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  1. I transfer a couple of grand US every month from my Thai salary via my BKK Bank account, no issues whatever (once the hassle of setting up is sorted). But of course a WP etc. etc. is needed to set up.
  2. Hmmm, are you sure you have the correct mode set so it's actually cooling at full power? Maybe get the installer back to "teach" you how it works. You also have chosen the hottest time of year to swap, when everybody's A/C is struggling to keep us cool which cannot be helping. Our Hitachi inverter in the lounge seems to have a very "soft" startup (good for the genset) and takes several minutes to actually get going, the conventional Hitachi units in the spare bedrooms blast out arctic level air immediately on startup.
  3. Indeed, we have minimal detail. But even if he wants to expand an indoor area a steel structure bolted to the existing concrete house with a nice hardwood top wouldn't break the bank and would last forever.
  4. No internet banking and 20 Grand UK at a time might be an issue. Is your ATM/debit card Visa or Mastercard branded? Have a word with your UK bank, they may be able to assist.
  5. What sort of numbers are we looking at? Can you set up with DeeMoney to send out of Thailand by remote control?
  6. Wood, unless very expensive hardwood, is a nice snack for the local wildlife. Steel is the stuff, cheap and readily available. Add to that one of the cement board decking products and you have a termite-blunting structure that will last forever with minimal maintenance.
  7. Thanks @sometimewoodworker. Since the question is answered and we're not really supposed to discuss other Thailand based forums I'm going to close this thread.
  8. Yeah the forum is up and people are posting, the main domain is down. Just like ThaiVisa earlier in the month.
  9. Looks like the domain registration expired in April, a shame if it's gone forever
  10. 6.5kWP installed on our car-port. It's not quite ideally angled but isn't shaded and does face due south. Daily production varies from a measly 5kWh (a particularly miserable day) to a very satisfactory 34kWh per day. Average is around 21kWh per day.
  11. 1. Contact your comprehensive company only. 2. Yes and no, sometimes it's included, sometimes not. It says on your comprehensive policy docs. 3. Not sure about that. But if you have comp you never have to talk to the other lot. 4. My understanding is that it just has to be valid on the day you apply for your tax, but I stand to be corrected on that one.
  12. You used 515 units and were billed for 497. Because you were over 500 units used you got a discount of 50% of the difference between June and April.
  13. @JBChiangRai I know you've "sorted" the issue, but did you try running in one of the more conventional hybrid modes, charge during the day, discharge at night? (maybe with no mains connection available for it to switch to) It's not unusual for the lesser used modes to have software "features" (bugs), we are still finding them on (not solar) systems that have been in service for several years. Turn on a feature, find it doesn't work, then find the DLP (Defect Liability Period) expired last month
  14. This might work better in the Pattaya forum, let me know if you want to move it. Most domestic faults are not rocket science, we can help out competent DIYers who have a basic test meter.
  15. Yup, his April bill (posted earlier in the thread) was also 1343.05 Baht.
  16. I wouldn't bother with an agent. Any of the inspection places (blue and yellow cogwheel sign) will sort your inspection, compulsory insurance and road tax for a nominal fee. You will need your original vehicle registration book. Unless there is something awry with your registration etc. there should be no need to trek to CR. Did your agent say why he thought you needed to go to CR?
  17. Captains log - Still won't flush, I'll try again later. We have the 4.2L loos upstairs, mainly because Madam liked the style. The occasional mega-load needs a double (bum gun to pre-mangle), but we are both mostly pretty dainty on the poo side so no real issues.
  18. I'd be tempted to do a "proper job". A couple of 150W panels in parallel on the roof (a single 300W may over-volt that controller), 50Ah x 24V (or 100Ah x 12V) of LiFePO4 batteries and a 24V/12V x 500W inverter. That would allow you to run all manner of small 220V stuff with no mucking about and shouldn't break the bank.
  19. Coz the Thai way is to use singles in conduit and use VAF for surface wiring. Just use it in conduit it will be fine, the larger sizes might be a bit of a wrestle to get in. It's also OK to drape across your suspended ceiling unprotected.
  20. OK, that wall charger looks like it might have some "smarts", at the very least it's going to be a constant-current charger. It's very easy to kill lithium batteries with poor charging technique. To be safe I think I'd get a small inverter and a small 12V battery and run the wall charger off the inverter. Then use solar to charge the 12V battery. I suspect that panel will be way too small, can you measure the output voltage of the panel in full sun please and let us have the dimensions of the panel (so we can work out its power output).
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