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  1. I'm seeking a US qualified tax accountant in the Bangkok area but if necessary, can travel outside the area. My tax issue is regarding Mutual and ETF funds recently inherited from the distribution of a trust fund. Please PM me.
  2. dddave


    I've read that it's become very hard for Russians to maintain the condos they bought prior to the crash because Russia imposed very strict controls on the Ruble making it very difficult for them to transfer money for maintenance and other fees. Apparently one of the reason so many condos are on the market in Jomtien.
  3. I know if I need to make any changes to my BKB account, like a changed passport number or address, I must do it at the branch where I opened my account. There is a way to apply for a change of branch but it takes time and must be done internally. The account holder can't walk it through.
  4. In reality, not top 50 material but "The Lavender Hill Mob" and "It's A Mad, Mad World" made me laugh like no others. I would think "Ben Hur", just on the strength of it's spectacle would have found a place on this list. One of my all time favorites, a quiet WW2 film: "The Man Who Never Was" with Clifton Webb. I can't say why but it got to me.
  5. I don't know about other nationalities but US citizens can now get a passport card along with a normal passport when renewing or replacing a passport. The card is credit card size and has all the details of the pp front page except, for some reason, the passport number is not the same. It is an official document. It's not valid for international travel except between US and Canada/Mexico. It costs an additional $25 but I figured it was worth it and now keep that with me when I venture out. I have yet to have opportunity to test it with the BiB.
  6. Do you know for certain that the E-Visa is accepted at Ko Kong? I think there are some land border crossings where it is not valid. Ko Kong has long seemed like it's own principality, operating under it's own rules.
  7. The Cambodian government has warned that they are getting many complaints of fraudulent internet sites claiming to sell e-visas and not delivering genuine e-visas or sometimes overcharging by 300% and more. Even www.cambodiaimmigration.org was found to be fraudulent. The only official Government visa issuing site is www.evisa.gov.kh
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