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  1. No I am not a strict vegetarian. It is due to health issues I have to be careful about eating too much protein and am supposed to limit how much meat I eat on a daily basis. I decided to start eating more vegetarian minus the MSG in most of the thai food and occasionally have some meat. I do appreciate all the info and suggestions and it looks like if one does their due diligence then one can find reasonably priced accommodations and places to eat. I have definitely decided to escape the foul air in chiang mai during the burning season and want to limit my choices to Thailand.The southern part be it Phuket or Koh Lanta or Hua Hin or Koh Samui, as well as others I am sure, all seem like obvious choices to go to during the burning season.
  2. I am considering going to phuket nest year for 1- 1 1/2 months next year to escape the foul air in chiang mai. Myself and my g/f have never been to phuket thus my posting. Although I understand phuket is expensive I was wondering of their are any reasonably priced accommodations one co uld book for a 1- 1 1/2 month stay? Also, since I am primarily a vegetarian I was wondering if their are any vegetarian restaurants there and how expensive are they? If we did decide to go to phuket what is the best way to go there? My guess is to fly from chiang mai. I also understand the transfers can be considerable for various reasons so are their any secrets to obtaining reasonably priced transportation from the airport to your accommodations? Where would be a good place to rent a motorbike for our stay? Thanks for any info concerning the viability of renting a place in Phuket.
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