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  1. Ask google whats to see and do. Akso look trip advisor
  2. Just write to them and ask fir a forcast like i did
  3. Girlfriend material, speaks english, has a job. Does not smoke drinks nit noy. Has no kids. Has brothers and sisters. My gf who became my wife worked sisters english school and internet cafe. Worked hard. No children. Not smoke or drink. 15 years still love each other and she now knows the world . How anybody can marry bar/massage girl i dont know. Had children. Smokes etc. Each to their own.
  4. I agree at least driver died not to do again. Change visa rules so these visa runs will stop. That will save lives.
  5. The other side to a story like this........ Around 13 years ago i applied to usa embassy for a 6 month visa for my wife going to disney with me i have a uk passport, no problem. So 10 years ago i wanted to show her las vegas, grand canyon, yoesimite etc so applied for a 2 or 3 year visa i forget but on return of passport she got 10 year visa. This visa expires in 1 weeks time so we enjoyed our last trip to the sierra mountain range and around in may and saw lots of snow and new places we not see before. Thank you America.
  6. Is there never an end to the way thais try to rip off anybody. Take taxi licence away for life. Crush his taxi. Fine him more than 500 baht and 3 stupid wai's. This is not one of your troll posts you like to block, its from somebody who reads what you post and hates all this corruption every day
  7. Atyclb yes i get bored. I dont smoke. Go to bar once a month for 1 drink. To stop being so bored i download music and my tv programs. Go big tesco once a week and central another day. Go for a 30 scooter ride or have a little computer surf. Thats it really. Plan for big holidays. Last year S. A. And this year 4 weeks USA already. If long haul fly business. Try to see movie once a week but cant stand all this cartoon stuff apart from disney. Hate spiderman or the like. Bkk has a motorshow, also go paragon, mbk, and icon siam for a break. Kings palace. Have you seen bali yet and do the bicycle ride 26 klms down. Ankor wat and see the culture village. Halon bay vietnam. Take up cooking, i now bake my bread so easy. Yes it is boring, so many places to see in uk. BUT it beats being dead. Go for massage or you and she go for leg massage.
  8. What crap your headline. This points system will not change thai attitude. I guess many living here are still regestered in their village. Where will they send the fine to. School holidays many kids going mad on bikes underage, where are the police. If its raining inside 55555. Total waste of time.
  9. I was booked in last xmas and new year fir 10 nights. Stayed 4 nights. Its a dump
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