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  1. buying him a toy iron man is a bit daft - the kid needs a full scale iron man suit to survive the dogs
  2. Well, it's gonna be expensive at 500 baht every 100 yards of road!
  3. Funny how we are called far right wing (even though most of us have foreign wives) just as we do not want people like this living in our country !
  4. And there'll still be some idiot farang out there feeding these wild animals
  5. The rioting in France will be nothing like the rioting if the UK does not leave the EU after a democratic vote.
  6. It's disgraceful that a person cannot take their wife a child to the uk as their income is not enough - even though they need no government money - and yet talk about letting female members of Isis back into the UK to live on benefits for life. I think this piece of detritus wont live long if she comes back to the UK anyhow.
  7. Probably does, but just some really daft people operating them !
  8. I guess there's a unfortunate Ukrainian guy out there somewhere with the name Russky out to make up for it
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