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  1. I emailed Bangkok Christian Hospital, Bangkok yesterday asking if they had established a waiting list and if they had any plans to offer the Moderna Vaccine. I received the following reply this morning: " For the foreign residents in Thailand, we’re waiting for the government confirmation and announcement from the Ministry of Public Health about the policy, sigh - up process and timeline for COVID-19 vaccination in private hospital. Sorry that we don't have Moderna."
  2. I had ridden motorcycles since I was 17 and thought I knew everything. When I was in my 40s, my home state promised a 50% cost reduction for mandated insurance if a rider had taken an approved motorcycle safety course: a full two day course by a certified instructor on a closed circuit, not a classroom course. I knew I'd be bored because I already knew everything but took the course anyway for the insurance savings. I quickly learned I did not know how to properly brake, especially on a downhill or wet or twisty or all of the above road. I learned my situational awareness su
  3. I ordered a case of A-4 paper on Lazada: 2-4 day delivery (Bangkok) promised. On day 3, got a notification it was in the hands of a Flash driver, even gave his name and mobile number. Two full days went by, no delivery. I had a Thai speaker call his number. "Ohh, Sorry, Sorry, come today." He delivered the next day. I suspect he was waiting hopefully to get other deliveries in my area.
  4. What is really sad is that sometimes it's actually true. I forget the exact details but my then 60 year old sister flew into Orly in France only to discover her connecting flight was out of Charles DeGaul. It got worse; her wallet was gone. She didn't have enough money to get to CDG. She was really desperate and made herself ask some fellow travelers and getting the expected skeptical responses. A young woman overheard her and gave her $40. When my sister asked for her contact details so she could pay her back when she got home the woman said: Don't worry about it. S
  5. Anyone liking humorous short stories from the 19th century, check out "O' Henry" "The Ransom of Red Chief" just might be the funniest ever written.
  6. When you're in a grumpy mood, look up quotations of Oscar Wilde. Perhaps the funiest and most insightful person ever: “A good friend will always stab you in the front.” ― Oscar Wilde tags: friends-betrayal 9740 likes Like “Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood.” ― Oscar Wilde, Lord Arthur Savile's Crime and Other Stories tags: sphinx-without-a-secret 9607 likes Like “I don't want to go to heaven. None of my friends are there.” ― Oscar Wilde
  7. Many years ago, I ran to an accident scene at the end of my street. I got there just in time to witness a 12 year old girl die, crying for her mom. Never, ever again.
  8. Check the "Gutenberg Project" Many Many free, out of print books.
  9. When I had the exact same symptom some years ago, it turned out that I was passing a very small kidney stone. I was very fortunate in that there was no pain, just a dull ache for a couple of days. Urine cleared up after two days and has stayed normal since.
  10. Just picturing: One person in line at gate. 13:00: "Flight XX will now begin boarding. Please have your boarding pass and passport ready for inspection by our ground staff, 13:10: Business class and Star Alliance Gold members may board now. 13:20: Passengers with children under the age of six, passengers in wheelchairs, passengers with disabilities and passengers over 70 years old may board now. 13:30 Passengers in rows 66 thru 42 may start boarding now..........
  11. Anybody know Chan Ocha's board name? Avatar? He must be one of the grumpy BM's
  12. Odd because just last week the health ministry declared that Moderna had not yet applied for an import permit and that once application was made, it would take a month for approval. Guess just another "mis-spoke" or "taken out of contex"
  13. TGJ Great synopsis. How is TOPS for perishables: meats, dairy, ect.? Also with meats; are they pretty accurate at hitting weight targets, for instance if you ask for a 250G sirlion?
  14. It also appears that you have to do it through an individual store in your area, no central order location. Looks pretty cumbersom.
  15. Looks like Foodland has a conditional online service called "Chat & Shop" https://www.foodland.co.th/en-en/reader-68-foodland-nbsp-chat-amp-shop-delivery.html Aparently orders are done via chat through the LINE ap. Looks kind of awkward.
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