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  1. Came to the aid of THREE passengers ? Driver of the bike was ok then ?
  2. Nope - left school at 16, joined a company at 18 gluing two bits of rubber together, and retired early (48) after working my up to the top, travelling the world for work, responsible for showing employees the use of networked computers and responsible for millions of £ of a month in shipments from multiple worldwide sites. Education is overrated - when i left the standard college students coming in for experience were so illiterate it was laughable. Was I more intelligent that uni/master degree people ? Nope. Was I a better employee ? You bet your life. Now, my Thai wife on the other hand DOES have a masters degree, though her knowledge of events outside Thailand is ridiculous
  3. Was 11, party for ending middle school. Girls name was Diane - nobody fancied her. She rammed her tongue in my mouth so far it frightened the life outta me, scared me off girls for 2 years, until regular young male hormones took over
  4. yes,but but no deaths, whilst probably zero infections but 150 deaths on the roads
  5. They should ban smoking completely - I'm sick of getting on a motorbike taxi, where the guys juggling his fag, his phone and his red bull whist taking me home
  6. Called changing the name of the front of the hotel from English into Chinese
  7. Truly is amazing that so many government officials can have so much money without some form of other 'extra income'
  8. Problem with that, is that there would be either a clause that ALL elections must be delayed by the amount of time the virus was present (to give them an opportunity to repair the country and not be voted out) or that any election cannot be held whilst even 1 patient still is infected or COULD be infected, which would drag on endlessy
  9. Or put another way 1,900,000,000,000 baht borrowed for two days of road deaths
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