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  1. Yes it is easy to draw conclusions and be judgemental about almost everyone you see. I admit, every time I see someone with a tattoo (or several) I also wonder if they have mental issues or now in a period of regret. But really its none of my business
  2. You have arrived at so many conclusions from a drive past culminating with mental problems. I also can be seen wAndering my village every day in clothes not fit to put on a scarecrow. I feel very comfortable and no one offers me help. Maybe I have mental issues also, what you think doctor.
  3. I was in toolmart this week tryi g to have a technical conversation with an ipad that the assistant was carrying with him. 10/10 for effort which no one else would dream of doing but i think google translate was struggling with thumbwheel and can I have a free sds compatible chuck.
  4. Two pieces of advice live with me from my career in construction. Never give recommendations for tradesmen and never lend anyone your ladder. It comes down to the same, if a tradesman lets down your friend you lose two friends, if your ladder lets down your friend he sues you, again you lost a friend. So I will never recommend but I may suggest which direction to look.
  5. Transferwise got me out of a hole when I managed to forget password numbers for a credit card and eventually got locked out. I had a 1000 sent over, the fee exactly as the example above around sick squid. My bank would have charged 25 and a three day wait.
  6. The price is always higher for farangs because we are a p.i.t.a Our standards of finish and other idiosynchrosies and demands along the way need to be accounted for in what i call the farang overhead. Thais dont give a shit about what their compatriots turn out so they can get away with a cheap price. It obvious so why cant people see this. We should pay more because we demand more
  7. Can I ask if you gave the builder an identical spec to what you just posted here? If not why not? If he wants 20k then I shudder to ask what he will achieve in his four or five days for his team. I never cease to be amazed by people asking the forum to guess what they want
  8. Very common but they are most prevalent in wet season. I havent seen one for a month or two, when i do they are flying around me like noisy helicopters. Prior to changing into the beetle they live underground, dozens always in a compost heap where they are known as cockchafer grubs, wichitys and the like. Horrible things, especially if you are a gardener. They get no mercy from me. If you live in an urban setting you will not see many if at all
  9. What a scaremonger.... There is nothing in your post that is true. The photo consists of 1. outside with the address, and I have used same one 4 times. Never had anyone visit me. The map is drawn while the IO is doing small talk with the wife., takes one minute. Head man is not involved, thats for a yellow book. Staff dont like it as its extra work......well I will concede this as they dont have much work ethic to start with. Was this your experience TBL?, no just hearsay I suppose
  10. Now this is what we are talking about, and if you have eaten these then just looking at the picture and you will be able to smell them.
  11. He going to buy 3 so he can hedge his bets, hence the cost. Great idea!
  12. most definately not English muffins which is bread. wherever you learnt that, unlearn it.
  13. In fairness to the tile, any decent external floortile wouldnt or shouldnt have much of a glaze anyway as they are dangerous. Do you mean "sealed" rather than "glazed"?
  14. Certainly here, I have many doubts especially the home grown cheaper brands that are labelled as better.
  15. Thickest isnt always best when it comes to roof insulation. The key number you need to look for is the R value, thermal resistivity. The higher the R value the better, BUT thicness is also key. You can have 6" thick of a lesser product wheras 2" of a better product is the winner. So, you can go to Home pro, and on the shelf is Sunshield 6" with an R rating of 37 (6 per inch) Beside it is SCG Staycool 3" with R-27 (9 per inch) Sunshield is 359bt for 2.4m roll and Staycool is 328bt. Inch for inch staycool is the better product but on balance and price the Staycool is your choice. At the lower end you see the shelves stocked high with microfiber and other thai brands and they are wavi g look at me i am 147bt, 236bt,205bt and are labelled R18,R7,R12,R21 and are often at 2.5per inch, 4per inch,7per inch. Be careful with value for money as the cheapies are often not worth it. However with the Sunshield example for some odd reason thry do a 2" R18 a whopping 9per inch rating for 115bt, so you actually get better insulation qualities buying 3layers than the 6" and for a cheaper price. <deleted>, I am starting. to bore myself now!
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