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  1. I always wondered whether Yinn was Thai or farang. I think I could manage to do her Thai-style broken English I couldn't put in the hours required though. Is she still posting?
  2. Well, "old, fat ugly and male" isn't entirely correct - maybe 1 or 2 of those adjectives apply I very much enjoyed your thread about "My Exalted Thai Wife" - well done on finding such a remarkable wife.
  3. There's other options - £472 with Emirates, £499 with Singapore, £391 with KLM - and that's just on the 1st of July.
  4. Really? It took me all of 2 minutes to find a flight from Gatwick to Phuket for £425 on the 1st of July.
  5. There's a couple of flights arriving in Don Mueang https://www.donmueangairport.com/flight-status/
  6. There are a large number of airlines already flying into Suvarnabhumi. Today's arrivals include: Emirates Air India Etihad KLM Qatar Ethiopian Airlines Cathay Pacific Japan Airlines Shanghai Airlines Malaysia Airlines Singapore Airlines Vietnam Airlines Oman Air Zpair Tokyo Korean Air Air Japan https://www.bangkokairportonline.com/flight-status-arrivals-departures/
  7. Have you seen that picture of the hot woman?! I can't help myself!
  8. There is only one thing worse than having your profile checked, and that is not having your profile checked - Oscar Nkg
  9. That does make some sense. If the world is dead to thaivisa posters, perhaps they might resort to looking at my profile. Maybe they are hoping to find how all my posts are so clever and amusing?
  10. I don't post on thaivisa.com all that often, and in the past I'd be lucky if I had one person looking at my profile every 3 months. But now, it seems like I am getting multiple people a day who are interested in my posts. I've been trying hard to make interesting/amusing posts recently, but I wasn't expecting to attract so many fans. Frankly, I'm baffled. Does anyone have any theories to explain my sudden popularity?
  11. Covid 19 vaccines are vital to the health of the people of Thailand. I think that we can take it for granted that there will be no corruption or graft concerning Thailand's efforts to vaccinate their population.
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