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  1. I didnt talk about rendering, the above is for brickwork and general stuff. But as you mentoned it, rendering here is done with the same sand,never grit sand...sai gor...more often done with a bagged render mix nowjust adding water. The mix for both mortar and rendering differs from UK 5:1and 4:1 respectively because the cement here is pathetically inferior with little opc and the sand here is nowhere near as fine. If you can make a render mix with grit here then i take my hat off to you.....if i had one
  2. Daft as it seems there are almost 2m2 there, not even a boxof 60*60 will cover that. Its also worth noting that a tile on tile approach here is going to hinder the door opening so its a break out and start again. Still a days work for even the slowest of plodders. Tell em to tile and grout in one for what it is
  3. You stick to your own NewYork style, this is Full English style, including cuppa
  4. I do a lot of walling here and yes if you dont mix correct its an uphill battle. I do 4:1 with 0.5 bucket of water. Sand must be the fine building sand (sai charb) they call it rendering sand. They key ingredient is washing up liquid ,a few squirts into the water. It acts as a retarder, stops it drying out fast, makes it sticky and smooth. Without the dishwash the water will soak into the bvricks in seconds. To help also, keep your bricks in a bucket of water, so thry cannot absorb more water from the mortar. Always keep your mixed mortar covered, or in the shade. And thats all there is to it
  5. Admittedly PF doesnt have the same quantity of furniture than Roon, or even Chan furniture next door but its all the same Both use the same suppliers, mainly kitco and Sure. Hell of a lot of real cheapo <deleted>. However the OP lives Hang Dong so he may aswell check out PF which is on his doorstep.
  6. I can write chapter and verse on the problems of diy if you are a lefty. Pull cords on mowers, strimmers on the bloody right!
  7. Now we are going down memory lane... I think we all tried to push one of these in the 70s and realised thats not the future.
  8. I have had both electric and petrol in the past, admittedly for a longer garden and realised that the electric cable is very prone to problems. If you start extending it into further extension cables the resistance or current gets so low the machine stops working. Accidentally slicing your cables can happen as can abrasion dragging the cable over a rough surface. I had a small 1.5hp briggs and stratton for years, like a tank, used an egg cup of petrol, very convenient. If I bought a petrol today i would get a Honda no question. Hedgetrimmer, did you check the cordless ones, even more likely to slice a cable doing a hedge.
  9. I used to play league standard.....when I was 12, but now I am just en passant
  10. What about draughts with bottle caps like you see almost everywhere?
  11. nearest place to you is Perfect Furniture. Take road from home down towards Global, its 2km on the left. Have two floors of what i call mfi type crap but upstairs some proper "Im the boss furniture" They deliver of course. (and onions maybe?)
  12. When it gets to that colour, sadly the filter is already completely blocked and useless....the other filters are pulling out other impurities so you now drinking water full of whatever thefirst filter has given up on...uurrgh
  13. Concrete rings 900mm diam are 180bt, 1100mm diam are 225bt Height can vary though prices above are for 500mm high. I forget price of the lid, but reckon on the same price.
  14. Sounds like you are describing the latex milk. Its actually better to mix that into your bagged adhesive to make it waterproof. W/proof Weber is200/300bt more expensive but youcan achieve exactly same result with 30bt of latex....and as you say,will seal the substrate aswell
  15. Yes of course I would take the strain, but a simple chock of scant as a sliding prop and a mallet is all thats nec. Not sure anyone would go to buy some jacks. Airbags would be useful if they had them here, popular with weedy joiners hanging doors.
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