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  1. We know, we know!! Sadly I can't give you anything further
  2. Wellll, if he doesn't and there is, it's going to be his headache (and they can be a nightmare to find). Rule No-1 of doing anything electrical. Test for issues first, do the job (after fixing the issues), test again. EDIT Is this the same chap who recommended "doing nothing"?
  3. Nah, just use a fan to blow away the smoke On a serious note, the Thai plugs, even the good ones do get pretty warm (ok hot) when loaded at 16A continuously. Flipping the coin, our 5.5kVA (25A @ 220V) genset has two Schuko outlets. I've only ever hooked up one of them. It was supposed to be a temporary job but since the plug/socket is showing no signs of stress after 5+ years it's never been changed. I even bought a 32A Commando outlet and plug to use, it's still on the shelf.
  4. Make sure he tests for no N-E fault/connection downstream of the main breaker BEFORE he installs the new unit. At least then you will still have power whilst he looks for the fault.
  5. "I" didn't, but Madam visited the local PEA office. Like I noted, even the supervisors were in on the game, nothing surreptitious, just business as usual.
  6. They don't, officially. But many of their (mostly highly competent) staff will moonlight. Slightly larger case. We had our four poles from the road to the house installed by chaps driving a PEA truck, wearing PEA uniforms, the poles are stamped "PEA". Of course this was done on a Sunday and a cash payment made Everyone is in on the act. The PEA inspector who checked our installation noted that the drops between poles were uneven and told them to come back to fix it.
  7. It's 16A max load per outlet, but (just like the UK) a double is not rated for full load on both outlets simultaneously. The 20A breaker will limit you to a total load of 20A on a double. IIRC a UK double is rated for a total load of 20A split between the two outlets.
  8. Yeah, 16A on a regular outlet. Should be wired in 2.5mm2 cable with a 20A breaker. They do get a little warm @ 16A. All my high current tools have Schuko plugs and the correct outlet. They too are rated at 16A, evidently German Amps are different to Thai Amps.
  9. Neither would I, but I'm not them, they are definitely on a budget. Of course the whole thing revolves around school holidays = increased fares. A quick look at Skyscanner puts UIA @ 1763 squid for the 4 of them for their dates. Next cheapest one-stopper is Finnair @ 1856 squid. I know who i would rather fly with Cheapest non-stop looks like BA @ 3415 squid for the 4.
  10. No problem, glad to be of service. Here's the Haco catalog (122MB download mind) HACO - General Catalog.pdf Or here http://fliphtml5.com/webc/ohjq The bits in question are the Master Series starting on page 47, the ideal thing for you is M4-U20 on page 49, exactly what I posted without the 2-pin. You may need your man to order for you.
  11. Ditto apart from a vanishingly small state pension when I eventually retire. If the wheel comes off the pound (it likely won't) I'll be buying sterling like there's no tomorrow.
  12. That may well have been me I never found out what had gone wrong with the original rod, but its replacement seems to be surviving ok (it's in an earth pit where I can inspect it). Copper-clad steel should last a long time, but maybe a nick in the copper which exposes the steel could cause corrosion issues. It can't hurt to put in another rod
  13. This suggests that what you have is "recommended" (second diagram), from here http://www.charn-chai.com/2013/03/blog-post_28.html leave it alone although I'd still want a fuse or MCB.
  14. Leaving aside the fact that we are talking about a human being here. Simplistic view. Consider you have just bought a car on finance, great, you jump in it having just made the down payment and off you go. On the way home you wrap it round a tree, car is no more, but the finance people still want paying. Of course you would expect your car insurance to cough up to pay off the finance. One assumes that Cardiff would insure their "asset" but hadn't gotten around to it (clubs do insure players don't they?). Sorry but they have to pay up, or negotiate a reduced fee.
  15. The protector really should have some sort of over-current protection just in case its own built-in protection fails. What did the device's instructions have to say? As noted before, what you have is pretty safe, do check the polarity just in case.
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