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  1. Which does infact stop people climbing out.....because its slippy
  2. eyecatcher

    Bamboo or Pine wood carpenter?

    We are in Thailand now....what was cheap in the west is megabucks here, pine is more expensive than teak. Also dont even consider a softwood if its going to be outside, it will be eaten or rot away, both will compete to be first! Bamboo...yes, thats a reasonable choice if you can make a small structure from it, and its cheap. Left untreated you should get two years from it, protect it fot 5yrs If it was me, i would simply go an buy a couple or three length of reclaimed teak or hardwood cladding 6/7inch wide for 150bt a 3m length. No worries aboiy termites and no worries about rabbits teeth. Then I would use the project to teach the kids how to measure, cut, use tools safely and make it a job for them to be proud of. I hope thats the route you will go down.
  3. eyecatcher

    Airport noise in the Nimman Area

    Theres one aircraft that takes off around 11pm-midnight, when its generally quiet that makes my decking vibrate. ....and I am in Saraphi
  4. eyecatcher

    Concrete House Base

    The columns are always tied into the ground beam plinths with the reinforement. Unless you get top notch professional western shutter joiners you dont have a prayer here. I have never even seen them shuttering to a level, if you add into the mix your concept they will pour the concrete and not realise the shutters will be concreted in! Tbh, the method here is quite adequate, anyconcrete break at the bottom will be protected by steel plus a 100mm concrete and plank floor. You could if you wanted, simply take every column down with its own foundation, many houses built this way......infact the majority
  5. eyecatcher

    Installing a hardwood door frame, masonry wall

    my minute included going to find a strap and an old block and raking with a phillips screwy that was already in my hand....haha But yes, i use the folded strap as a scorer but rake out with an old chisel. Of course its easier on a wall plus the glue makes a hell of a strengthener. Straps on frames is great when you want to minimise damage, as is building in as to go. The downside is when you need to remove it if ever
  6. eyecatcher

    Installing a hardwood door frame, masonry wall

    It takes one minute to do this
  7. eyecatcher

    Installing a hardwood door frame, masonry wall

    Yes the beauty of aac blocks is you can literally scratch out a recess for the strap and bed it right in, even across a corner. use the aac straps and if you strap on the door opening side of the reveal you can just nail it a few times. There will be no lateral force on it at all. As good measure, if you can maybe drive three screws through the frame right behind your hinges so they will never be seen
  8. eyecatcher

    Installing a hardwood door frame, masonry wall

    With aac blocks I liked to fix all my frames with the straps. if you have sufficent reveal left then just screw 3 ot 4 down each leg then simple fix into the reveal. If you are prepared for a bit of patching you can bend it around the corner. Therafter you can line the reveal with timber ot replaster. Fir a gappy frame/reveal you must fit wedge packers And with a sill less frame its a good idea to brace in a bottom sill to keep the frame square. Try to avoid filling gaps with mortar, the moisture gets soaked up by the frame which then expands, and then the mortar drops out.
  9. or a trip to the A+E to sew your fingers back on
  10. eyecatcher

    Another new hazard on the road

    we cant argue with the evidence
  11. eyecatcher

    Another new hazard on the road

    Well I suppose no -one will ever suspect a scooter as a getaway vehicle following the bank raid.
  12. The number one way to save money is diy....period Then when you become adept at diy there are further endless opportunities to be creative by buying 2nd hand and reclaimed items. Good design is not about throwing money at it, its about skill with ideas, concepts and great use of materials. Personally i think to achieve all that you need to have a background in construction or design be an expert in managing money and budgets and most importantly you need to be left handed
  13. Dont they say a cigarette is a pipe with a fire at one end and a fool at t'other
  14. eyecatcher

    Power tool brand for decent quality great price

    I think on a diy basis, pretty much any brand will suffice. If i was on site, earning my living I would not go beyond Bosch and Makita. I have hitachis, maktecs, Stanleys that I bought just to do simple jobs but have lasted 5yrs getting daily use. I really dont think it matters unless you are the equivalent of a petrol head.
  15. eyecatcher

    Termite Beasts - Will This Work?

    I really am having difficulty in believing that a gravity fed sub floor pipe treatment process is going to be effective. Holding a water bottle up on a ladder??? Just because its going in doesnt mean the solution is coming out of the holes... A proper sub floor system will consist of a 15mm polypipe, and along that pipe small spray sprinkler heads are screwed in at say every metre.. A small foundation may just have one pipe looping around and it may come back out to the outside wall, so you will see two pipe ends. A larger foundation may just have a stp end inside the foundation and perhaps 3or 4 exit points. Each spray head should be able to saturate a 1m diameter area.....provided the water comes in under pressure. Imagine your hosepipe and you turn the tap down to half....what sort of spray can you achieve at t'other end? Chances are, your saturation will be concentrated where the holes are nearer the source, at the far end i bet there isnt even water in the pipe. I would not even entertain a gravity feed unless its coming from a 20m high water tower.