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  1. Before going to Savannakhet I researched for new infos. I wanted to go for my 2nd multiple entry NON O visa based on marriage. I found contradicting remarks about what to hand in precisely. So here you get the list, of what I, citizen of Switzerland, handed in. Guess it will be the same for all Western countries. Here's precisely what I handed in: Form downloaded from here - I just handed in the front-page. Two passport photos glued to the form - The photos were slightly bigger than the rectangles on the form. It wasn't a problem. Original marriage certificate - They just have a quick glance at it and return it to you afterwards. Copy of marriage certificate signed only by my wife Copy of my wife's ID card front and back side on one piece of paper, signed by her Copy of all tabien baan pages, each page copy signed by my wife - just the inside pages, a copy of the cover is not necessary My passport Copy of the personal details page of my passport signed by me 5000 Baht - I mentioned I want multiple entry as this option can't be ticked anywhere on the form Next day I picked up the visa. The sticker has a new design. Lessons learned this time: Never go for a new visa just after Songkhran. I waited 1:50 hours to hand in my visa application - I was number 75 - and 50 minutes to immigrate to Thailand at the Friendship bridge II - both in the current summer heat, but even hotter than in Bangkok. I hope this helps Best regards to all
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