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  1. Reichsparteitagsgelände was the area in the southeast of Nuremberg called on the 1933-1938 Nazi Party Rallies NSDAP took place. The overall design for the design of the site came in the basic concept of Albert Speer and in detail by Walter Brugmann, who also led the implementation planning. It covers a total area of over 16.5 km². In order to create a venue for the planned National Socialist fighting games, Albert Speer designed the German stadium. With a base of 540 × 445 and a height of 82 meters, it was planned as "the largest stadium in the world". It should provide space for over 405,000 viewers. By comparison, the world's largest stadium in Prague today has 250,000 seats. Forget your Aspirations. It is better to work peacefully with your neighbors together and create common win / win situations. Or ur Posting is satirical?
  2. I used to stand in the former stadium of the 3rd Reich in Nürnberg. The size and power of this course is impressive. It is easy to imagine how the atmosphere must have been there when 100,000 People with fire torches swore on the swastika flag. Thankfully, Brexit does not have that, but the mass mechanism is the same.
  3. I think they do not think it will get all better. Also the reflexion, what does that mean for me personally and my life, family, etc. is not relevant. It is often experienced that people who previously had no power, to whom little attention was given, are suddenly very important. Just like the little border official who pushes your entry stamp into the passport or not. It is ultimately about achieving a common goal. Even if the goal makes no sense. The whole thing is accompanied by appeals to national pride and sacrifice. In a society often disadvantaged, be it objective or even subjective, find themselves together in a new dynamic. The desire to belong to a solid group is dominant here. Content and goals are secondary.
  4. Brexit is now an ideology similar to Jehovah's Witnesses. For the functioning of a mass ideology it is necessary that a. clear stereotypes enemy images exist: foreigners, Polish plumbers who take the work away, the EU with its laws, etc. and b A common body consists like us English, or we the electorate, or we the People have spoken, Projekt fear, etc. Then suddenly the "other" 48% are seen as enemies in their own country. The whole thing will be then, all a Goebbels fueled, by the media and professional, paid scribblers in the social media. Done is the cocktail of discord. Rational arguments like trade/jobs/economy/inflation/the pound/growth, do not come through then.
  5. Can only agree with your thoughts. Granted, the EU also has its mistakes. But the global view is much more important to me. Overpopulation, species extinction, environmental pollution in the oceans and on land, plastic waste, destruction of the forests, climate change, nonsensical wars, etc. There will not be much space on this planet in the future. What we are experiencing is the final battle for resources still available. To solve the problems of this world, global cooperation is necessary. If the time has not expired. There is a Brexit just the opposite. That's just a national selfish interest. And the crazy thing is, that people in the UK, in the EU and also around the world are not better off, with nationalist isolation thoughts. The climate, the dirt in the air, the garbage in the oceans, the temperatures in the world do not know man-made borders.
  6. Until now, no pro Brexit fan could say me with a little bit of logic, how he is personally exactly better off, after Brexit. You only hear fantasies and from Castles in the air. National light-headed mudguards take over the land. Was not different in Germany in the beginning 1933.
  7. That's what the whole Brexit nonsense is all about.
  8. 1. Planning uncertainty: Yes Brexit induced. 2. Cost increases: Yes Brexit induced by threatening tariffs. 3. Production flow uncertainty: Yes Brexit induced by additional customs clearance bureaucracy. 4. Sales market disabilities: Yes Brexit induced by reduction of potential buyers. 5. Unrest in the workforce and increasing xenophobia.: Yes Brexit induced. 6. Diesel problem: Not Brexit induced. The sum gives the result of the decision of Honda.
  9. It makes a difference whether a company has to reduce its production or completely shut down production and relocate production. A somewhat balanced view of things makes sense, otherwise we are only in the field of faith and hope. Brexit and the planning uncertainty is a factor in the decision to close the UK manufacturing facility. Demand decline, cost structures, diesel problems are also factors.
  10. The Brexit has not been the only factor in the decision, but an important element in the decision-making chain. However, significantly more jobs are affected in the supply chain and in the location itself (hotels, restaurants, ...). Dyson could have developed his electric car in cooperation with Honda in the UK, but he prefers Singapore for that. Let's see which car makers will stay in the UK. Brexit at all is/was not helpfull here.
  11. All those who have something to lose (money, taxes, loss of revenue, cost increases) have their thoughts. When it comes to money, the solidarity with the own postulated Brexit ideology apparently ceases. For many are then the own pants closer than the shirt. That Brexit without a plan, does not fill the stomach alone, and that Brexit is not a currency, with which you can pay off your loans for the house; many slow thinkers will notice it later. Some of the Hard Core Brexiteers have already become active. -Brexiter: Jim Ratcliffe, UK’s richest man, plans move to Monaco -Brexiter: James Dyson moves Company to Singapore -Brexiter: John Redwood advises investors to put money abroad -Brexiter: Jacob Rees-Mogg firm opens funds in Dublin -Brexiter: Nigel Lawson seeks French residency
  12. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe nominated U.S. President Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize last autumn after receiving a request from the U.S. government to do so, ... Was that a command accompanied by a trump typical hidden threat? Disgusting.
  13. You do not know how the EU works? There are simple parliamentary majorities. The seat distributions in the parliament you can google yourself. And there are country-specific majorities and unanimity rules on each country's right of veto. In the past, the UK has often blocked alone regulations, especially on workers' rights.
  14. 22.jun.2016 1000 squid at 51,36 TT = 51.360 15.feb.2019 1000 squid at 39,66 TT = 39.667 = - 11.693 = - 22,77 % Let us count this. A simple rough estimate with the value loss constant over the time axis. Let say your monthly income/Pension is 1000 squid jul 2016 - feb2019 = 32 month 32 * 11.693 = 374.176 Baht loss For that Money you could buy 7 new Honda Clicks. or (1 Singha beer small 35Baht) = 10690 bottles beer you have less. or (Barfine 500 Baht) = 748 Barfines you have less 555 Have a nice day.
  15. That is nothing. At the very least, you should make the times in your statement validly verifiable: - tomorrow the Sterling will bounce back. - In 1 week (seven Days) the sterling will bounce back. - At 31.12.2019 the Pound will stay higher, then today. Make the Postings in Quality better. And to write why something will happend.
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