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  1. 90% western option vs 50% chinese one ? Think i'd wait mate, unless there's a submarine promotional discount.
  2. Ah, another committee for the proposal of ideas for consideration by another committee
  3. Great, thanks for the support for all of us separated from our families and proposing making it longer by not vaccinating the Thai public ! What do you want 50ft walls around the place and barbed wire to keep the infected foreigners out ? Think that movie was Land Of The Dead
  4. Considering there is video evidence of him actually doing the deed, this is obscene
  5. Loved the photo Yahoo were using yesterday about jabs in India
  6. Can't help but think all people staying in Thailand should ensure they always get their money in the middle of the month - purely as Thai seems to throw so many public holidays in there sometimes you need 2 weeks leeway !
  7. Are there any non crazy bomb makers currently in the world ?
  8. Like telling a fat person to slim by eating more cream cakes
  9. No point in being in the first 5 for handling covid and then last 5 in vaccine roll out - just makes you mediocre and could end up with your vaccine roll out destroying your economy more than the outbreak
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