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  1. Let’s hope all those who have worked with and for the western powers, along with every single member of their families who want it, are given immediate and condition free asylum in the nations they helped.
  2. This why the taliban will take over the country once the USA troops get gone.
  3. From the linked article “Neon, the studio that distributed Parasite in the US, responded to Trump’s dig on Twitter with a dig of its own: “Understandable, he can’t read.” Bravo. Of all the ripostes possible that is of the utmost quality. On a level of intelligence and humour that trumps twitter and rally BS ranting can never hope to achieve. Kudos.
  4. Amazing how a thread about a murdering scumbag piece of filth becomes an excuse for many to launch their tirades against Islam. Beam me up, Scotty.
  5. Not facts, something pretending to be such to hide what it really is.
  6. Poor, lazy people eh... You’ve switched from the West to Thailand- but your social Darwinism BS remains.
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