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  1. So much easier these days. Just say the name of what you want into Google on your smartphone and you'll get a picture of what you're seeking. Great at the neighborhood hardware store: " Four inch angle bracket" No pantomimes, no drawing pictures.
  2. Just holding it upside down and lightly shaking it can jog loose a surprising amount of small debris. I also periodically swipe mine with my vacuum using small upholstery brush attachment. For gunk and grease on the keys, I follow another posters advice and use cotton buds and a touch of alcohol, but not enough to drip into the works.
  3. Make sure your new glasses sit level on your head. Ears are not always exactly the same height so adjustment is sometimes needed. There are helpful eyeglass adjustment videos on You Tube. Most eyeglass shops will adjust glasses for free. Just tell them you accidently sat on them.
  4. I've lived in sight of that flare for 15+ years. It's intensity fluctuates regularly, sometimes as bright as the OP describes, sometimes barely visible.
  5. The "Muang Thong Thani" 90 day report process has been detailed previously on this forum but as the online reporting system is currently unavailable, I thought a fresh view might be helpful to those doing it for the first time. The posted hours of MTT Immigration are 08:30-16:30, Monday-Friday. Last queue number issued at 15:30. Finding the Immigration location can be a bit of a challenge. I suggest the use of Google Maps. Aim for the IMPACT exhibition hall and if you pass with the hall on your right side, about 500m. beyond it is a right turn with a small sign indicating "Immi
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