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  1. Not being colonised was deft Franco/Brit-buffer negotiation of course, but yes today it is a sino-esque authoritarian state in all but name. Very sad to see beloved Thai go this way. As to the op, aside from the obvious ongoing corruption, you can see why they tout the Chinese to kick off tourism again as numbers from elsewhere will be few.
  2. Mike, the Chinese will likely get waivers on all that including visas.
  3. Stunning part of the States, Wyoming included. Somewhere like this in Montana would be a nice fall back. Chillin' with Sasquatch.
  4. Just watch out for fires, earthquakes and volcanoes. As beautiful as NZ is, think the op is more of the Asia persuasion... don't think I could handle the West for the rest of my days either. Reckon Laos is a pretty good bet, if a little boring. Having said that, when the Chinese really go for it, pretty much all of SEA is going to be appropriated, no?
  5. Dara is naff beyond anubaan and classes too big. Varee seems alright.
  6. Utter sensationalist tabloid tosh. A bit above death curve for old folk is hardly devastation. But typical gloating attitude from the boorish aussies. Hope you can sort your fires out next year without outside help.
  7. Yes, but it would be nice if men were treated as equals in non-mickey mouse courts.
  8. Get a shirt on you old so and so, and perhaps extend a bit of courtesy and wear a mask while you're at it!
  9. Agreed. Only wish it had brought the country to its knees and had the good people turn on their SH!T government and become part of the human race.
  10. Nice trollish post, given away by the lack of mention of death and disease by way of instigator China.
  11. Speaking with owners waste of time. Killing them will get you in locked up. Didn't read all replies, but aside from making friends, if not mentioned consider downloading a frequency generator and blast them as you approach. Dogs smell fear of course and big it up with bravado if they're more than one. Where dogs and women are concerned, be the alpha!
  12. So the lockdowns worked then? These topics keeping popping up and are extremely lame to be fair as they lack proper thought process. All those on your list are knowns and are set so to speak. They will always happen, are 'controlled' and accepted. The problem with covid - and other past viruses - is the unknown and curve ball potential that could wreck society. Lockdowns suck and I hate it with a passion, but if it all fizzles out, then it's a winner right. Hindsight is a wonderful thing of course, and think things should have been left to run and old people locked away until the vaccine was ready. But I'm not the one to make that call and potentially risk millions.
  13. It's in the gov's interest to keep the lockdown as it's no secret they want Thailand's 'image' changed.
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