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  1. "Probably same type that bribe imm officers because they tapped out for the 800k"??? Seems to me you are blaming Foreigners for the Corruption in Thailand..
  2. Siam ex pat foods on siam country club are by far the best pork pies in pattaya, for me, because they are the only ones that have the pastry cooked throughout, & have jelly, all of the others including Yorkies need longer in the oven, the pastry is still wet and gooey
  3. I see more Thai losers too, at any street market especially in Soi Siam Country Club, many with no masks .. maybe they should start closing the markets to these clowns
  4. RE; advertiising prices, we were in a Thai restaurant reading the menu, i asked my wife had she any idea as to why no prices for the meals were shown, she asked one of the staff, the reply was" its up to who is ordering"..i took that to mean one price for Thai's, another price for foreigners... we left ..
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