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  1. ...or dropping dead of a heart attack while shovelling deep snow.
  2. That's true, and the reason is probably because most prohibitionists are as wacky as Harry J. Anslinger. They're always good for a laugh.
  3. Have any members used the THC oil that is being produced by or for the government? This has been my recent experience: I got - it's a long story - a small eyedropper bottle of cannabis THC oil from Maharat Hospital in Chiang Mai for 1000 baht. Rather pricey I thought, but with the hope of some beneficial effects on several legit health problems I have, plus the primal desire to catch a buzz. I took the prescribed two drops under the tongue. The result was zero in mood elevation. Next day I doubled it to four drops. Still nothing. After reaching ten at the end of the wee
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