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  1. Mainland Europe, France definitely.
  2. Where do you need this service?
  3. Have a look here (insert your own location in the drop down), graphic is only 7 days but scroll down for a month's worth.
  4. If it's your place I'd be tempted to install a new bigger consumer unit with some RCBOs and if it's wired with ring final circuits split the rings into 20A radials making it safe to use with Thai unfused plugs. Works for me. You do need some earth leakage protection mind.
  5. Yup, we're back!! This one was fun, but I think we can close it now
  6. I can't recommend a photographer but you may wish to peruse this page https://www.thaiembassy.sg/friends-of-thailand/p/q-what-do-we-do-if-we-want-to-do-a-fashion-photo-shoot-or-filming-in-thailand and, if your model isn't Thai they will need a work permit https://www.thailandstarterkit.com/work/model-in-thailand/ If you just start shooting in public you WILL be arrested and dealt with.
  7. Crossy

    Green Line BTS extension open for free trial

    I'll have to listen for that one, the announcements are usually pretty good on the BTS.
  8. It means Multiple Earthed Neutral. If you have no electrical knowledge it would be easier to post photos and we can tell them what to move. I expect they blindly followed the instructions that came with the boxes without understanding what they were doing.
  9. OK, found a free converter. If it was the bottom two doors, I suggest that the right hand box has a MEN link which it should not have, the link should be in the Safe-T-Cut box. Piccies with the lids off will confirm.
  10. Hmmm, evidently something is amiss. I'd put money on both boxes being wired with their own MEN link and possibly separate rods. When the doors touched there was an E-N fault that one of the RCDs spotted. If you have a multimeter check the AC voltage between the metalwork on the two boxes, if it's a few volts don't worry nobody is going to die immediately. If you want to post photos of the two boxes with the lids off we may be able to see the fault. EDIT Please can you post your image in a format which doesn't have a paid-for codec, .jpg (.jpeg) is the most common.
  11. Crossy

    bank statement for a tourist visa

    Where do you intend applying? Some consulates need nothing, others want $$$.
  12. But most of the time this isn't the issue. Coming up (at a legal 120kph) upon someone in the right hand lane doing 80 (or even less) is. Try hogging outside or centre lanes in the UK and you'll get a fine (even if you are driving at the speed limit).