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  1. Why Not give Germany special treatment? Being Number 1 contributer? Germany wants the integration and peaceful cooperation of all countries of this earth. Germany pays more for peace than for weapons. Why the UK cut them self out from the EU Project? Independens? In an increasingly connected world? Then have fun.
  2. The result can not be that the EU, without the UK, the union of 27 European countries, should give up their right to exempt the common market just because the UK wants out. You basically did not understand the concept of a common market of 27/28 countries.
  3. And that make you Happy? Why are you happy that everyone is feeling worse? So Brexit is just destructive. Please write something that will be good for everyone after the 31st of october.
  4. No. It is enough now. No more about how UK politicians are trying to profile themselves at the expense of the EU. The UK is no longer an EU asset. On the contrary. A no longer sustainable burden for all. The EU should stop all negotiations immediately, unless the formerly clear UK operation exists to pay its existing debt (39 billion).
  5. Of course there will also be problems for the EU. But independence from the undemocratic UK dictatorship is worth it (to express it in Brexit terminology).
  6. A diplomat from one EU country told Reuters that Johnson’s letter was “pure PR” and not meant to spur constructive talks but rather set the stage for a “blame game” with the EU. An Irish source said Johnson had provided no detail on alternative proposals. A Hot Air BJ letter direct in the Trash bin. At some point in the EU, too, the good will comes to an end. The financial damage is already huge. No special treatment for the UK anymore. Negotiated for 3 years. Money and time wasted for nothing. It's enough.
  7. There are good and bad politicians. They are paid to deal with the problems, information and solutions. It's a fulltime job, 50-60 hours a week. Any good politician who takes his job seriously is better informed and has more detailed knowledge than the ordinary citizen, who of course has little time to deal with the details. Here in TV, there are many pompous sparkle experts, but in the end they only replay the headlines of the press and have no idea of details.
  8. He could also buy the UK. On the 1st of November is the big Halloween clearance sale. The British pound is down, Bargain prices lure then.
  9. How so? That's how it is done. In Germany VAT of 7% applies to all basic foods. and 19% on among others for luxury goods. The EU leaves every country its individual freedom of action.
  10. A reasonable, least damaging Brexit would be better for everyone involved. Why the Hecktik and the hurry? Could it be that there may not be a majority in the UK for an unregulated no deal Brexit on October 31?
  11. That's nice. It may be that there are problems with neighbors, borderline definitions, trade practices, open unpaid bills, UK people living in other EU countries, EU people living in UK, residency issues, research, education and legal issues. With a no deal brexit this will certainly not be clarified by mutual agreement. You will not believe it, but Brexit has an impact on all countries of the EU and on all countries with which the EU has trade agreements.
  12. Yes i am a European. And you from russia? 1. Every member of parliament should see as the first priority the well of his country. 2. Exactly the lack of the picture book makes it unclear aka the lack of a clear plan and the lack of a realistic timeline. 3. My building analogy describes the Brexit situation. In order to get out of this situation, it is necessary to let the people and the parliament vote on whether they want in a majority the no deal Brexit. If so, then BJ has a clear content mandate.
  13. 1. Every elected parliamentarian must make decisions that are to the well of the totality of all. 2.Leave? OK. When and how exactly? 3. The Brexit is similar to the desire to build a new house. In the detailed planning now turns out that the plot size is not enough, the soil is contaminated, Problems with the property neighbors appear on which one had not previously thought and is unsuitable for residential purposes. And BJ still wants to build there. This is the Brexitsituation for me at this time now.
  14. What are you lamenting? The members of parliament are the elected representatives of the people. If you want more direct democracy, such as the model of Switzerland, you should vote for the change of the system. In the UK, binding referendums are not common. And the Brexit referendum was very unlucky in its formulation. It was just popolistic. The brexit referendum had no action plan based, nor a timeline. The result of this sentiment barometer is now 3 years of chaos, lost time and a lot of lost money.
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