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  1. Long (long) ago I worked for a company called AGI (Aeronautical and General Instruments - they still exist in a different guise). Amongst other things we made payphones. If you watch "The Man with the Golden Gun" you can see one of our phones in Bottoms Up (why it's a yellow phone with a brown handset is a story for another day). One of my products was a phone line simulator, which, whilst it didn't sell many to the industry, was very popular with theatres because it could ring an old fashioned BT phone. I've long since lost the drawings, but if anyone really wants a design ... Apocryphal, or wildly inaccurate anecdote from Telecom Eirean (Irish telecom). An old farmer phoned the fault line complaining that his phone didn't ring. They called him back and he answered. "How did you answer if the phone doesn't ring?" "The dog barked!" An engineer was dispatched. On asking for a test-ring it was indeed the case that the phone didn't ring but the dog barked. Long story short:- Think - bare incoming phone wires - resting on the cast-iron gutter - linked to a cast iron downpipe. Chained to the downpipe was the dog! Poor guy, when the phone rang he was getting a 80V whallop through the collar! No wonder he barked.
  2. Just preparing the headlines "Bangkok shutdown on April 2nd", that should do.
  3. If you have a landline phone try it between the lines with a 2uF (1.8uF if you can find one) capacitor in series. Call the landline.
  4. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE If you have a TENS machine and are bored. Before making any suggestions to your better half try putting a new 9V battery on your tongue. Still want to try? Start on low
  5. No, TENS not CPAP! An entirely different effect and the mask gets in the way.
  6. Waaay more than he should. My Malaysian-Chinese ex. liked to use a TENS machine to "heighten sensation", some very, er, "interesting" effects.
  7. What you want to do is "AC coupling", Google is your friend. The issue will be when your grid-tie is making more power than you are using and it tries to feed back into the "grid" (in reality your other inverter). Invariably inverters don't like being power sinks and tend to emit the Magic Smoke. If you can use your PLC skills to prevent this backfeed either with a dummy load or by shutting down the grid-tie then it should work just fine.
  8. I like an after work beer or ten, but I didn't die when working in dry areas of India. I did vote "I will buy a lot before the ban", maybe need to go shopping again later.
  9. It's probably about 50V 16Hz. Lovely thing, but it's going to need some electronics to make it work.
  10. https://www.ups.com/th/en/help-center/contact.page Tel.: 66 2762 3300 Monday – Friday: 08:00 – 18:30 Saturday: 08:00 – 15:00
  11. Depends where you are, you could be too late. Let's continue in that thread.
  12. It may not affect the immigration office, but I'm glad my extension isn't due until November.
  13. As far as I'm aware it's only Sakhon Nakhon, but it wouldn't surprise me if it spread. What time did you attempt your purchase? No alcohol sales until 11AM anyway. I just bought a case of Hong Thong and two slabs of Chang at Tesco Khlong Luang no issue whatever.
  14. You mean you don't dry after use of the gun?? Nothing worse than a damp spot.
  15. The nappies (diapers) are only crappy after use Fetching my coat.
  16. Will a hand-sanitiser pump fit on a bottle of Hong Thong? They sell fuel in whisky bottles, why not "hand sanitser"?
  17. No, but I'll probably head out tomorrow AM ...
  18. Yup, that's the Thai standard. It's amazingly strong, whilst I wouldn't trust it with my mass my Thai step son happily clambers around in ours when cables need pulling.
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