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  1. When they finally brought the wife to trial 6 or 7 years ago it came out that the victims Dutch family had been relentlessly pressuring the Dutch Government to pressure Thailand. As I recall, a couple of trade deals with the Netherlands which were important to Thailand were stalled and forced Thailand to bring the case through. This case always amazed me because here was a Thai girl who had truly hit the jackpot. At the time of the murder, they were the wealthiest Expat/Thai couple in Chonbury. She literally had everything every girl in Pattaya dreams of but it just wasn't enough. This case should be required reading for any expat that thinks his TGF will love him forever if he just builds her a house and buys her a car.
  2. A friend tried to do this, acting as executor for a neighbor who died. He left a Thai will stipulating that his partner was to receive all assets including bank balances remaining. The bank put up every roadblock imaginable, demanding documents from the deceased that they never informed him about when he sought information for his will. They blatantly stonewalled him at every turn till he finally had to give-up and the beneficiary had to hire his own lawyer. Whether or not he successfully pried any money out of the bank my friend does not know. It very much seems that local banking institution have very murky protocols when it comes to handling a deceased depositors assets.
  3. Kluanamthai can be a nightmare. It is not a well run hospital and the staff are as unhelpful as any could be. We took my GF's mother there for treatment of multiple ailments because it was close to where we lived. It did not take us long to realize our mistake. Doctors were cursory and dismissive of any attempt to gain information. Record keeping was non-existent, thus we were never able to get reimbursement from her regional hospital insurance. When, like you we changed hospitals we were unable to get any accurate records of her treatment. Itemization of bills was incoherent and arbitrary. To be avoided.
  4. Your computer probably defaulted to the wrong time zone or automatic time change was activated. Check your date/time settings
  5. Just come and get a cheap hotel for a month or so. Explore the city and find a neighborhood that appeals to you. There are many apps available that will help find a room once you know where you want to live. Keep in mind, any room or apartment you find will require 3 months rent to get started: 2 months security and first month.
  6. That's the professional skill that defines con-men (or con-woman). They have the knack for getting through the surprisingly thin defensive barrier most people have. They prey on the fact most people find it difficult to tell another person they don't trust them.
  7. Thai customs knows professional gear from tourist stuff and one needs a documented reason to bring it in. There are a lot of French production companies working here already but they all use Thai location staff: camera., lighting, casting, costume, AD's on down. There is a large production equipment rental infrastructure in Thailand but like all professional rental providers they will require documentation and insurance. Your chances of slipping under the radar are pretty slim.
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