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  1. Nissan in Japan has just shut down because of component supply problems from China.
  2. You know that he lives in the US now for about the last year .with his Chinese wife and baby.?
  3. The latest news from the Daily mail UK is that they >have not got the Corona virus <
  4. Then their must not be any Chinese on board otherwise they would allow it .
  5. Correction on what i posted .He collapsed yesterday and another prisoner also got sick ,and he is being tested along with the other prisoner at HMP Bullingdon,Bister ,Oxfordshire.The result is not reported yet .
  6. It was about a prisoner repatriated from a Thai prison to a UK one who has just checked positive for the Corona or its new name Covet 19 .People can check it out for themselves .
  7. If the figures are true which i doubt its only down to luck ,and nothing the Thai government has done has helped.I am hoping that this virus struggles in a hot climate ,and that will be great for Thailand .The normal flu virus mainly hits the US and Europe in Winter.
  8. Thailands motovization is money before people. They should be protecting their own population first.
  9. Only 4 ? ,he should count himself lucky ,and as he says they can never ask again.
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