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  1. Alot of bad advice on this forum! I was told by an IRS agent that if you are on Social Security and fill out the free file fillable form all it does is delay your stimulus payment! Because it has to go thru more people before they get to the social security information. They are short people because of the china virus, so it takes longer for them to go thru all the information submitted to them! He also stated that there is no set system of who gets paid when, they pay you, when they pay you!
  2. I don't argue with democrats cause they are always right!
  3. Ask I democrat, they will tell you! They know all!
  4. You believe what you want, democrats only hear what they want to hear!
  5. When I was brought up my parents taught me that if you have nothing good to say about somebody, you are better off saying nothing! 95% of the people on this forum that are making comments here are not from the USA, so they have no knowledge what they are talking about! It is either jealousy or mr booze talking!
  6. You believe everything you read from the msm? Get ready to eat some crow coming November 3!
  7. More bad mouthing of Trump! Should I be surprised by the posters here! Why don't you man up and tell us what country you are from before bad mouthing the President of the greatest country and most powerful country in the world, so many of us can bad mouth your PM, President or dictator! Because I know President Trump is smarter and better than all of yours put together!
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