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  1. Lazada webpage has been hinky lately. For instance, the "Login" button doesn't work for me. I have to go to "Register", then the login option on that page which does work. I also can not pull-up "Order history" beyond the last 5 orders. Often, when I change a page, I get a stupid Chinese page that I can't back out of, have to close the tab to exit it. Often when I'm using my wireless keyboard (USB), initial keystrokes won't register. Only happens when I've been on for more than an hour. If I slap it against my legs it usually starts working so I assume battery connection
  2. My TOT landline stopped working a year ago, TOT blamed my building, building blamed TOT. Despite no service, I kept getting a bill every month with a phone rental charge. Account was in my former gf's name and only she could close it. Unfortunately, she lives in Koh Samui and I'm in Bangkok. She finally visited a few weeks ago so we went to the local TOT office to close the account. I brought along the old phone. TOT insisted we pay the outstanding phone rental balance; about B800. If it had been only me, I would have told them to go fish but she didn't want trouble with them in the future
  3. dddave


    https://www.bangkokbobs.com/ Perhaps here.
  4. The old "Mega Plaza" near Chinatown (Sam Yot MRT). Mostly wholesale toys on first 3 floors and camera gear on 4th but several "gun" stalls scattered around. Many replicas and air guns on display.
  5. There are a few Indian "Fast Food" stands around the "W" food district in Phra Khanong. One is a kiosk at the "W" entrance off Sukhumvit, next to "Prime Burger", Opens around noon. The other is within the "W" food court and open in the evening. I'm no judge of Indian food so I can't speak of the quality.
  6. Bangkok Taxi Co-operative 0 2880 0888 Charoenmueng Radio Network 0 2215 1584 Nakornchai Taxi Radio Network 0 2878 9000
  7. While on the topic, I renewed my Retirement Extension this past March using the 800K deposit method. I let it sit untouched for the required 3 months and have since withdrawn a small part of it. When do I have to bring it back to the 800K level, two or three months before renewal?
  8. Years ago, I lived in Kut Chap, Udon Thani on the road to Nong Bua Lamphu. My long motorbike journeys on that road, into Nong Bua Lamphu and Loei are among my favorite memories as indeed you are correct: it is perhaps one of the most beautiful natural areas, yet unspoiled, in the Kingdom.
  9. One of the most interesting men in the motorcycle world for me in the 90s was Allen Millyard, a master machinist/mechanic who would split 2 engines and join them into 1, using nothing but hand tools. He would often appear at weekend motorcycle events, usually in the UK and over the course of the weekend, publicly work his magic. I attended such a show when he made an appearance in the US and created a 6 cylinder engine out of 2 fours. Files, hacksaws, hammers; not an electric machine in his bag. Amazing to watch. Apparently, he is still active.
  10. Really an issue everywhere as more people try to save money by having complicated cosmetic, dental and other surgical procedures done in clinic settings rather than hospitals. Most clinics aren't equipped with life support equipment nor staff fully trained in emergency medicine. If something goes wrong: an allergic reaction to anesthesia, heart stoppage, shock, ect., the patient can be in big trouble as all most clinics can do is call an ambulance and send the patient to a hospital EW.
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