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  1. Very disgusting and discriminating this announcement. As foreign government should give a travel warning, because of discrimination. But the real cause of the virus, the Chinese CCP are highly invited. Wow, sounds very stupid.
  2. Its all very strange...... The Thai Central Bank has control over the exchange rate, even thought I have seen over the last 12 month so many many shop shut down because of bad economy, the tourist industry went downwards, but they still keep the Baht up. Actually the Thai Baht should be 50 Baht for 1 US$. I do not understand the number of economy down of only 5 or 8 %, even I have studied this subject in university, I can not believe it. But I do believe these numbers are made up to please some superiors. I would say the number of GDP is more around minus 60%, because of the impact to the indirect businesses of tourism e.g. Restaurants, tour operators, clothes sales etc. Since this is an Military government, who are not the smartest when it comes to economy, I do believe it will take much longer to recover. Further, many tourist will move to other destinations, where they are more welcome and not cheated with dual pricing on any corner. Hey Thailand, wake up!!! Lower the Baht value, stop dual pricing, stop all these disgusting immigration regulation which are boyond sence and treat foreigner with more respect. Then they might come back.
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