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  1. quote from USnews page - Studies have shown that chemicals like DDT and DDE have been associated with earlier puberty. Hmm. I wonder where they could have got that from
  2. 1. Get unemployed Thais to do the work. 2. Get unemployed Thais to do the work. 3. Get unemployed Thais to do the work. 4. Get unemployed Thais to do the work.
  3. tourism down 75% exports down 10% and companies laying off 30% of its employees and its still gonna be -7.8% gdp ? Just how daft do they think the public is ?
  4. Pretty sure the poor thais would be hospitalised after the hi-so ones if it comes to it
  5. I'd never buy a house in Thailand, purely due to my experience with Thai noisy neighbours, poisoning our cats, smoking, som tam banging at 2-3 am. Better to rent and have the ability to get out when you want.
  6. Well done Mr Trump - if these import tax lunatics here want to price a £2 box of cereal at £8 then they deserve it
  7. Come in Mr. Farang. Your 90 day reporting is now due !
  8. So, if they get it in Thai quarantine, infected by a Thai or bad hotel policy, they have to pay - talk about a pathetic scam. Gets sillier by the day
  9. I get tons of this ****. Amazon. - I dont have an account with A Hello lexx, Due to a system error, you are charged back for your last order. The refund process has been ongoing but could not be completed due to an error in your payment information. #REFF-CODE : FLO666-6345560845 You are required to provide invalid billing information in order to complete the refund process. Verify Account After your data has been validated, you will receive a refund within 1 business day. We appreciate yo
  10. Oh, I 100% agree with you, but I got banned once already more modifying something as daft as a definition before I think !
  11. I thought marijuana had only been approved for medical purposes ?
  12. Legal Definition of sedition : the crime of creating a revolt, disturbance, or violence against lawful civil authority with the intent to cause its overthrow or destruction One man's sedition is another 68 millions freedom
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