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  1. Wait for it, they will start separating foreign prisoners from Thai prisoners soon in the numbers
  2. Really can't see why anyone would want to own and live in a concrete box, 70 ft up in the air, sandwich between 10's of others. Staying in a hotel for a few days is enough for me. Now, a £1,000,000 executive 3 bed pad overlooking the beach my be a little different. but I doubt many of us are in that bracket
  3. 600,000 teachers and school staff set to be vaccinated ahead of the start of term on June 1st With what ? Has some magic 1.2 million jabs magically appeared ?
  4. So, probably Hi-so general visits night club, Hi-so general makes prison visit
  5. Let's hope Anutin does not tax Thais for the excess water
  6. You just know they will announce 2 weeks of national public holidays for 1-14 June
  7. Guy should be fired immediately - but he'll probably get a promotion
  8. A joke. No, not really. If China had shut its borders and airports when they found it rather than celebrating New Year then the deaths would probably be a lot less - millions less. Why on earth would I trust a vaccine from country that failed the world so badly in the first place ?
  9. This the same place that will be supposedly accepting unvaccinated foreigners in 2 months ? Think anyone booking this 'free roam vaccinated holiday' now is like someone putting money on zero on the roulette wheel
  10. I had two doses of the AZ, no issues. I simply do not trust any vaccine coming out of China - the country that exported the virus in the first place. The proof of Sinovac will be found in the coming months and years in 'my' opinion. Very Very Happy to be proved wrong.
  11. Like to see anyone born after 1990 tackle a logarithm book calculation !
  12. Be more interested to see graphs and reports on sinovac efficacy from western testing sources - not the makers and China
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