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  1. Does it actually work to log on to your account? I tried 0066.... in the past and it accepted it, but then it changed all by itself to something incomprehensible.
  2. Last time I asked they said they didn't support non-UK numbers.
  3. One of the single most difficult things to do in the 'lectrical world is to "prove dead". It's easy to show that something is there, but amazingly difficult to show that it isn't.
  4. I've had spuds in the past that look perfect on the outside, passing inspection by Madam before getting baked. Upon opening they're nasty and rotted. I've never had "all" the spuds in a batch like that, but if that's really what you found take them back.
  5. Your tester might have shown "hot" if you'd unplugged everything. I had a similar issue (no bang) with a shower in the UK many years back. With the shower off the incoming supply terminals read 230V as expected, but when the shower was turned on it collapsed to as close to zero as makes no odds. Checking at the other end of the supply cable showed a nice steady 230V. Evidently high resistance somewhere. Turned out that the previous owner had installed the shower himself and taken a feed off the cooker cable by pulling the cooker cable back into the attic and re-routing to the shower. Unfortunately the cable wasn't quite long enough so he'd used about a metre of 1.5mm2 flex, which was nicely hidden under the loft insulation where it had overheated and finally burned through leaving a trace of carbonised PVC enough to light up my meter. I have no idea how long the 9kW (40A) shower had been fizzing away on that 16A cable.
  6. Possibly. Or it may smoke the timer, batteries and power supply. Have you checked the current drawn by the timer? It may be a lot less than you think. If you really want to go mains powered you'll need a power supply around 5V (a USB charger would do the trick) and a current limiting resistor of about 100 ohms, I'd stick a low current diode (1N4148) in series too so when the power is off your batteries aren't feeding back into the power supply. The resistor will limit the charge current to the batteries to around 20mA which should keep them topped off without over-charging.
  7. Crappy joint up in the ceiling somewhere went high-resistance causing your pumps etc. to stop. Whilst cutting you shorted the (sort of dead) L to the N which was enough to "fix" the joint, resulting an a nice pop. Should have turned the breaker off anyway.
  8. Yeah. Me too. Techies looking into it.
  9. You may never have heard his name, but you have certainly used his inventions. Larry Tesler, an icon of early computing, has died at the age of 74. Mr Tesler started working in Silicon Valley in the early 1960s, at a time when computers were inaccessible to the vast majority of people. It was thanks to his innovations - which included the "cut", "copy" and "paste" commands - that the personal computer became simple to learn and use. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-51567695
  10. Pretty much. The system actually starts making power at about 7AM and makes its last watt at 5.30PM. Peak output is, predictably, around noon.
  11. Yeah, it will be interesting to see how it goes in the wet. We have 8 * 300W panels with 2 * 600W and 1 * 1200W micro-inverters so rated power of 2400W, Max generated power is in the region of 1.7kW (had to hunt by hand, the Kaidaeng software isn't big on analysis facilities).
  12. For the 8 panels, inverters, "misc" plus the labour about 50k Baht all in (not including the car port itself). So it should have paid for itself after about 4 years.
  13. How's the flow rate? How about if you dial down the heat control? That unit doesn't appear to be a multipoint, so it's not really intended to drive via a mixer. Can you hook the shower directly to the outlet? Does it work any better?
  14. My lady says:- Point 1 Must apply in person. Point 2 Should apply for non-ed. No warranty implied or inferred.
  15. Theoretically, yes. But 99% of new builds have buried wiring and pass the "inspection" with no issue and no lubrication. It won't be an issue for our OP as he's doing a re-furb, unless he intends changing the meter when the man may want to have a look.
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