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  1. Just let the man do his job he was elected to do. The Dems dont really understand the democratic proccess and will go to any lengths to try to dicredit Trump. I will just add i am not American just an outsiders view.
  2. There is more to it than just 50,000baht. Sorry about you loss i have heard many simular stories off other farang while living up in issan for the past 8 years. None of those went out shooting and killing innocent people.
  3. Indeed it is!, And it will take many many more Hypothosis to come up with any rational reason why he did this.
  4. I believe he had pre planned all this and mulled over what he will do if they refuse to pay up this time. Once he had shot them both he knew he was a dead man walking, And rather than finish it there and then with a bullet to his head decided to go out and kill as many as he could. He was not mental or unstable he is a cold blooded trained killer.
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