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  1. Expensive for labour ...depends on the size of the paint tins & quality of the paint he ' will use..if cheap National paint then its very expensive
  2. I am about to re new my Retirement visa for the 18th year..every time i do so i make a point of going to the local Immigration office to ask what documents are needed, due to forever changing rules.......i then make the copies of the necessary documents and go back to Immigration to obtain the visa, it is the i'm told you need one more of this, one more of that, etc..always have to be wrong
  3. And yet another one not wearing his lucky charm.....Slippery road conditions are ok if you are travelling at a safe enough speed
  4. Anyone in their right mind knows now is not the right time to let hoards of tourists in, especially the Chinese, so it makes me wonder, do these stories go out in Thai language as well as Thai visa?, if so, then surely stories like this are to boost the moral of Thai businesses, and nothing more then that, keep the locals happy, by feeding them bull...
  5. We dont eat KFC so often, but For the past 2 months we have tried to order KFC "original" either by going to the shop or via Grab service, and every time we are told "No have original" only spicy is available... i found a contact us site online & wrote to ask why, they replied out of stock, what for 2 months?
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