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  1. Taken on its own, it's a perfectly valid point of view. But I had been making the point that people might look beyond removing statues connected to the slave trade, and start removing statues of people who were regarded as bigots by modern-day standards. I'm not sure how you can dismiss this suggestion as hyperbole - your next comment confirms that bigots should indeed have their statues removed
  2. Nice of you to join in after giving all my previous posts your special "confused" emoticon. How exactly was my statement hyperbolic? I gave an example illustrating my point, complete with a link to the BBC. No reply is necessary, one of your "confused" emoticons will be fine
  3. Two days after Colston was toppled, thousands of people were protesting in Oxford, demanding to remove the statue of Cecil Rhodes because of his racist views (he was born after slavery was abolished). Being involved in slavery isn't the only reason people want to remove statues. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-oxfordshire-52975687
  4. At its height, the slave trade was a huge part of the world's economy. If you had capital invested in stocks or funds, it is probable that some part of your investment would have benefitted in some way from the slave trade. There would have been far more "marginal players" than out-and-out slave traders. The removal of Colston and Milligan's statues is no great loss, but where does it end? Why not expand the scope of statue removal to historical figures who had no connection to slavery, but held views that would be seen as bigoted today? It's a dangerous precedent to set.
  5. By the end of the year, you'll probably be able to get Pfizer at 10,000 baht a jab from a private hospital.
  6. Different historians will come to different conclusions based on identical data. If you asked 10 different historians to make a list of "which people's statues should be knocked down", you would get 10 different lists. Which takes me back to my original point - who gets to decide? Who chooses the historians? In my opinion, it is far from obvious whose statues deserve to be removed. Maybe you should change your slogan to "Take Some Of Them Down After Careful Consideration".
  7. Ah, so you've changed your tune now. "Anyone who research reveals had any connection to slavery should have statues removed." Who does the research? Who makes the decision? "Take Them All Down once some research has been done and a committee has been formed (by whom?) to interpret the results of the research". Emotional blanket statements like "Take them all down" rarely stand up to any scrutiny.
  8. You didn't answer my question - who gets to decide? "Take them all down" is a feeble cop-out. It demonstrates that you aren't interested in using logic to defend your statement. Emmeline Pankhurst made some controversial remarks about slavery, so presumably I would be correct in saying "Bluespunk wants the UK to destroy Emmeline Pankhurst's statues". After all, you want to "Take them all down".
  9. That's fine, but who gets to decide which people were "involved in slavery"? I assume that you'd support bulldozing Nelson's column, for example. Francis Drake is gone. You could probably make an argument for toppling Churchill and Queen Victoria, too.
  10. Singapore, Malaysia - no PCR test, fit-to-fly or insurance required for transit. https://www.changiairport.com/en/airport-guide/Covid-19/transiting-through-airport.html https://www.emirates.com/uk/english/help/faqs/travel-advisory-malaysia/ UK - covid test only required for transit https://www.heathrow.com/customer-support/faq/coronavirus-covid-19 Australia & New Zealand - have you ever seen a map? I don't think many people plan an international flight that goes via Australia ...
  11. By the time I've spent $500 on my covid test, separate fit-to-fly document and special Thai covid insurance, I think I might choose to transit somewhere else ...
  12. One of Thailand's biggest exports in the last year has been gold. But Thailand doesn't have any gold mines? Nope, it's because of hard-up Thais selling their gold: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-12-28/thais-dipping-into-gold-savings-undermine-steps-to-rein-in-baht
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