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  1. Search function failed to find this. What is the Immigration website for appointments for Retirement Extension renewal at Chang Wattana? Also, is the Kasikorn Bank branch in the basement of CW still open?
  2. And why do you presume that I, as the OP, had not planned properly? Perhaps if you read the original post again you might understand that I was not asking about ATM fees, but about a specific option asked by a Kasikorn ATM about how the currency conversion would be calculated. That is a question completely apart from transaction fees. I actually have two US accounts that waive international transaction fees. I also have a Thai bank account so my planning was just fine.
  3. A Kasikorn ATM is handiest to my apartment. Whenever I withdraw Baht using my US based debit card, before completing the transaction, it asks do I want to convert to Thai Baht or Dollars. I think this has something to do with conversion rates but I don't have a clue which option is better to select. Anybody know what I'm asking about?
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