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  1. New MAP arrived and fitted. Decently long test drive completed. Problem solved!! The Beast appears to go rather better now too (subjective I know, but that old, bunged up MAP can't have helped). Lazada seller Thaipickuppart recommended.
  2. 180-185ms to TestMy.net london server.
  3. It looks like they are including the external relays with the unit now which mine didn't have. From the pin numbers on the diagram I assume they are regular automotive type relays. Key-switch-replacement.pdf
  4. Typo I assume Can you post or PM me the instructions that came with your Gencontrol unit, i'm sure we can make it all work
  5. It certainly shouldn't be failing that often. What's your power supply like? Low voltage, lights flickering, lots of lightning? Does the man or his invoice say what he actually replaced to fix the unit? We had a Samsung inverter washing machine that was eventually refunded by Samsung themselves after it started failing a lot! There's a thread somewhere.
  6. OK I won't try answer any more questions. Sorry about that.
  7. Yes. Get your new PP by whatever process. The embassy should give you a letter to transfer your existing stamps to the new PP. Go to immigration and get the transfer done (should be free). Once that's sorted you do everything in the new PP.
  8. Who needs soapies? I married a qualified masseuse (she has documentation from the Italian massage union), although like a certain bedroom act (think vacuum) these things tend to fade out once married If the contents of the Schneider unit cost 100 Baht I would be surprised, you could probably fix it, those 20mm MOVs and the thermal fuses should be readily available.
  9. I would replace the Schneider unit with an MCB and use that to feed the DIN in a nice external box. A 20A MCB and 4mm2 should do the trick, other side of the MOV to the neutral. When your Gencontrol unit arrives I would add a slave relay (car type relay) for the starter, mount it on the generator to keep the wires short. Ours is wired like that, keeps the current through the controller relay small. Starts first time, every time.
  10. Have you tried the SCB scan to pay function in the app? That's how I pay TOT each month no issues. You might not be able to pay at Tesco if overdue, can't hurt to try.
  11. Happy New Year Carl Yeah, Schneider stuff does tend to be $$$ which is why I stick to DIN stuff, lots of sources of all kinds of things. The Schneider plug-in system is very easy to use but not very flexible. Are the modules exchangeable? Could you use the works from the 3-phase one? Could you post a photo of your opened up failed unit, it should have more in there than sand.
  12. Air cleaner was the first place I went, not perfect but clean enough.
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