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  1. UPDATE Mr Anutin on Thursday said of the 317,600 doses of vaccines from the two companies on Wednesday, "The vaccines are for Thais and those living in the country,'' Mr Anutin said, adding the first batch of vaccines are free of charge with the government paying for them and other management costs. "Anyone who charges for the vaccine will face legal action," the minister said.The delivery of 117,600 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine came as a surprise since there had been no mention before of that make being imported. The delivery of the AstraZeneca vaccine was a back-up planback-u
  2. I am looking for recomendation for someone to tile my floor I would like to know an idea of cost per square yard or meter I live in Sansai
  3. My understanding is AZ have agreed the vaccine can be made in Thailand, I think AZ audited the Thai Company and the government agreed to upgrade the facility
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