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  1. Netflix series, Dirty Money, shows how complicit HSBC franchises were in ignoring money laundering.
  2. Some of us watch what we eat and exercise...sagging is a lifestyle choice I reject...
  3. Nothing wrong with tattoos, just make sure you get what you want...do your research first.
  4. So you agree it was wrong of republicans to block President Obama's choice for the nearly the entirety of 2016?
  5. It is good to see the states recognise and reject trump’s attempts to manipulate the advice given by bodies such as the cdc. Bravo cdc on returning to the fold of sanity and science based advice.
  6. No, that’s what you tell yourself because the truth is too much for you to handle.
  7. The head of your governments legal department resigned because of what you say you are going to do. That is telling.
  8. Call it what you want, won’t change the fact you are breaking international law with your attempt to undermine a treaty you willingly signed and passed in your parliament.
  9. You signed the WA. You knew all that it contained. If you didn’t then that is crass incompetence. Honour the treaty you willingly signed.
  10. Ah brexiteers, all for the rule of law except when it means they don't get their way. As for referring to Ireland, that is fine, lying false malicious claims are another matter.
  11. As long as Eire and the english attempts to undermine the Good Friday Agreement are involved I will put forth my views. You signed the WA, you passed it through your brexiteer parliament and you are breaking international law by undermining it. Stop whining and honour your treaty obligations.
  12. Rule Britannia was always going to be played at the proms.
  13. You don't think trump, you just say whatever fits your current bs agenda.
  14. Nah, I’ll just stick to what I said, no means no...rapists are scum...lock them all up.
  15. metoo campaigned perfectly and the scum who raped are being dragged down and locked away as all rapists should be.
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