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  1. I've been consulting with and getting cortisone injections in both knees from Dr. Somchai Kuptniratsaikul at Bangkok Christian Hospital in Silom. BCH is an older but excellent facility with a terrific staff and very reasonable rates. Appointments are not necessary, just walk in with your passport in hand. Cortisone gives me 4 to 5 months of pretty effective pain relief. I did investigate Hyaloric Acid (Synvisc) but it requires 3 separate injections per knee, each a week apart; total cost B25K per knee. I have a friend who got the same series of shots in his knees in a hospital in Samut Sakorn for about half that cost but it would be a long trek. Maybe next time.
  2. Thanks, Kwasaki. My Thai niece has an interest in working for the Customs Department so I was wondering what pathways to such employment exist. I'm sure having a relative in a ranking position is still the easier path.
  3. The Crucial BX500 240gb SATA 2.5 SSD that I ordered from Lazada for my nieces Lenovo G480 arrived just now as I was reading this thread. Talk about timing. It was indexed on Crucial's website as compatible for the G480. Should I have any worries?
  4. My niece has an older Lenovo G480 4gb ram and 500gb HD. I just ordered new RAM (4gb X 2), max for her model and a 240gb SSD. Are you saying that it will be difficult to clone to the 240gb SSD destination drive from the old 500gb drive in the laptop? If yes, is there a workaround? I really don't want to have to lug this old monster to a shop and ask it to install and clone an SSD I purchased on Lazada. Bit awkward, that.
  5. Does Thailand have a general Civil Service Exam? If yes, is it regularly scheduled or irregular? How much weight does it carry in getting people jobs or do connections and patronage prevail? Any other knowledge about it appreciated.
  6. Call 3BB customer Service and tell them you want to cancel your service because True made you a much better offer. 3BB will quickly offer you a comparable deal. Also, if you read the True offer closely, you will probably find it's a limited time offer, like perhaps six months, then double the price.
  7. Brings to mind a truckers strike in the US some years ago. Strikers stood on overpasses with cinderblocks tied to a rope, the other end tied to the railing. The rope length was measured to put the block directly into the windshield of any trucks passing beneath the overpass. Labor strikes have a way of bringing out the brutal, ugly side of what are normally decent people.
  8. Like police everywhere, the RTP certainly have networks for back channel information. Boiler room gangs don't bring this much computer equipment with them. Without thinking about it too much, they probably bought a bunch of their necessary gear locally. It's not unlikely the police get calls from vendors wanting to stay in their good graces when large purchases, like ten+ desktop units, are made by foreigners, with delivery to a house, not a business location. That info alone might not mean a raid but it does put a pin in a map and a bring on a bit of scrutiny.
  9. Boots has a very expensive brand they will always pull out first when asked for ibuprofin. One must argue a bit and physically point to the inexpensive alternatives on the lower shelf. They will make one last attempt to sell the expensive one..."This much better"
  10. When I was 15 years old, some friends and I did essentially the same stupid thing, except we tossed large tomatoes purloined from a nearby garden. The effect on an automobile windshield going 60 mph was about the same as a rock. There was a dis-used overpass spanning a highway and we thought it great fun, hearing the brakes squeal and laughing our dumb asses off as we ran away. We were fortunate and nobody was hurt but we later learned that man had almost lost control with his wife and several kids in the car. My friends came by the next evening wanting me to go back to the bridge with them and do it again. For some reason still unknown to me, I declined and stayed home. The cops figured we'd be back and were waiting by the bridge and nailed them all. They all had to go to court and pay restitution. They kept my name out of it but I had to kick in all my summer savings to pay my share. Still makes me shudder when I think about it; just so pointlessly stupid. Somebody could easily have been badly injured or perhaps even killed but that appalling possibility never even entered our minds. "Why did you do it?" the judge asked my friends. "Don't know" they replied "Just for laughs" I still have no idea why I thought it was fun.
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