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  1. Plenty of little gensets around 2-3 kVA that would do the trick. Avoid 2-stroke units like the plague! How are the neighbours, the cheap units are NOISY. Are you looking for auto start (or at least auto stop when the mains comes back)? Note that going outside in the rain (it's always raining) and the dark (it's invariably dark too) gets old very rapidly. If you're really going to be using it that often I'd suggest wiring in at least semi permanently so switch over is quick and easy.
  2. Honorary Consuls and Consular Agents may not have dedicated offices, but they do have contact details. These and a list of services that they can provide would be useful to members in their areas.
  3. Nice job We seem to do well with baby birds too. We've put countless sparrows back in the nests they make in our patio roof members, most have gone on to fledge. A dove's nest got knocked down by the gardener when trimming the hedge. Grand-daughter salvaged the nest and the babies, put them in a small plastic basket to hold it all together and stuck it all back roughly where it had come from. Mum returned and carried on as if nothing had happened, grand-daughter added an umbrella when it rained hard. Both babies fledged.
  4. Indeed, but it seems that it's no longer needed. I would get one anyway, it would be just my luck to get an LTA officer who didn't get the email.
  5. Less than 15k Baht (4 panels and a baby inverter) and you're generating useful power. At 4 units a day @ 4.5 Baht that makes payback about 2.5 years.
  6. Yup, 2,800 Baht for a 340W poly panel. https://www.lazada.co.th/products/340-w-genius-340-soler-panel-polycrytaline-340-kerry-i713768389-s1367528011.html Power output per-panel is certainly increasing, "quality" from the low-cost Chinese factories remains to be seen. We paid a bit more for our Trina panels, we also have 4 Lazada cheepies which are currently working just fine.
  7. Start here https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1120934-how-about-a-solar-car-port-on-a-budget/?do=findComment&comment=15581389
  8. @Mama Noodle I would agree if you are attempting to replace grid power when it's avaliable. What most of us are doing is using solar to supplement grid power by going grid-tied. Even a couple of panels and a 600W micro-inverter will generate around 2 units per day which you don't have to pay MEA/PEA for
  9. He may be looking at installed retail prices. Global House will do you a 5kW on-grid system, installed, for just under 200k Baht. https://www.globalhouse.co.th/product/detail/9229052020104
  10. @Misab I think you may be over-estimating how much juice you would get from your panels. We have a system with 18 panels, 5.8kW installed solar power. The BEST day we've had this year was 31 units (6th of September). Average has been just over 18 units per day (the 18th of September was a measly 8 units). That said, we're still heading for under 3 years payback because we DIY'ed the job, total cost was about 90k. We gave up on the government My Solar Roof scheme, too much paperwork, expensive "approved" equipment and contractors, poor feed-in rate. We are currently net-metering (spinning the meter backwards on export), definitely not permitted but unless the meter reader sees it ... (and we have mitigation methods in place so he doesn't). Hopefully PEA won't change the meter to an electronic one for a couple of years yet. All the details are in this thread:-
  11. Yeah, so did I I'm too fat to fit in it anyway
  12. Not that expensive now (15-20k Baht), even colour, unless you want A3
  13. I would say solid colour, so:- A 0, B 0, C+1, D+2, E+1, F 0. I gave up with inkjets long ago, too much hassle unblocking the ruddy thing when I've not used it for a few weeks. A laser prints first time, every time!
  14. Police report first then off to your local DLT office.
  15. Everything comes Royal Mail / Parcel Force plenty of options tracked and untracked. Packages charged by weight (there are size limits of course).
  16. If he has the financials in place he should be able to get back on the retirement extension, use the same agent.
  17. Why bother with a box? A cricket bat is hardly a delicate item. Plenty of bubble-wrap and tape to protect the surface then thick black plastic overall (my parents use giant bin-liners). They also label the inner packing just in case the outer gets damaged (it never has been). Stick on the paperwork and you're good to go.
  18. If it's correctly earthed then I wouldn't replace it at least not yet. You have more than adequate shock protection. Many of these heaters are "bare wire" and will leak somewhat particularly if the water is a bit conductive (minerals). Does the heater have a copper or plastic "tank"?
  19. Yes, although the definition of "near" would be variable dependant upon the voltage and the purity of the water (Purity? We are talking Thai rain here). Assuming a uniform thin film of water the potential between two points (like your arms when getting up from a fall) varies as the square of the distance. So twice as far away would mean one quarter the potential. If you do get into the unfortunate position of being unavoidably near such a cable try to keep your contact points (hands, feet etc.) close together, some advocate jumping away rather than walking/running. All bets are off if you then grab hold of some grounded metal object (guard rail and the like) as you are then providing a nice solid path to earth through your body.
  20. We can agree to disagree then. https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/electrocution The meaning has certainly drifted over time, but being from ancient Britain I'll stick with what I was tought https://www.electrocuted.com/2018/11/02/electrocution-vs-shock/ (U.S. site)
  21. It would likely make no difference as this is a relatively long term but small(ish) overload so it's the thermal trip mechanism rather than the magnetic that's operating. Anything over about 10 seconds to trip and the curves are the same. I'm not certain if a "C" or "D" curve breaker was ever made for these boards.
  22. Meanwhile, exactly what did the "netizens" expect to happen? Until the problem is reported to the PEA fizzing and popping will continue, any sensible person will see this and give it a wide berth. Zero hazard to car / truck / bus users, negligable hazard to motorcyclists unless they fall off in the water near the cable.
  23. Since this topic has degenerated more than somewhat the vast majority of posts have been removed. It is now
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