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  1. Now I know it's a bike, moved to Motorcycling.
  2. I think we may be too far from any of the ULF transmitters, the Chinese ones may work. But with the wide availability of internet connections and NTP servers all over the world I suspect they will die out.
  3. Indeed. I'm confident that we don't have any borrowed neutrals, I supervised the installation myself. Unknown electrical system, main breaker off before mucking around. Even that isn't an absolute guarantee as many A/C and water heater installers hook on to the incoming cables if they are more convenient than the distribution board Voltstick / neon before fingers on every wire.
  4. I'm assuming that the lights are on separate switches rather than separate breakers so it's not a borrowed neutral. No risk of a disconnected neutral becoming unexpectedly live if the breaker is off.
  5. I have never come across a domestic grid-tie inverter that did not have built-in island protection so there's no hazard to the linemen. There are millions of this type of system operating on planet earth. Our OP's inverter is also on the list of PEA approved inverters https://www.pea.co.th/Portals/0/Document/vspp/PQM/PEA_Inverter_List_20200611.pdf No advantage to using a 3-phase inverter, the meter will still measure the nett energy used (or exported if running backwards).
  6. The "holes" in some PVC boxes aren't knock-out. I always drill mine using a spade bit intended for wood, but just cut out should be OK.
  7. Nah, turn it off then on again is more effective in my experience. Of course the volatile memory could then forget everything ...
  8. Is the TV a Sharp by any chance? We have a 45" Sharp in the lounge which turns itself on at seemingly random times, could be supply fluctuations but I really have no idea why. Nothing else in the house does it.
  9. A mid-size saloon/small SUV with a range of around 300km would suit our lifestyle at least for the forseeable future. I commute 50km daily, we don't do long road trips and we have a diesel pickup for those bulky items. Madam has already told me she doesn't want a hybrid (her reasoning follows Thai logic but I agree with the conclusion), it's electric or diesel. We have a charging space and space for more solar, all we need now is a sensibly priced vehicle.
  10. It also requires a Thailand centric, apolitical topic to survive in "General".
  11. We don't have RiR's, just the regular red "factory" hens from the market, we also have "Bruiser" our roo of the same type. When Madam wants more hens she just sticks some eggs in the incubator. Our chooks are of the type where the male chicks are a vastly different colour to the girls so sexing them is easy. Bruiser was actually free, our grand-daughter was given three "lucky" chicks, they had been dyed various colours. My first comment was "they are all boys, if they were girls they wouldn't have been given away. Of course we ended up looking after these chicks once the novelty wore off, two didn't make it, the third grew into the biggest white roo I've ever seen. He's getting old now, but still does his "job" with the girls. We will miss him when he's gone.
  12. A clue as to what this "spam" is, where it's going and where it's coming from would be handy in determining if we can do anything about it. A couple of samples/screenshots would help.
  13. It's sounding more and more like a N-E leakage issue. Time to pop off all your outlets and light switches (start with the outside ones) and look for and remove any infiltators, spiders (webs) and ants are the favourite instigators.
  14. From the same report the UK has 43% excess deaths! I know where I'd rather be right now despite the risk of being flattened by a bus.
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