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  1. Because it was not a Non O Visa. It was an extension of stay. WRONG!!! 7 day grace period is ONLY for 90 reporting, like if you have a visa or extension of stay for a years period, but you have to report your address every 90 days. There is no grace period for extension of stay. So one person is saying that you get the grace period on extension of stay and another says there is no grace period for an extension of stay.
  2. You said ''if you have a visa or extension of stay for a year period'' so there is visa which required to report your address and visa which required to leave the country? ''There is no grace period for extension of stay.'' but I don't think mine is an extension of stay, I got a visa non O 8 months ago.
  3. So I'm actually not doing a 90 report (to report my address) but simply leaving the country every 90 days or getting extension of 60 days. Anyway it went very well today, the immigration officers are very nice, in Ratchaburi as well.
  4. leaving now, thanks for your wishes, I think that's my first overstay in years.
  5. Htee Khee Should I show 20 000 because of the overstay?
  6. What kind of problem could I get at the immigration border apart from the fine?
  7. Thanks for the advise, I learnt to avoid to argue at the immigration, could lead to some serious problems. So far I don't remember getting any problem, I will pay for my mistake no problem.
  8. so if I understand well, this 7 days grace period work only for extension of stay, not for the first year visa.
  9. you realize that you were stating that you can't report at the immigration in thailand, which is wrong, doesn't make you humble. However I understand now that the 7 days grace period is allowed only for extension of stay not for a visa.
  10. have to pay also at the immigration in Ratchaburi, just wanted to see if at the border it could be different and check the law before. Not a huge deal if I have to pay anyway, next time I won't push the time.
  11. so why did I get this grace period before when I was on non O marriage with 400 000?
  12. I think you miss the part where I explain that I can and I did, I reported there and had to report again 60 days later, then have to leave the country, so this time I can do it here too I just prefer to try the border.
  13. I'm not doing it online, I'm going to the border today but yesterday at the immigration in Ratchaburi I could make my report but I prefer to try at the border and see if I can avoid the fine. So there is 7 days allowed, they were saying that it works only for some type of visa.
  14. so even the immigration bureau is wrong? " The notification must be made within 15 days before or after 7 days the period of 90 days expires" or maybe it's because I call it grace period. So I reformulate my question, is there specific visa for which the 7 days are not allowed?
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