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  1. As long as a culture is unable to accept criticism and learn from it, the situation will not improve or change for the better. Just remember how the history books of Thailand were falsified. Thailand is still in the Stone Age. Unfortunately.
  2. OMG So stupid..... 30 years ago I got a book. There was already written, the main problem of this is, there are not enough trees in Thailand. All these useless action does and will not solve it. Look!!! One singe average tree if able to absorb 500 liter of water per day. During the last decades they even cut down more and more trees. They should not spend so much money on useless thing, rather then buy and plant million and million of trees allover the country.
  3. Even thought, for topup BTS card ask for an ID. Crazy!!!!! That slows down the process. So stupid!!!!!!!!!!
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