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  1. To start a new topic in any forum, go to the index page of the forum you want to post in, at the top right there should be a green "Start new topic" button, click it As to the archiving rationalle, when you find out what it is please let me know, I have no idea whatsoever.
  2. I've split this topic off from the original for better responses.
  3. How long are your brown-outs lasting? 184V is -17% so outside the 10% tolerance, but as noted above the usual PEA response is "you have electric, no problem". The occasional flick down to 184V isn't likely to cause any real issues unless it stays down there for significant periods, does it only happen at night?
  4. I would wire a new rod with at least 6mm2 simply for protection against mechanical damage. UK regs would want 16mm2 (yes 16) on a TNC-S system (like Thailand is).
  5. You didn't get metric feelers and adjust to the imperial clearances (or vice-versa) by any chance?
  6. Damn you autocorrect (my bold) Fluke are the defacto No1 supplier of multimeters and other test gear, a flute is a musical instrument. The history of the AVO company https://www.radiomuseum.org/dsp_hersteller_detail.cfm?company_id=5571 It was always my understanding that AVO came from Amps, Volts, Ohms. Anecdote. Many years ago I used to work in the Royal Navy Calibration Lab in the depths of the Wiltshire countryside. One of my tasks was to calibrate AVO Model 7 and 8 multimeters (shows how long ago it was if they were in general use in the RN). We had a multimeter calibrator that did 20 or so at a time. Hook up 20 meters and run the cal. procedure, long winded but pretty mindless stuff, ideal for a bod right out of training. The meters came in protective "leather" box-like covers which had space for the test leads etc. Something like this:- In one batch was a box which rattled rather suspiciously when picked up. Inside was what looked like a kit for an AVO-8, a large number of parts in a bag. It seems that the device had been dropped from a great height and rather than scrap it ,which would have required paperwork and a possible charge for the Jolly Jack who dropped it, someone decided to return it for "calibration" with a note that the meter was "innacurate".
  7. Is the book already in your name rather than the finance company? If it is then I don't think any action is required.
  8. Good point @emptypockets it's possible he's using a 2-pin extension or has a Schuko plug on his PC and is taking the problem with him.
  9. After the saga of our Samsung washer our new (Electrolux) machine is disconnected from the supply whenever it's not in use. I would echo the installation of surge supressors. The Samsung washer thread
  10. Job's a good un Now, about that auto-start system ...
  11. Definitely Fortune, of if you have transport Zeer Rangsit.
  12. So do I. IIRC DHL charged about 1k Baht clearing fee on a $1000 order, that I could accept. If FedEx gouge then I'll have to find an alternative, all the other shipping methods from the seller were significantly more expensive (like double). I don't mind paying, duty or VAT (not that I actually like paying of course) but if someone is asking 6k for clearing then they don't get a second chance.
  13. OK now we are in the correct forum. Getting a tingle off your PC is almost definitely a bad / no earth. Do you have 3-pin outlets? If not (or even if you do) you can run a temporary ground from a screw in your PC case to a metal rod (a big screwdriver) stuck in the garden. That should kill the tingle. Then let us have some photos of your electrical installation for directed advice.
  14. A brain is most definitely not involved in any of the three parties mentioned.
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