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  1. The mentality of the Thai government and its leaders never cease to amaze me. Chiang Mai has already been experiencing a poor tourist season and many businesses are already feeling the pain. So now Loy Kratong comes and what does the Thai government do, they significantly scale back the Kom Loy lantern releases. This was probably the main reason why so many tourists came to Chiang Mai for Loy Kratong to experience the magical release of Kom Loy's into the night sky as they illuminated the sky as they floated upward in a breathtaking, almost surreal experience. As word gets out that the Kom Loy releasings has been scaled back significantly it wouldn't surprise me if more and more tourists forgo the trek to Chiang Mai for the once very memorable and stirring Loy Kratong celebration which Chiang Mai was known for. With all the problems already with tourist numbers and the burning season going to start in the not too distant future, the businesses and folks who work so hard in Chiang Mai are going to have a much smaller window to earn enough money to last them through the long low season. I guess when you are a government worker who doesn't rely on the tourist dollar for their livelihood, it is easy to implement new policies that are detrimental to the masses who are dependent on the tourist dollar. I also wonder if all the commercial enterprises that have sprung up all over the Chiang Mai area offering expensive Loy Kratong festivities replete with the lantern releasings has anything to do with the significant scaling back of the Public's ability to release Kom Loy's in Chiang Mai. Lastly, I know the reason why the releasing of Kom Loys was scaled back, ostensibly for safety which is laudable but I really feel for the folks who have so little and work in Chiang Mai and the very real potential for less tourists in the future and less tourism dollars to go around.
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