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  1. I wouldn't bother with an agent. Any of the inspection places (blue and yellow cogwheel sign) will sort your inspection, compulsory insurance and road tax for a nominal fee. You will need your original vehicle registration book. Unless there is something awry with your registration etc. there should be no need to trek to CR. Did your agent say why he thought you needed to go to CR?
  2. Captains log - Still won't flush, I'll try again later. We have the 4.2L loos upstairs, mainly because Madam liked the style. The occasional mega-load needs a double (bum gun to pre-mangle), but we are both mostly pretty dainty on the poo side so no real issues.
  3. I'd be tempted to do a "proper job". A couple of 150W panels in parallel on the roof (a single 300W may over-volt that controller), 50Ah x 24V (or 100Ah x 12V) of LiFePO4 batteries and a 24V/12V x 500W inverter. That would allow you to run all manner of small 220V stuff with no mucking about and shouldn't break the bank.
  4. Coz the Thai way is to use singles in conduit and use VAF for surface wiring. Just use it in conduit it will be fine, the larger sizes might be a bit of a wrestle to get in. It's also OK to drape across your suspended ceiling unprotected.
  5. OK, that wall charger looks like it might have some "smarts", at the very least it's going to be a constant-current charger. It's very easy to kill lithium batteries with poor charging technique. To be safe I think I'd get a small inverter and a small 12V battery and run the wall charger off the inverter. Then use solar to charge the 12V battery. I suspect that panel will be way too small, can you measure the output voltage of the panel in full sun please and let us have the dimensions of the panel (so we can work out its power output).
  6. What voltage is your solar panel? These controllers need a battery in order to determine their output voltage but your brush-cutter battery ought to work so long as it's not completely flat. Can you post a photo of the rating plate of the wall charger please, I'm a little concerned with the output voltage.
  7. It can still be difficult to get "out in the sticks", the big-box places tend to have it nowadays. The stuff you want is VAF-G https://www.bangkokcable.com/system/product/file_upload/210524_300!500V 70C VAF-G 2C_Rev04.PDF What's confusing is that is is still often labelled as "2 core". Nobody will care but your UK T&E with a bare, reduced CSA, earth is actually illegal here.
  8. Morning Colin. Something has gone awry with your attachments Yes, others have reported "mysterious" discounts, but the official roolz have the April consumption as the baseline with any discount made to consumption above that. Unless you are a very small user of electricity (<150 units).
  9. Yup ^^^, with no direct sunlight I doubt tinting your windows will help much, unless you want additional privacy. Keeping the cold air "upstairs" is going to be your priority, even a reasonably heavy curtain should help a lot (and be far easier than a door). You could also try gradually increasing the temperature to acclimatise to hotter weather. After 17 years we run our A/C at 28C any colder and Madam rolls up in the comforter.
  10. Yup, as predicted, consumption less than April so zero discount
  11. If you wish such a rule to be imposed please start a poll in the same way we do if someone suggests a new forum. Meanwhile since this is a 12 year old thread I'm going to close it unless someone has a really good reason to re-open.
  12. It's horses for courses. My streaming service only allows one device, so I run it on my tablet for bedroom use (cricket whilst Madam is watching the soaps). I use a Chromecast and a TV with built-in Chromecast to watch in the non-bedroom locations. It works for me, but YMMV.
  13. And at this point this discussion ends. Please do NOT start another thread on the same subject.
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