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  1. While a good move, I am at a loss as to why such things were not included under its hate speech policy and removed in the past.
  2. Ran that six or seven years ago. Best marathon (well half marathon, knees not up to full distance anymore) I’ve ever taken part in.
  3. Wouldn’t worry about it trump. Highly unlikely you will be in any position to affect G7 meetings and who attends once November has passed.
  4. Ah huh...yeah finding out facts about the global refugee crisis through reading properly researched data is time consuming.
  5. I’ve posted links to the current worldwide refugee crisis. Read them and you’ll see the figures and facts I’ve discussed.
  6. I will not repost anything. The current refugee crisis is a world wide one. However here is some interesting reading, particularly the observation on how stats regarding gender are collected. https://blogs.lse.ac.uk/politicsandpolicy/refugees-and-integration-in-the-uk-the-role-of-gender/ No info on percentage of refugee children in it though
  7. No, I am pointing out the facts that expose false claims being peddled about the current refugee crisis.
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