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  1. They won't because it costs. 'All' cops currently pay for their own arms. But yes that'd be a move in the right direction... though the question is then which numpty has the key?
  2. Forgive someone that tries to murder another? So the guy shoots your mother/father/sister/brother/daughter/son and you're cool with that? Sorry, but it is this kind of liberalistic, maudlin twaddle that has the human race in knots atm. The place is overpopulated so let's protect the good and the innocent yeah? Yuck.
  3. The relative is not her 'brother' by any chance?
  4. Let him have it. With a bit of luck he'll grow another head and it will be better... well, it can't be any worse.
  5. I used to but simply moderated foods (and stressors (wife )) that were causing it. I'd address that (set up a spreadsheet) first before looking into pharmaceuticals, with the likes of omeprazole potentially causing different issues. Stuff like red wine, coffee, spices, chocolate and bread can mess up the gut.
  6. Moral of the story: if you want some 'free' fruit and flowers, go to Thighland and get the snot kicked out of you lol.
  7. Wouldn't surprise me given how some of the wet markets operate. Could have happened anywhere in the region & would be surprised if something like this hasn't happened before going by how little it seems to affect Asians.
  8. 10% may have mentioned it as being nice, but it's fanciful and way in excess of how many Brits visit in 'peacetime'. Most will be heading for Spain/South France/Greece when things open. Quick flights and hassle free entry (yes, despite Brexit) etc.
  9. Yep, EU has made a right old hash of its vaccination roll-out. Better off letting individual countries sort themselves out than a bunch of un-elected elitists playing chess with peoples' lives. Personally up for a vaccine passport if it means being able to fly.
  10. Any chance you and your henchmen could reshuffle yourself out of office and country?
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