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  1. It can easily escape the worst of it by not testing. They are relatively high numbers for the amount of tests performed. People keep harping on about it but it is a big issue.
  2. Love him or hate him, one thing’s for sure, if T was still in charge (and yes he’d make coin out of it), millions would be vaccinated by now.
  3. Nice work. Small-mid pools should really have a FastLane nowadays but, though tough sell with price.
  4. Epoxy, eh! Good chance there's some in there if you did it vertical-like... one needs an interference fit (solvent-'proper' glue) as best practice of course. But pull it apart, it's just a swivelly diverter thingy amid a few o rings and top o ring. Horrible though... can't beat a straightforward ball valve-manifold setup. On the check valve, for sure flappy is the way to go on lp system.
  5. That's it. Impressive though it is -- and probably the right thing to do-- the issue being, when things open up, unless you are totally vaccinated, these places are going to hurt for a long time.
  6. You sure about that? You can post all the links you want but anyone that has spent time in Thailand and with half a brain knows that any figures put out regard anything where face is at play should be taken with a huge pinch of salt. Reality is nobody knows the figure because a, there is no means to know and b, nobody wants to know. You’re naive number x100 is more likely.
  7. Indeed. We're stuck with it. Looks like the baby boomers won again!
  8. Well they don't want anymore crims in there, do they!
  9. Bit OTT. Not to downplay this thing, but Cam has seemingly done very well. Two hundred people die every month on the roads, so 100-odd C-19 deaths since the start hardly translates as on the F brink! What's his angle? Already rich.
  10. Brexit and covid haven’t made all that much difference to the average Joe to be fair. If anything, people are generally more flush than precovid as they haven’t really spent anything for 12m. Hospitality industry sucks but that will turn around massively. Zero hour: small part of the workforce.
  11. Main reason is ground water could pop a concrete pool out the ground and trash tiling, while liner on lined pool will shrink. Pools should not be emptied if one can avoid it, period. They will simply turn off heating, if any, and use minimal chems since there will be no demand. It’s a sad state of affairs. They could do with eating a bit of humble pie, but all this is ruining people.
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