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  1. Yes, sorry bruv. No offence intended to Kiwi brothers. You guys are cool. I just don't get this down with the England <deleted> when all can vote their way out of the so called Commonwealth, which most Brits ain't bothered about... to the dismay of the Yanks of course.
  2. Sorry to say but most Aussies don't realise that most Brits don't give a flying F about you, what you do or even the royal family. This is an old statement and QE2 is your head of state. Vote her out or get over it but PLEASE stop whining on England and put your own fires out.
  3. It is Fking EVERYWHERE!!! Of course. What's the big deal. Why do these little countries that purportedly display a '0' get up all in arms when it pops up? It was always China, but who cares where it came from thereafter? Stroll on!!
  4. Should have laid a 10 baht tip that is the way to play it.
  5. Stop with the F hysteria! Very few have that, my friend. I am in no way a conspiracist and abhor the 'new world' tripe, but please give it a rest. This thing can be a twaaat but it is not going to hit most of us permanently just like flu doesn't. Time to move on!
  6. Ignore the troll. As you surmise, it is pronounced, in our 'lower' level at least, Pataayaa. Chappy might be getting confused by the Muang bit though of course he would not know about thatt.
  7. Sounds good. I can see you Pete, but who's the dude on the right?
  8. Government... that collection of letters is arbitrary but you get the drift. Wall know that drinking is cheaper in the West right?
  9. Because she probably picked it up while out in the field. It is global and is akin to catching a cold. Thailand 146th (probably behind somewhere like Bhutan) bla bla. Whatever. If you test a million people and 1% have it, what figures would you get? If you test a thousand people and 1% have it, what figures would you get?
  10. In the real world? WHO? Lol. That brilliant organisation that A, didn't recognise this thing was a thing, and B, was against masks one minute then totally for it the next? Do me a favour! But you're right. The first world nations have put in and saved millions of jobs, while Thailand has done practically nothing and put MILLIONS out of work, all the while not testing to sustain low figures. Dumb idea to not close borders and have millions 'affected' (even after the horse had bolted?), or dumb idea to close borders, declare no virus and continue to wreck millions of live
  11. Similar sentiments, but when you take into consideration the 'special' people in charge don't really want us there (no tourism wouldn't really affect them) and the fact that covid will never be gone, doesn't bode well. Reckon you can expect something along these lines whether you live there or not... folk bouncing borders will for sure be caught up in it.
  12. It will be worse than that when year is out. Jan-Sep includes the first quarter which was pretty much business as usual. Last three will be a washout. Hoping to kick it all off again while introducing mandatory non-insurance and mountains and mountains of paperwork will not business-as-usual make.
  13. So basically this <deleted> gives you peace of mind that should you die outside of ICU you are covered... maybe. What a pathetic brain dead waste of space.
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