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  1. I don't believe any of it, Corbyn is innocent. And suspending him from the party means nothing, he's still an MP, he still gets a wage, expenses and a vote. If I were him, I'd be starting my own Labour break-away party, or reviving the 'Socialist Labour party', reduce their number of MPs and split their vote with the proletariat. Edited 1 hour ago by BritManToo What you been drinking what ever it is give it up
  2. Try talking to an agent, some of them might be able to swing the visa change for you. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  3. Good luck if it was me I would just buy a T.V. of the size you like not what he likes and take it with you when you move that is if you are staying long term in Thailand. I would also ask the landlord after you have bought your own TV to come and pick the old one up which you will leave in the office of the rental block you live in. That will get him off his butt he will worry some one will steal his <deleted> T.V.
  4. There for you need to take it in and probably wait agers after many phone calls to ask when it will be ready. Then to be told that the cost to fix it is nearly the same as buying a new one. I had nearly the same thing happen to my Samsung and that was the result. Strange that you will have to spend your time and effort to try and solve the problem. I think it is best to get an email confirmation from your landlord regarding when and by whom the money has to be paid to buy a new one if Samsung can not fix the lines on your old T.V
  5. Because one of them can smell a rip off job coming. Or they have had this year a bad claims record and they bottom line needs padding.
  6. Is the TV yours? if not then you will have to keep watching it till it pings and the tube goes then your landlord will keep your bond to charge you for a new one. That's the feeling I get via what he has all ready told you. He doesn't seem like a nice bloke be warned
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