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  1. Chiang Mai is history for me. In talking with a well known poster via messaging on TV forum the poster basically told me that they are literally captives in chiang mai. The poster said her husband finishes his walk around chiang mai before 7 am and the start of the insane commute into the city with all the resultant air pollution being spewed from all sorts of vehicles. The poster and her husband are basically captive in their condo hold up in their room with air filters and a/c running to clean the air. The poster said they exercise in the gym in their condo so as to avoid going outdoors. When they go outside they take the large blue a/c buses or grab cab to avoid the foul air from all the tuk-tuks and songtaews and many other assorted vehicles spewing their toxic and poisonous exhaust into the air. To me this is unacceptable to be held prisoner in your condo and you can't even go outside to enjoy yourself. This is a hell of a way to be retired and I refuse to be subjected any further to the complete insanity that is going on. It is obvious nothing will ever get done because it all has to do with money and greed and burn those fields so more crops can be grown so more money can me made. So many innocent folks will die over time as a result of this out of control burning but the prevailing mindset is that it is a cost to do business. and it doesn't impact the big players who are insulated from this insanity. I have also had enough of all the tuk-tuks and songtaews spewing their foul exhaust into the air and my time in chiang mai is ending. When I first came here 9 years ago I did have a little taste of what made chiang mai so special and I truly loved it. It was a magical place and I loved exploring the many surrounding areas. Unfortunately each year that passed the conditions in chiang mai have worsened and now it is time to leave before I ruin my health totally. I feel bad for so many countless good people in chiang mai who are working or going to school to try and make a better life for themselves and are trapped here. I am thankful for my time in chiang mai but it is definitely time to leave.
  2. For the ridiculously low annual amount of 25-30 usd you can make unlimited calls to the US and Canada with Skype
  3. You can call by skype and the call is free but have to make sure you call when their offices in the US are open
  4. Besides the burning season which we know is very bad for one's health, how is it in chiang mai the rest of the year what with all the songtaews and tuk-tuks and assorted other vehicles spewing their foul exhaust into the city and surrounding area? Any idea how the air would be in chiang mai during this time of the year versus living in the pattaya, jomtien, chonburi area? Would the air be comparable or since chiang mai has so many tuk-tuks and songtaews racing around on a daily basis in chiang mai the air would be worse there? Does anyone have any first hand info?
  5. What I am wondering is when the fires and smoke are finally over and things are back to normal how bad is the air in chiang mai the rest of the year what with all the songtaews and tuk-tuks spewing their foul exhaust into the air? I currently have a very reasonably priced apt in the center of Chiang Mai but it doesn't have a/c. This year I have thankfully escaped the poisonous and toxic air since I left Chiang Mai but am wondering upon my return there the middle of May how bad is the air there until the burning starts up again next year with all the songtaews and tuk-tuks and assorted other vehicles spewing their exhaust. Would the air say be comparable to Jomtien or Chonburi? I am in the process of deciding whether to spend my 9 or so months in chiang mai and then leave before the out of control burning starts OR just moving full-time to somewhere south such as jomtien or chonburi.
  6. In the 9 years I have been coming here the burning and the resultant poisonous and toxic air has gotten worse. It is obvious the government leaders really don't care and just talk back doing something but nothing is ever done. I think it has to do with money and greed and getting the fields ready for the next plantings and damn the health of the populace in the surrounding areas. I think the mindset of thai officials is we have almost 40 million visitors coming to our country so it is business as usual. I am sure the leaders are well insulated from this toxic air and don't really care about trying to solve this totally out of control environmental nightmare. Thailand number 1 again. They must be very proud of their legacies of most road fatalities, the worst air in the world. It is truly pathetic and would be laughable if it were not so serious.
  7. I am speechless about how unbelievably toxic and poisonous the air currently is in Chiang Mai. I am wondering how many government officials who said they were going to crack down on the burning get up each morning in their air conditioned houses, travel to work in their air conditioned cars and work inside their air conditioned offices all day. All the while the masses are subjected to this disgustingly toxic and very dangerously unhealthy air. It is unconscionable how bad this situation is and when I read and hear about how chiang mai is supposedly rated one of the most desireable cities in the world I shake my head in disbelief.
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