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  1. I hope he does come good and takes his chance when he gets in the team. Really we should not be talking about him coming good or taking his chance he is paid superstar wages.
  2. We are light on up front we might as well keep him until January. Let's hope he does come good and shows commitment like he does for Chile.
  3. But they keep telling us Tourists are coming, The Baht is not hurting businesses. Yes keep waiting for high season to come to pay for you 6.5 billion loss good luck with that, And the cutting of policy interest rate by 0.25% will not help one iota.
  4. He was asking people to shoot him in the head as he wants to die and also screaming Allahu Akbar, Seems he is another brain washed religious follower.
  5. Up here in Khonkaen T21 has a big plot put aside for a T21. Been a few years just sitting there waiting I hope they do it soon.
  6. Thats what amazes me they drive all the way from Bangkok and then go and visit the exact same shopping Malls they have in Bangkok
  7. Pogba is staying Madrid don't have the money to make Pogbas dream move happen they are more interested in Neymar.
  8. All said and good but it is just at holiday time, The rest of the time it is dead.
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