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  1. Finance minister, Heath minister, educated at the same school
  2. Yesterday my wife & i decided to book 2 or 3 nights in koh chang staying in a beach front hotel in the village of Kai Bae where we have stayed many times before at 2,700b per night, last visit was 2 years ago We were informed the rate is now 3.100b per night & "no vacanices" for the foreseeable future. .just as well at that nightly rate..
  3. London capitol of crime? what a load of <deleted>, like wise been there , lived there, never had a problem
  4. My wifes car a small Mitsubishi had the cheaper tint stuck on her windows including the screen which i told them not to, i found an edge and it peeled off easily, you maybe need to clean the screen of the sticky back once its removed using a methlated spirit or similar
  5. The only way to reduce deaths on the road here is better road users, I dislike to call them "drivers" because they are not ......Start by sacking every driving examiner at the land transport offices... because of these people we have so many idiots playing with everyone elses lives..
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