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  1. I would recommend everybody to complain to their Embassy. Over and over again. That is racist and discrimination. Countries who do like that, should be banned from international trade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I use all OEM Windows 10. But I saw in many government school and even on Kasikorn ATM fake windows message.
  3. Actually, there is no reason to go for a holiday in Thailand. Talking straight. There are more interesting countries. The service in many countries is much better than here, a lot of people are to busy with playing Facebook. The prices are also better than many rip off prices in Thailand. Not to forget the dual prizing and the newest dual prizing on health insurance. So, if you are looking for girls, there are nice girls everywhere. Many other countries are also cleaner and less polluted. Finally, the exchange rate for the Euro, Dollar to Baht is worst. So, I would not choose Thailand.
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