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  1. Box on the street of your home country in the rain and snow or death ? Easy choice for some
  2. Personally - and after living in Thailand with the wife and kiddie for the last 3 years - I am looking now at bringing my Thai family back to the UK. I have left already. My worry for people retiring in Thailand now will be, how long after they see people happy about showing 800k for 6 months or whatever, will it be changed to showing it ALL year, and then raising it again and again - what is your own personal safety threshold ? How long before they change 65k income method to 80k, or beyond. Life in Thailand appears now only to be plannable for a year at a time, waiting on edge and with bated breath after your visa stamp for the next change of rules. If you are lucky enough currently to be able to afford everything without an agent - good luck to you. I'd say atleast 95% of all those I know used an agent and are stuffed under these new regulations if cannot get a new agent source. They will all have to leave or overstay - and considering nearly 50% of them have no homes in their home countries, I guess they may choose to overstay. Would I come back to Thailand ? Maybe, but not currently more than just a holiday to visit wife's family.
  3. That'll push some people further down the UK council Housing list
  4. wonder if the bill will be before the election or after, hoping he can get farmers votes before screwing them
  5. More likely an email from a nigerian 'high government official' scammer asking for help to get customs clearance for the much needed voting papers
  6. I'd feel pretty unhappy with that mate - that means near 75% of the population don;t like you or want you. But hey , with backing of tanks and guns the 25% elite can rule I guess
  7. Can they stop broadcasting the Friday night political spectacular ?
  8. Be interested to know if Thais steal more per head than 'foreigners' - though I think I can presume the 'adjusted' answer
  9. See 2 outcomes of this. 1. Anti-junta government elected and do not put it in as financially unsustainable, thereby making the junta party look better when new coup. 2. Junta party elected and rethink it as a bad idea AFTER getting the votes
  10. Play by the rules ? Unless you have tanks and guns and can usurp any government at any time you feel like I guess
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