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  1. Will it be crazy then to let millions of Thai kids to go back to schools at July 1st then? what's the difference? is near-zero new cases a day, for many weeks, not a good enough criteria?
  2. Some schools are opening at June 1st. I wonder about the following though: - Lining 1 meter from each other? will they always keep such a distance throughout the school day? in classrooms? at breaks time? - Face masks will be worn at all times? obviously not at lunch time..? what about PE? and swimming lessons...? - Temperature checks before getting in the vans? at this point we already know around 40% of cases do not display high fever and can infect others. It's clear the school tries to do its best. But the underlying premise for opening the schools is that the disease is currently very rare at the population in Thailand (which is probably true) - if it isn't the case, those restrictions will not suffice.
  3. Which restrictions, if any, can we expect on a trip from CM airport to Don Muang, then driving to say Hua Hin and coming back in the same way? We rent a house here in CM.
  4. Did anyone go there recently? I will need to do my Non-Imm-O Extension (based on Marriage) in the next weeks.
  5. The bottom line was always the main consideration. The better schools don't hire native English speakers due to ideals but because that's what parents want to have. Strictly business - it is one of the clear expectations of the customers. As for the reasons, accent or pronunciation are just a few. Non native English speaker will generally have a limited vocabulary in comparison to a well educated native English teacher. There will be a difference in richness of language, using idioms for example will not come naturally for them. Even their understanding of right and wrong grammar will not be instinctive but programmed. Specifically with Philippine teachers (and other Asians, as mentioned above), their overall approach to teaching will be different. For example, less encouragement of independent thinking vs. more memorizing and indoctrination, less freedom in class to ask questions.
  6. Thanks. Don't they have a website (apart from their FB page?).
  7. They are not "required" but some do. We got a 15% refund on this period. Not much but better than nothing.
  8. No. You have two options: 1. Change school. 2. Just don't look at what the kid learns (better not to know..). It's a rabbit hole with no ending to it.
  9. A private school has a much higher budget and flexibility that allow it to really be great. A public school is limited in many ways. The correct comparison should be private schools here and there, not private Intl' school in Thailand where parents pay $10,000 - $30,000 a year to a US public school.
  10. You could go to Prem if that's your budget, or to CMIS for 70% of that. What do you expect from a Thai school? they'll all be awful. And most International Schools here are just one notch better than "awful".
  11. Does anyone have first hand experience with this school? Will appreciate any reply.
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