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  1. Designer distressed fashion and being poor seems to be hard to tell apart these days
  2. All of them ? Boy, that committee seems to be huge, it must really be important - like what choice of doughnuts they'll have today
  3. You should hear me whinge about all the dam poo after the wife's Somtam !
  4. Nothing says Islamic peace and love quite like blowing up children does it ?
  5. My guilty pleasures with the wife all seem to revolve around Sailor Moon !
  6. Congrats Thailand , number one in something else detrimental to life expectancy
  7. I dread to think what Disney looking character will be left for you to take home with you at 4 am !
  8. Well, if they eat it and lose the house and farm.............................
  9. Dear oh dear, this guy really does not understand. They could open all day every day and bank holidays - if the tourists have no money to come due to the baht price, they wont hang around bars more
  10. Thai economy : Thai airlines debt = buy more planes No growth due to baht = get more debt for nationals You cannot spend your way out of a bad economy.
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