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  1. Yes. Is a Statement. But due to the many irritations caused by the Trump administration: - G7 Summit in Canada. And insult to the Canadian PM. - The dirty mexican. - The <deleted> hole countries in Africa. - The Nato summit with unsustainable accusations. - The exit from the Paris Agreement. - The exit from the Iran nuclear deal. - The WTO attack: useless organization. - The WHO funds cuts. - The EU trade war. - The glorification of north korea kim. (I love him) and much much more. there will be no joint action on the international stage. And china knows that.
  2. 1. Bravo https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/web/products-eurostat-news/-/DDN-20190107-1 The UK can get oranges cheaper from Egypt and South Africa. yeah. I would not rely on Egypt, they have problems with their neighbors because of the nile dam. However, if the UK does not support the orange growers in Spain, they will have less money and will not go on vacation to London to see the crown jewels. The bottleneck is not the procurement of products, but the sale. The question of how over 50% of UK exports to the EU can be sold elsewhere is much more interesting. And the price difference for the final consumption of the different oranges is minimal, by the way. 2. That is fine. Before you asked why the UK shouldn't import cheaper oranges, and now you find that UK companies are moving out of the UK because they can produce cheaper elsewhere. Btw the EU does not prohibit national aid for companies to secure jobs. Unfortunately, the competitiveness of UK companies within the EU is not the best. The productivity indices are unfortunately only in the lowest mediocrity. After Brexit alone on the world market, tell me a few products where the UK is leading. Just for the sake of interest. 3. Missing 4. There must be something in the UK water that makes the Brexiteers smarter than all the other Brits since 47 years.
  3. 555. Yes. Have you ever looked at the age structure of the population pyramid in the UK? In addition to the horrendous debts, the few young Britons also have to earn pensions for the big group of aging pensioners. And life expectancy is also increasing. I am excited to see what well-paid high-tech products the UK will deliver over the next 20 years to supply the growing army of the elderly without immigration. Not to mention the possibilities of international market access. Hallelujah.
  4. Well, then everything is fine. With Brexit, foreigners will no longer come.
  5. There are studies on. A minority of EU foreigners abuse the system. Not just in the UK only. But the majority are hardworking and pay taxes too. Without the EU foreigners, the British crop industry and the sick and elderly would suffer. It is important to differentiate between EU foreigners and non-EU foreigners who come from the former British colonies.
  6. Freedom of movement, you no like it, or no need it. A lot of young British people like it. To live, to work, to study, buy a house wherever they want within the EU. The EU does not pay benefits to ordinary people. The individual countries do this themselves. Unemployment benefit, housing benefit, child benefit. or what do you mean?
  7. Yes. and India is angry too. but clearly agreed measures among allies? zero and nothing. Everyone is just barking, but nothing specific. Let's wait and see if there is an agreement in the trade dispute, Trump will explain then, that the Chinese government are very fine people. tremendously great people
  8. 47 years? Well, the New Economy doesn't exist for that long. But I agree with you that the EU is a slow shop. But when laws come out, they are mostly well thought out and have a long life. The British have worked well in the past in the EU.
  9. 1. What a stupid question. The UK grow oranges? 2. Even in a Brexit UK, the UK cannot prevent relocation from Companies abroad. Or should all companies be nationalized? 3. Unfortunately only shouting without substance. Therefore I save my comment. Logically you say that the UK politicians of the past 40 years have all been stupid.
  10. China can play its power games only because Trump has lost many of his allies through his disgusting way of playing the superman. The United States is more isolated than ever in foreign policy. Many countries together could show China the borders. The US single-handedly with a dull Trump: impossible. Many US allies hope for a new US president/government, with whom you can work reliably in the long term together.
  11. Barnier was really nice over the 4 years. He has accompanied the negotiations from the very beginning until now. The UK has always sent new, unprepared cream puffs by. Always the same things, to explain to new milk faces is annoying. Now he broke off the negotiations prematurely. That's ok. Barnier only has to negotiate economically on behalf. The UK delegates on the other hand have to do a political show for the home audience. I hope the EU is now going through the tough Brexit. No free EU market access for the UK. Correct third country status for the UK also prevents that the remaining 27 countries and the other 50 non-EU countries from being worse off with there trade agreements. And the negotiations are done. After 5 years maybe can sit down again.
  12. The big fat cash cow? With an udder full of unprecedented debts! Still grazing. The big day has arrived the European Commission has laid out its vision for post-pandemic recovery funds, and it is worth 1.85 trillion euros. The plan relies on both the long-term EU budget (2021-27) and a special recovery fund. EU announces financial 'firepower' of 1.85 trillion with 750 billion for COVID recovery. This corresponds exactly to the UK's annual net contribution to the EU pot for 231 years. So much for the fat cow.
  13. And also there, they only pay a handful of taxes. The EU will shortly be regulating this. Brussels Taxing the digital economy: Commission proposes new measures to make all companies in the EU pay fair taxes
  14. 1. I have already explained this to you using the sugar example. Or using the example of Thai fishing. There are 1000 more examples. Let's take the UK milk farmers. for example, if the UK gets its milk from the US cheaper, what happens to UK milk producers if there is no protectionism on the part of the UK. Should they all be retrained as stockbrokers? 2. This is indeed an EU problem, as there are very large wage differences in the north-south divide in the EU. But Brexit will not stop companies moving to low-wage countries. Instead of moving to Poland, they are moving to India. 3. and that's exactly the underhanded plan. provide tax evaders with shelter. Money laundering from drugs and arms shops. Half the Russian mafia have already taken up quarters in London's villas. Yes exactly. That is the Brexit plan. Enrich themselves with evaded taxpayers' money from EU citizens. Your contribution shows me the disgusting way of thinking Nice that you say it so openly and honestly. On my private life, i don't do business with criminals. Nor will the EU do it.
  15. It is both. The EU naturally protects its domestic markets and their workers and taxpayers. A good example was the import stop of Thai fish products because of the slave-like conditions on Thai fishing boats. Or shrimp farming with incredible amounts of pesticides. Yes, and due to the high tariffs on unfairly produced dumping products, a lot is subsidized with that money within the EU. The EU is clearly also luring large companies with tax advantages if it can be proven that they create jobs within the EU. The tax revenue from many employees (wages and sales tax) brings the state more than a high corporate tax. That is why many companies are moving in the past their production to low-wage countries like China. And we don't want to talk about private tax evaders. The UK is on the front line with its Canal Islands. The EU wants to drain these swamps. And then came the much-celebrated Brexit. The super-rich UK tax avoiders are still grinning with joy and can hardly believe their luck that the UK voter has given them this license.
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