Chinese to get Thai driving licenses.. I do not know what these restrictions were but they may apply to you so I suggest you get in touch with the DLT
  4. I had a 3500 watt Toshiba for 10 years that worked without fail. I replaced it just because I thought 10 years was long enough and replaced it with a Hitachi 4500 watt unit. Nice unit but it actually makes the water too hot, even at it's lowest setting. I have very good water flow so that's not the issue. I had to run a second cold water supply line into the shower hose to cool it off enough to be comfortable.
  5. MIUI 12 update for my MI9T arrived today (July 29, 20) About 20 minutes total to download and update. Going to watch a few YT videos about MIUI 12 before messing with it.
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